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20-V NPN and PNP bipolar transistors offers increased power density

June 17, 2010 | Paul Buckley | 222901080
20-V NPN and PNP bipolar transistors offers increased power density Diodes Incorporated is delivering increased power density and efficiency of power management circuits with the introduction of its 20 V NPN and PNP bipolar transistors packed in a DFN1411-3 surface mount package.

The transistors have been designed on Diodes' Generation 5 matrix emitter Bipolar process.

With a footprint measuring just 1.1 mm x 1.4 mm and an off-board height of 0.5 mm, the complementary ZXTN26020DMF and ZXTP26020DMF devices enable portable product miniaturization while offering improvements in both electrical and thermal performance.

Suiting MOSFET and IGBT gate driving, DC-DC conversion and general switching duties, the miniature transistors are a space-saving alternative to much larger SOT23 packaged parts and provide excellent thermal performance, having a minimum FR-4 PCB power dissipation rating of 0.38 W for its footprint.

High gain, low saturation and fast switching devices, the bipolars are also characterized by a high continuous current handling capability.  The maximum collector current ratings of 1.5 A for the NPN and -1.25 A for the PNP are not available from any smaller package device.

The ZXTN26020DMF and ZXTP26020DMF transistors are priced at 0.14 US Dollars in 10,000 piece quantities.  

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