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ADI extends online education series with webcast to sharpen fundamental design skills

January 11, 2011 | Paul Buckley | 222902041
Analog Devices, Inc., is aiming to help engineers keep pace with the rapidly evolving industry by expanding its online educational offerings to include a new series for engineers seeking a better understanding of the basics of signal processing design essentials. The monthly "Fundamentals of Designing with Semiconductors for Signal Processing Applications" webcast series premieres on January 12 with ‘Sensors and How to Use Them’, presented by David Kress, a veteran analog applications engineer and currently the director of technical marketing for ADI.

During the webcast, Kress will review the concepts of physical signals and explore why and how they must be changed into analog electrical signals, and how they can be processed for the highest reproduced accuracy.

"The education, training and technical support that today's engineers are seeking is as varied as their product designs," said David Robertson, vice president, Analog Technology, Analog Devices. "Whether they are expert, intermediate, or just getting started with a new technology, engineers know that design optimization isn't just about silicon and using a search engine to find a part; it requires continuous learning to successfully solve design challenges in today’s fast paced, resource constrained world"

The Fundamentals webcast series is offered monthly throughout 2011 and covers signal chain design challenges from signal capture to conditioning, conversion and processing. Each is followed by a Q&A with a technical expert.

January: Sensors and How to Use Them - The webcast reviews the concepts of physical signals and explores why and how they must be changed into analog electrical signals, and how they can be processed for the highest reproduced accuracy.

February: The Op Amp – The webcast explores the difference between voltage-feedback and current-feedback amplifiers, when to choose one or the other, understanding offset and trim and other specifications that impact operation and how to maximize amplifier efficiency.

March: Beyond the Op Amp – This webcast examines when to use various amplifiers and how to select them. Op amps are the most common building block, but there are many other amps that are better suited for certain applications and circuits, such as the difference amp, instrumentation amp, log amp, and others.

April: Converters, Part 1, Understanding Sampled Data Systems
May: Converters, Part 2, Digital-to-Analog Converters
June: Converters, Part 3, Analog-to-Digital Converters
July: Powering Your Circuit
August: RF – Making Your Circuit Mobile
September: Fundamentals of DSP/Embedded System Design
October: Challenges in Industrial Design
November: Tips and Tricks for Laying Out Your PC board
December: Final Exam – Ask Analog Devices

ADI's Sensors and How to Use Them webcast is airing on January 12, 2011, noon EST.

To access the archive of this webcast after January 12, visit:

Visit Analog Devices at

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