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News about Batteries

Are lithium battery nanoparticles a landfill hazard? February 5, 2016Are lithium battery nanoparticles a landfill hazard? The nanoparticle material at the heart of the lithium ion batteries that power electric vehicles, laptop computers and smartphones has been shown to impair a key soil bacterium, according to new research published online in the journal Chemistry of Materials. Read more Lithium-ion battery shipments on passenger planes face international ban February 2, 2016Lithium-ion battery shipments on passenger planes face international ban A UN panel has recommended banning cargo shipments of rechargeable lithium batteries from passenger airliners because they can create fires capable of destroying planes. Read more Nissan pumps GBP26.5m into advanced lithium-ion battery plant in UK January 21, 2016Nissan pumps GBP26.5m into advanced lithium-ion battery plant in UK Nissan has given a vote of confidence in European manufacturing by awarding production of future generation electric vehicle (EV) batteries to the company’s manufacturing facility in Sunderland, UK.
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BMW launches energy storage company January 14, 2016BMW launches energy storage company Electromobility is increasingly becoming a component in a multidisciplinary energy interaction – with the batteries being the pivotal point in the system. The latest move in this game: Carmaker BMW has launched a joint venture with heating systems vendor Viessmann Group. Read more Ultralife acquires Accutronics to expand reach in Europe January 14, 2016Ultralife acquires Accutronics to expand reach in Europe Ultralife Corporation has acquired all of the outstanding shares of Accutronics Ltd., for $11.0 million in cash, subject to customary working capital and net cash/debt adjustments.
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Superoxide boosts lithium-air battery performance
Cathode innovation aims for high capacity lithium-ion batteries
Rezence BSS1.3 certified wireless charger will charge devices without battery
Will built in sensors make lithium-ion batteries safer?
Silicon oxide-carbon technology advance doubles battery capacity
Solid-state lithium-ion batteries: Providing a safer alternative
Organic flow battery slashes energy storage costs by 60 percent
Sony lithium-sulfur battery targets boosting battery life by 40 percent
Battery safety: Real-time tracking pinpoints how batteries degrade
Can nanostructured germanium pave the way to portable photovoltaics?
Laser-induced graphene matches microsupercapacitor energy storage performance
Energy storage alternatives: Power paper claims four world records
Sodium ion battery trims renewable energy storage costs
Smart chip monitors health and safety your battery
Licensing deal drives lithium-sulfur battery technology to production
Battery aging mechanism discovery helps extend storage capacities
Huawei reveals rapid charge batteries: 50% capacity charged in minutes
Want longer lasting lithium ion batteries? Just add hydrogen
Microscopy and spectroscopy help unravel battery material mystery
Samsung unveils next-generation bendable batteries for smart devices
Could microporous polymers lenghten lithium-sulfur battery lifetimes?
Boeing renews lithium-ion satellite battery deal with Saft
Can candle soot help power Electric Vehicles?
Elon Musk targets high-volume solar panel dominance
Next-Generation batteries - Can all-silicon anodes be commercially viable?
Cathode material discovery boosts the drive for sodium-ion batteries
Can transparent batteries become a reality?
Aquion Energy forges technology partnership with Eguana Technologies
The route to cleaner e-cars - coupling perovskite solar cells
Panasonic to close Beijing battery factory, sheds 1,300 jobs
Samsung partners MIT to create longer-lasting solid-state rechargeable batteries
Airborne shipments of lithium-batteries face tighter fire-retardant packaging standards
Chinese collaboration sparks carbon based aluminum battery drive
Nanoparticle electrodes offer capacity boost for lithium-ion batteries
Can your phone batteries keep you secret on the internet?
'Aqueous solar flow' battery 20 percent more efficient than lithium-iodine batteries
Sol-gel capacitor beats a battery on energy density
Boeing issues fire hazard warning from lithium battery bulk shipments
Battery overheating stalls solar plane record attempt
Solar powered flight smashes long distance records
Samsung and LG: Reshaping the future for rechargeable mobile batteries
Semisolid innovation trims lithium-ion battery costs by 50 percent
X-ray imaging pinpoints improved battery performance at high voltages
GM squeeze used car batteries to power IT center
Cathode technology doubles lithium-ion battery capacity, slashes costs
Saft lands battery deal for Russian passenger jet
Li-S battery deal powers High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite aircraft
Disposable battery life extender enables batteries last 8x longer
Can 'designer carbon' boost battery and supercapacitor performance?
Wood aerogel promises elastic high-capacity batteries
New Irish battery R&D facility targets advanced material development
Lithium-ion drop-in replaces lead-acid batteries for military vehicles
Boron-infused graphene helps quadruple performance of microsupercapacitor
One-cell Li-ion/polymer battery protection IC offers enhanced safety
Will home battery market entry give Tesla traction?
How do lithium-ion batteries explode in real-time?
European Space Agency to send ultracapacitors into orbit
Charged holes in graphene offer energy storage boost
How can iron fluoride triple energy storage in batteries?
Nano 'sandwich' feeds performance gains for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
Can magnesium ions finally break the lithium battery stranglehold?
Has Google entered the battle for next-generation batteries?
Recharging insights pinpoint route to cheaper rechargeable batteries
Is GDC the future for more efficient batteries?
Can fast-charging aluminum-ion battery dampen safety fears?
Will metal-free catalyst lower rechargeable zinc-air battery costs?
Quick-charging hybrid supercapacitor trumps thin-film lithium battery
Asian contracts extend Saft's 'batteries for metering' market share
Samsung SDI forges microgrid systems alliance with ABB
Saft lands USD10m energy storage order for Qatar oilfield
Simulation software boosts lithium-ion battery performance for EVs
Innovate UK pumps funding into lithium sulfur battery R&D
Cut landfill: Transform packing materials to rechargeable batteries
Cathode discovery unlocks performance potential of lithium-sulfur batteries
Lithium battery shipments on passenger planes face ban
Solar-powered plane completes first leg of global record attempt
Nanoscale lithium dendrite formation captured in real-time
Glass coated cathode promises lithium-sulfur battery performance gains
Avnet Abacus inks distribution deal with RRC
Solar plane passes new test ahead of planned world tour
Can flow battery advance lower urban power costs?
Silicon nanofiber boosts battery range performance of EVs
Can mimicking biology improve Li-ion battery performance?
Non-flammable lithium battery startup attracts funding
BMZ to triple lithium-ion rechargeable battery production by 2020
Improved dendrite formation control helps lithium batteries last longer
Will glass electrodes double lithium-ion battery capacities?
Bamboo bike uses peddle power to recharge smartphones
Are power management researchers really 21st century alchemists?
Boeing faces calls to re-design lithium-ion batteries
Berkeley Lab pinpoints better electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries
Graphene oxide discovery helps boost rechargeable batteries
Graphene wrapper boosts lithium-sulfur battery performance capabilities
Chip-scale bi-directional MOSFETs enable higher capacity lithium batteries
From 20x faster batteries to spray-on solar cells
Lithium polymer battery maker targets 400-Wh/kg energy density
Tin-oxide nanoparticle network paves way for fast-charging batteries
Reversible ammonia batteries harvest low-grade waste heat
Rubber-like coating promises longer lasting rechargeable lithium batteries
Daimler invests 100m euros in German battery expansion
BMW and Tesla look at car battery alliance
Hi-tech medical equipment goes battery-operated
Bio batteries take step closer to clean energy
Graphene/nanotube cathode discovery enables cheaper dye-sensitized solar cells
Warren Buffett plugs into Duracell in USD4.7bn deal
Can controlling nano-level energy make mobile batteries last longer?
Sodium-conducting material promises performance gains for rechargeable batteries
Li-ion cells push operating temperatures to extremes
Battery coating innovation helps prevent swallowing injuries
Could magnesium battery innovation end lithium's dominance?
Discovery pinpoints toxic halogen threat in Li-ion batteries
Next generation aqueous hybrid ion battery delivers 40 percent more energy
Supercomputer simulations point path to better Mg-ion batteries
Will airlines tighten rules to prevent battery fires?
Ultra-fast charging batteries are capable of lasting 20 years
Electrically conductive plastics show promise for batteries, solar cells
Startup helps mobile app developers reduce smartphone battery drainage
Atomic shuffling pintpointed as failure trigger for rechargeable batteries
Airbus bring back lithium-ion batteries on A350-900 fleet
Collaboration deal focuses on batteries with wire-free charging
Worldwide capacity of advanced batteries to reach 28,000-MWh in 2023
Nanomaterial energy storage mechanism points to better batteries
Start-Stop batteries achieve four times longer cycle life
Batteries Plus acquires LED Hut to enter Europe
Tesla Gigafactory breaks new ground in battery revolution
Germanium nanowire process could improve lithium-ion batteries
UK armed forces consider lithium sulfur batteries
Can rubber bounce back to power lithium-ion batteries?
Solid state battery advance removes 'range anxiety' fears
Hemp nanosheets rival graphene for supercapacitor performance
Liquid alloy electrode improves sodium-beta battery performance
OXIS partners MSP Technologies to develop marine batteries
Pure lithium anode promises more efficient rechargeable batteries
US FDA recognizes two UL battery safety standards
Li-ion batteries market for EVs to quadruple in a decade
Theoretical model helps speed commercialization of lithium-ion batteries
Silicon sponge extends battery performance by 30 percent
Surfer triples Li-ion battery performance with sandy solution
Nanofiber unleashes storage capacity potential of lithium-sulfur batteries
Long-life paper-thin batteries target support of Internet-of-Things devices
2.85-V, 3400-F ultracapacitor offers transportation reliability gains
Alstom-Saft consortium supports EDF 'Concept Grid' demonstration
Can ion 'highway systems' solve battery safety problems?
Discovery pinpoints LiFePO4 electrode high charging rates
Can copper wires be transformed to become batteries?
Will controlling thermal conductivities boost battery performance?
Nanoscale structural changes pinpoint lithium-ion battery degradation
Fire risk makes Panasonic recall laptop battery packs
Can graphene make large scale electricity storage viable?
Wireless power transfer technique stimulates 'electroceutical' medical advances
Renault signs battery development deal with LG Chem
Conductor discovery reduces lithium ion battery fire risk
Battery electrode material mystery is visualized for first time
House of Batteries to distribute Varta's Lithium battery packs
Silicon dioxide nanotubes help batteries last 3x longer
Internet of Things spur on solid-state battery advance
Tesla helps Panasonic become plug-in vehicle battery leader
Grid batteries investment promises lower renewable costs
Thin-film battery for wearable electronics requires no lithium
Dual function electrolyte promises longer life batteries
Silicon anode technology gears up for production volumes
LED-based solar lamp offers developing countries safer future
Nanomaterial-packed cathode extends range of EV lithium-sulfur batteries
Photoswitching material harnesses solar power for heat storage
Vaio batteries risk catching fire warns Sony
Batteries for space exploration - the final frontier?
Electrodes charge transfer mechanism is measured for first time
Li-ion batteries for EVs to surpass $26n by 2023
Tesla car battery fires caused by road debris damage
3D nanoscale observations promise new battery electrode materials
Sticky composites deliver lithium-ion battery safety breakthrough
Biofilm-based living materials promise solar cell advance
Collaboration deal focuses on vehicle battery cooling solutions
FAA review addresses Boeing 787 Dreamliner safety fears
Second life EV batteries to power data centers?
Antimony nanocrystals show promise for sodium-ion batteries
Reference design cuts costs of lithium e-bike batteries
Nissan's electron focus promises EV battery performance gains
Paper-thin ultracapacitor aims to boost Li-ion battery performance
CMOS battery fuel gauges reduce power consumption
Tesla targets battery innovation to reduce EV costs
System automates battery life analysis for mobile devices
Saft lands USD20m Boeing battery contract for satellites
Telecoms and transportation drives sales growth at Saft
Advanced batteries innovations fuel utility-scale energy storage growth
Pomegranate inspires silicon anode breakthrough for lithium-ion batteries
Bosch returns to traction battery business with new JV
Non-flammable electrode replacement discovered for lithium ion batteries
Novel anode breakthrough allows fast charging of next-generation batteries
Opinion: Powering wearable devices - watch out for safety first
Can gum reduce lithium ion battery fire hazard?
Copycat batteries threaten 'increased fire risk' on planes
Saft supports French army with multi-million euro battery deal
Is graphene a real opportunity or just hype?
1.5-A monolithic synchronous buck-boost DC/DC converter delivers 95 percent efficiency
Advanced batteries for portable power will pass USD12.4bn in annual global sales by 2023
Front terminal batteries target standby power applications
Smart Carbon additive aims to boost battery performance in Partial State of Charge applications
Plug-in extends energy harvesting wireless options to the Smart Home
Yuasa adds high capacity 12-V industrial battery to support UPS applications
Li-ion battery management ICs target E-bikes, power tools and HEV applications
The Top 10 Most Popular Power Management News Stories of 2013
The Saft Group reveals expansion plans in China
Wearable textile battery is capable of being recharged by lightweight solar cells
Self healing lithium-ion battery electrode technology could prove disruptive
Global market for stationary battery market for telecommunications will grow to USD3bn in 2017
Lowest-power digital isolators reduce power by a factor of 1000 compared to optocouplers
Start Trading is appointed Trojan Battery's master distributor for Bulgaria
BMZ launches Europe's largest service center for rechargeable e-bike batteries
Saft opens new subsidiary in Moscow to support growing demand in Russia and CIS countries
A roadmap for the internet of power
Battery strategy switch helps Airbus A350 plane orders take off in Japan
GP Batteries signs a pan-European distribution deal with Avnet Abacus
Nexeon opens office in Japan
Electric bicycles forecast to reach USD11bn in annual revenue by 2020
Eurotunnel Group awards Saft major contract for nickel-based rail batteries
Charlesbank Capital Partners invests in Trojan Battery Company
Saft signs a global cooperation deal with VNIIEM Corporation JSC for Russian satellite batteries
High energy lithium ion solution offers hot swap functionality
High capacity industrial battery offers discharge performance benefits
Saft wins multi-million dollar contract for Li-ion batteries to power SES-9 satellite
New battery fuel gauge and charger chipsets squeeze more life out of Li-Ion batteries
In vivo tests show EnerChip batteries are biologically safe for all applications
Li-ion cells target industrial power applications
Accutronics offers new custom battery service
40-VIN /60-VOUT 5-A constant-current, constant-voltage converter incorporates internal PWM generator
Trojan Battery adds REMS Batteries to French distribution network
TI claims breakthrough battery monitoring technology for lead-acid batteries
Roll clad strips with adhesive copper-aluminium bonds act as battery cell connector
15-V, 200-mA synchronous buck-boost DC/DC converter delivers 1.3-uA of quiescent current
Toshiba unveils first 2.0-A USB-ready Li-ion battery charger IC for fast charging portable devices
Norway aims for leading position in developing battery powered ships
BB Electronik is named Trojan Battery’s master distributor for Serbia and Montenegro
Sensile Technologies selects Saft lithium batteries to power smart telemetry devices for oil and gas storage
Saft opens Bangalore factory to support India's growing battery market
RAC agrees three-year battery supply partnership deal with Exide
Saft takes control of Nersac lithium-ion battery factory
Micropower fuel gauge reduces quiescent current by 4x and size by 3x
The Top 10 Most Popular Power Management News Stories of 2012
Artificial intelligence helps University of Gothenburg to develop used batteries sorting solution
NanoMarkets forecasts smart grids will use $6.1bn in electrical storage products in 2018
Bosch steps on the gas for traction battery development
Exide Technologies unveils new iPad-based battery training programme
Lund University discovers new method of manufacturing could revolutionise semiconductor production
Aalto University researchers develop cheaper and safer production method for producing lithium batteries
Panasonic releases Battery Finder app to help find the right battery
Ultracapacitors offer short-term power boost
Modular battery measurement system is freely configurable
Research cooperation aims at affordable energy storage for e-cars
Germany's BMBF reveals plans to fund research into safe battery technology for electric vehicles
Bosch withdraws from battery JV with Samsung
Reverse polarity switches protect mobile devices against damage from dangerous reverse bias and over-voltage transient events
University of Huddersfield forges new research links with India to develop next generation of lithium batteries
RUB researchers create early warning system for vehicle batteries
New reference design provides hardware blueprint for battery fuel-gauging in electric scooters
Avnet Memec is named as pan-European distributor for Infinite Power Solutions
New standard smart batteries claim highest energy density
Trojan battery expands industrial line with new 2-V designs to enhance transport applications
Digi-Key signs global distribution deal with Infinite Power Solutions
RRC releases universal SMBUS battery charger
Saft's specialized MSX nickel-based rail batteries offer Bombardier Transportation space saving and weight reduction benefits
Trojan Battery selects C.I.A.K. as distributor for eastern Europe
BAE Systems selects Saft to supply Li-ion energy storage system for US Army's Ground Combat Vehicle
Axeon attracts fresh investment to boost lithium ion battery developments
Lattice supports new MIPI BIF standard
Credit card sized rechargeable battery target high-tech portable electronic devices
European collaboration aims to fast-track organic and large-area electronics developments
Powersolve unveils cylindrical lithium ion rechargeable batteries
Credit card sized rechargeable battery aimed at portable electronics
Powersolve releases PP3 equivalent primary and rechargeable lithium batteries
Russia's new Olympic Winter Games trains look to Saft batteries to deliver cold weather performance
Nexeon's battery technology claims double triumph at environmental awards
Spanish citycar electric vehicle project selects Axeon lithium-ion batteries
Rechargeable lithium polymer cells offer low profile benefits
Saft MRX batteries help boost reliability of Finland's high speed Pendolino railway services
Surge stopper shields sensitive electronics from transients beyond 100-V
SK Innovation, Continental announce Li-ion battery JV
Industry's first single-cell, dual-input Li-Ion battery charger family supports tablets, e-readers and smartphones
The Top 10 Most Popular Power Management News Stories of 2011
Efficient boost converter drives multiple high brightness LEDs in low-voltage lighting applications
Renesas Electronics unveils compact lithium-ion battery charging control IC to support USB charging
New lithium polymer primary cells are only 0.4mm thick
Researchers enhance battery electrode specs
Messe Munchen International launches new Energy Storage international trade show
Texas Instruments unveils boost charger IC for nano power energy harvesting
Bionics innovation reduces battery electrode filling times
Wireless window contacts benefit from energy harvesting sensors
Step-down DC-DC switching charger ICs target single cell Li-Ion batteries in mobile devices
Saft begins industrial production at lithium-ion battery plant in Jacksonville,USA
Johnson Controls and Saft agree to end Li-ion automotive battery joint venture
Saft to build Li-ion satellite batteries for Boeing’s MEXSAT-1 and 2
Saft signs long-term agreement with Orbital Sciences to supply Li-ion batteries for GEO satellites
Nexeon receives £40m boost for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries expansion plans
Saft becomes a partner in the NICE GRID project
Nexeon receives green technology award
Trojan Battery adds high-capacity industrial line for renewable energy applications
Axeon receives EU funding for research to reduce size, weight and cost of EV and HEV batteries
Saft's emergency lighting batteries achieve registration under the ICEL 1010 scheme
Low-cost RTCCs feature battery switchover, digital trimming and SRAM
Saft Li-ion batteries provide energy boost for five Formula 1 teams
Fuel-cell-on-a-chip demonstrated
Li-ion charger maximizes battery cell performance
Trojan Battery names UK Batteries as new UK distributor
Leading European distributor aims for a 'Best Fit' with power management applications
Avnet Abacus reveals enhanced power strategy to support cost efficient, eco-friendly power design
4th Developer Forum to host more than 30 presentations on battery trends and technologies
TU Delft leads European effort to improve performance of batteries for electric vehicles
Saft receives Li-ion battery order from Boeing for Inmarsat satellites
Nanoscoops' could spark new generation of electric automobile batteries
The Top 10 Most Popular Power Management News Stories of 2010
Nexeon claims record Li-ion battery cell capacity performance
3-A output, 2-MHz buck-boost DC/DC converter offers extended run time from batteries or supercapacitors
15-VIN, 2.5-A synchronous buck-boost dc/dc converter offers 95 percent efficiency and low noise operation
Saft unveils two new primary lithium cells for high drain electronic applications
Battery tester supports  Li-Ion, Li-FePh, Li-Titanate, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and lead acid rechargeable batteries
Powerstax rugged up-converter targets use in military tactical vehicle systems offers UN Transport Tests for lithium ion batteries including all certifications
Sub 1-uA IQ battery charger provides pack protection
Gresham Power Electronics equips Indian submarines with battery equipment
Hitachi and Johnson Controls join forces on advanced energy storage
Low power LED driver extends battery life for portable handheld LED applications
Axeon raises new investment for growth and development
MIPI Alliance forms battery interface working group for mobile devices
Intelligent Battery project opens new ground in energy storage applications
Key investors in Nexeon strengthen their holdings
Isabellenhutte Heusler and austriamicrosystems ink cooperation deal
Synchronous monolithic 1-cell Li-Ion/polymer battery charger delivers up to 4-A charge current
New IC reduces battery-management system costs by 80 percent in hybrid and electric vehicles
Linear unveils high efficiency power manager and charger for 1-cell LiFePO4 batteries
Boost converter platform claims world’s smallest low-Vin devices
Graphene batteries said to recharge in 10 minutes
Nexeon moves to new UK facilities to accelerate development of next generation batteries
Boston-Power partners BMZ to deliver Li-ion battery solutions in Europe
Switch-mode chargers with JEITA-compliant offer battery-temperature monitoring for mobile devices
European batteries waste management market to grow under legislative pressure
Research points to new electrodes improving the efficiency of Lithium-air batteries
Silicon-carbon nanocomposite seeks to boost lithium-ion performance
Battery management circuit enables active cell balancing for high-cell-count Li-Ion batteries
Silicon-based anodes for next generation Li-ion batteries pass performance milestone
University of Central Florida researchers verify large-format solid-state battery breakthrough from Planar Energy

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