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News about Analog Devices

24-35 GHz communications system, medium-power driver amplifier September 3, 201524-35 GHz communications system, medium-power driver amplifier Analog Devices has added, from the product lines acquired with Hittite Microwave, a medium-power, distributed driver amplifier which operates between 24 and 35 GHz and delivers high gain and output power; the HMC1131 amplifier provides 22 dB of gain, +35 dBm output IP3, and +24 dBm of output power at 1-dB gain compression. Read more Ultralow power buck regulator cuts losses in wearables, IoT August 25, 2015Ultralow power buck regulator cuts losses in wearables, IoT Analog Devices’ ADP5301 ultralow power buck regulator is intended to extend battery life in portable products by achieving the highest-available ultra-light-load power conversion efficiency. Read more Power amplifiers cover 2-50 GHz to simplify instrumentation applications July 15, 2015Power amplifiers cover 2-50 GHz to simplify instrumentation applications Analog Devices, Inc. has introduced the HMC1127 and the HMC1126 MMIC (Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit) distributed power amplifiers.

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3-channel, fully-integrated ultralow power regulator/switch June 19, 20153-channel, fully-integrated ultralow power regulator/switch Analog Devices has posted details of the ADP5310, which combines dual buck regulators and one load-switch in a 16-lead TSSOP-EP package for applications with performance and board space constraints. Read more Multicore SHARC+ARM SOC achieves 5x power efficiency performance June 17, 2015Multicore SHARC+ARM SOC achieves 5x power efficiency performance Analog Devices, Inc. has introduced eight SHARC processors as part of a high-performance, power-efficient, real-time series that delivers peak performance greater than 24 giga-floating-point operations per second using two enhanced SHARC+ cores and advanced DSP accelerators (FFT, FIR, IIR). Read more
4-ch, 24-GHz downconverter for multichannel, beamforming receivers
Digital isolator technology in IGBT gate drivers yields performance & lifetime
Chipset measures complete set of 3-phase AC power parameters
High-voltage inrush/overcurrent input protection device
Fastest, most accurate and lowest-power high-temp SAR ADC, claims ADI
ADI’s efficient power drivers for 12-, 14- and 16-bit ADCs
High-performance Blackfin processors optimized for power-constrained intelligent lighting
Fully-isolated, high-accuracy, sigma-delta modulator boosts motor-drive efficiency
Ultra-low-power boost regulator targets energy harvesting systems
Digital power controller matches analog control bandwidth and transient response
PMIC for RF agile-radio applications and FPGAs
Envelope tracking for RF transceivers from 2 to 8 W
Low-power 14-bit A/D converters for multi-channel data acquisition
Smart activity tracker integrates ultra-low power MEMS accelerometer for longer battery life
High ESD switches offer guaranteed latch-up protection for high-voltage industrial applications
Lowest-power digital isolators reduce power by a factor of 1000 compared to optocouplers
Ultra-low-noise LDOs cut wideband systems phase noise
3-axis high-g accelerometer offers accurate impact, shock, and concussive detection benefits
ADI selects IAR Embedded Workbench to support DSP-CM40x mixed-signal control processors
ADI adds mixed-signal control processor for industrial motor and solar inverter designs
Integrated power solution combines quad buck regulators and 200 mA LDO
Broadband RF gain blocks for high dynamic-range systems
Mouser signs global distribution deal with ADI
Silica starts roll out of design support strategy focused on power applications
RMS power detector claims unparalleled frequency performance and flexibility
RMS power detector for RF communications designs spans 10 GHz
Isolated error amplifiers outperform optocouplers and shunt regulators in power supply applications
Dual-channel differential amplifier drives high frequency ADCs with industry’s best distortion and noise performance
256-channel, 16-bit digital X-ray analog front end delivers industry’s best combination of noise, power and image quality
Flash LED drivers offer best efficiency for next-generation smartphones
Space-saving DOCSIS 3.0-compliant RF D/A converter operates at one-third the power of competing devices
MEMS accelerometer with min/max offset sensitivity to temperature delivers predictable and quantifiable performance
DC-DC switching controller family offers current-mode and voltage-mode configuration options for high-current applications
Instrumentation amplifier combines power efficiency and zero-drift accuracy for portable medical, instrumentation and consumer devices
Smallest single-lead heart-rate monitor analog front end offers industry's lowest power performance
36-V, 1-A step-down synchronous regulator simplifies intermediate power bus and point-of-load power designs
DC-DC switching controller features current-mode and voltage-mode options for high-current applications
Video amplifiers integrate short-to-battery protection and fault detection for automotive video applications
Analog microcontroller with ARM Cortex M3 and dual 24-bit sigma-delta ADCs offer highest accuracy, lowest power
Four-channel, 16-bit, 125-MSPS ADC claims superior dynamic performance and industry’s lowest power and package size for its class
Isolated half-bridge gate drivers feature digital isolator technology to deliver industry-best speed and reliability
Analog Devices appoints Anglia to help grow sales in UK and Ireland
15-V 800-mA step down synchronous regulators deliver improve power efficiency and density for portable electronics
Advanced digital power controller targets high efficiency, isolated power supplies
Analog Devices optimizes processors for embedded vision
Multi-channel AFE energy measurement chip offers improve flexibility for broad range of monitoring applications
11-bit 2.5-GSPS D/A converter increases number of QAM channels supported per D/A converter by up to 20 times.
Synchronous regulator reduces board space and enables highly efficient power management
Multi-output regulators with supervisory timers reduce component count, increase power density and reliability
ADI and Richardson RFPD sign worldwide distributor deal to expand support for high-performance RF systems designers
16-channel audio D/A converter provides high-performance audio at lower power
Ultra-low-noise LDOs optimizes load performance in communications, medical and industrial systems
Energy metering IC provides high accuracy harmonic analysis for power quality monitoring
RMS-to-DC converter ensures accuracy and best-in-class dynamic range
Analog Devices integrates two bucks regulators and two LDOs in smaller PMICs
Dual output 20-V, 3-A switching regulator features high and flat conversion efficiency
Instrumentation amplifier combines precision and power efficiency for battery-powered medical, instrumentation and consumer devices
Instrumentation amplifier combines low noise, power and distortion for precision signal detection in industrial applications
Differential RF/IF amplifier claims best-in-class performance for driving high-speed data converters
Integrated 1-Watt, 2-stage driver amplifiers address entire cellular frequency range
MEMS-based dual-axis accelerometer offers guaranteed high temperature operation up to +175 degrees C
Switches offer guaranteed latch-up prevention, low charge injection and low leakage
Direct digital synthesis ICs offer power and size savings
Programmable LED driver enables independent control of nine LED sinks
Data converter duo deliver the speed and performance at low power
Zero-drift amplifier from Analog Devices claims industry's lowest voltage noise
ADI aims to help engineers solve design challenges in analog, RF and mixed-signal systems
Zero drift current-sense amplifier offers high bandwidth performance
Low-power iMEMS gyros offer high performance benefits under harsh vibration
14-bit D/A converter helps synthesize entire cable spectrum into a single RF port
Low-power RF transceiver targets short-range wireless systems in industrial, science and medical applications
Analog Devices unveils integrated AFE subsystem for diagnostic-quality ECG applications
Sub-microamp quiescent current LDOs extend battery life in wireless devices
iCoupler digital isolation technology offers satellite power protection solution
500-mA LDOs boost portable and battery-powered equipment performance
ADI extends online education series with webcast to sharpen fundamental design skills
Low-power HDMI transmitters deliver flawless HD video and ultra-slim multimedia designs for portable electronics
ADI adds dual output synchronous controller to power management portfolio
High-performance RF power detector delivers rms and envelope outputs
Low-power HDMI receivers deliver enhanced A/V system performance
Dual-supply supervisory ICs improve monitoring of microprocessors and FPGAs
Analog Devices releases industry's first fully differential attenuating precision amplifier
Low-power receiver ICs advance ultrasound system design
Digital isolator features integrated transformer driver and PWM controller
Ultra-low-noise, low-power ADC drivers drive high fidelity signals at 20-MHz to 100-MHz
New 16-Bit ADCs focus on high performance, wide bandwidths and ease of use
Analog Devices and Silica partner to offer free power management seminars across Europe
Blackfin family offers new low cost 800 MMACs DSP solution for power-constrained applications
Class H VDSL line driver amplifier reduces broadband power use
Mixed-Signal Front End ICs save space and reduce power in wireless communications equipment
Low power 16-bit dual ADC claims lowest noise performance in its class
Low-power JESD204A data converters offer board space savings communications applications
1500-mA LED flash driver improves picture quality for camera-enabled mobile phones
Multichannel, 16-bit DAC drives productivity, energy efficiency and reliability in industrial process control I/O systems
Step-down dc-to-dc synchronous regulators enable high-density PoL designs
Multichannel data converter offers dynamic power control for first time
5-GHz differential amplifier is industry’s first to drive 1-GHz data converter signals
4-to-20 mA 16-bit DAC targets loop-powered, smart transmitter applications
4-A dual-channel gate driver with digital isolation technology replaces optocouplers
Mitsubishi to use ADI digital isolators in electric vehicle
New SHARC processors offer 20 percent lower power consumption
DC-to-DC switching regulators simplify Power Bus and point-of-load power designs
Analog Devices extends range of constant on-time, synchronous buck controllers
2.4 GHz ISM Band RF transceiver targets short-range wireless systems
Integrated lithium-ion battery protection circuit and safety monitor is unveiled by Analog Devices

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