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Daimler taps spare part warehouse to store energy February 1, 2016Daimler taps spare part warehouse to store energy Stationary batteries are not really new – after all, Tesla, Nissan, Daimler and other carmakers are already selling used batteries from electric vehicles in a “second life” business model as energy storage. Daimler is now going one step further: The company is building an energy store that taps the spare parts depot of e-car batteries. Read more 100-V high-side FET driver offers industrial battery power protection February 1, 2016100-V high-side FET driver offers industrial battery power protection Texas Instruments has introduced the first single-chip 100-V high-side FET driver for high-power lithium-ion battery applications, delivering advanced power protection and control.
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Graphene cage for silicon anode boosts high-performance batteries January 29, 2016Graphene cage for silicon anode boosts high-performance batteries A research team from Stanford University and the US Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have developed lithium-ion battery anode out of silicon which is encased in a custom-fit cage made of graphene. Read more Protection device makes one-cell, lithium-rechargeable battery packs safer January 27, 2016Protection device makes one-cell, lithium-rechargeable battery packs safer Diodes Incorporated has introduced a battery protection device specifically designed for the safe operation of 1-cell lithium-ion (Li+) battery packs.

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Self-heating lithium-ion battery combats freezing tempatures January 22, 2016Self-heating lithium-ion battery combats freezing tempatures A team of researchers from Penn State University and EC Power, State College have developed a lithium-ion battery that self heats if the temperature is below 0 degrees C which will help relieve winter 'range anxiety' for electric vehicle owners. Read more
Nissan pumps GBP26.5m into advanced lithium-ion battery plant in UK
Ultralife acquires Accutronics to expand reach in Europe
Safer lithium-ion battery shuts down before overheating
Layered composite enables energy harvesting from small bending motions
Lower power PMIC for IoT and wearables, isolated until first-use
Will built in sensors make lithium-ion batteries safer?
Battery-protection IC with precision voltage detection
Faraday Future aims to threaten Tesla's EV market share
Intelligent battery targets lowering cost of powering industrial production
Solid-state lithium-ion batteries: Providing a safer alternative
16-cell integrated Li-ion monitor and protector for high-power battery packs
Organic flow battery slashes energy storage costs by 60 percent
Sony lithium-sulfur battery targets boosting battery life by 40 percent
Wireless NiMH charger-receiver for space-constrained applications
Power source tailored for wearable electronics
Hybrid supercapacitor completes UL certification
Single-chip protection IC for 1-Cell Li+ battery packs
DC/DC regulators maximise battery capacity, replace 78xx linears
Interchangeable cells make traction batteries cheaper
Sodium ion battery trims renewable energy storage costs
Smart chip monitors health and safety your battery
Automotive battery stack monitor achieves 0.04% measurement accuracy
Microscopy and spectroscopy help unravel battery material mystery
London black cabs begin journey towards battery power
Samsung unveils next-generation bendable batteries for smart devices
Redox-flow batteries: Higher performance at lower costs revealed
Battery-based local energy storage to back renewable-energy generation
Is ethylene carbonate the key to extending battery life?
Bosch drives development of both batteries and fuel cells
Cheaper batteries: Can potassium provide the solution?
Heat helps rechargeable batteries extend lifetimes
Low-power battery management for wearables/IoT
Are mushrooms the answer to lithium-ion battery degradation?
Super-battery charges mobile devices in 15 seconds or less
Next-Generation batteries - Can all-silicon anodes be commercially viable?
Cathode material discovery boosts the drive for sodium-ion batteries
Keeping robots on the move - smartening up solar harvesting
Battery cell controllers for low-cell-count connected designs
Innovative adaptive charging solution slows smartphone battery ageing
Reference board eases design of 48V battery monitoring systems
Smart battery startup raises $5.5 million
Simulator emulates battery performance from full charge to total discharge
Solar-charged transparent Li-ion battery promises 'smart windows'
BMS optimised for high power density, low price
Battery pack monitor IC for multi-cell Li-ion batteries
Li-ion battery monitoring LSI delivers industry-low current consumption
Leclanché adopts ads-tec technology to broaden energy storage solutions
Smarter, lighter car battery replaces lead acid types
Airborne shipments of lithium-batteries face tighter fire-retardant packaging standards
Chinese collaboration sparks carbon based aluminum battery drive
'Aqueous solar flow' battery 20 percent more efficient than lithium-iodine batteries
IoT wireless sensors and the problem of short battery life
Boeing issues fire hazard warning from lithium battery bulk shipments
35VIN & VOUT battery charge controller delivers up to 20A
Research project combines valet parking, battery charging
Photo battery shines light on safer power
Li-ion battery to power search for life on Mars
Battery-powered aircraft crosses the Alps
Electric double-decker buses lead London's zero emission drive
Semisolid innovation trims lithium-ion battery costs by 50 percent
Electrolyte additives prevent fires in next-generation lithium batteries
Cathode technology doubles lithium-ion battery capacity, slashes costs
Origami is key to bacteria-powered battery paper-based biosensors
Disposable battery life extender enables batteries last 8x longer
Estonian graphene ultracapacitor pioneer receives 9.8m euros injection
NiZn battery is validated for 12-V automotive use
Gaelectric introduces Tesla battery storage solution to Irish market
New Irish battery R&D facility targets advanced material development
Lithium-ion drop-in replaces lead-acid batteries for military vehicles
Williams helps develop world’s first sodium-ion powered vehicle
Single-cell 5-A battery-charger IC cuts battery-charge times 60 percent
Single material battery is safer, simpler and more efficient
Four-quadrant, bipolar operation voltage drop simulation of vehicle batteries
Disposable sensor patch analyses golfers' swing
1-A buck converter extends battery run-times for wearables
Can magnesium ions finally break the lithium battery stranglehold?
Could Electrolyte Genome accelerate search for battery winners?
Newswatch: ARM seeks energy harvesting edge in IoT push
Has Google entered the battle for next-generation batteries?
Europe’s first commercial Li-ion ESS deployment supports Faroe wind farm
Battery-backed power supplies maintain up to 115W
Recharging insights pinpoint route to cheaper rechargeable batteries
Rechargeable NiMH battery modules support power systems integrators
Indoor solar-powered wireless mesh delivers 99.999% data reliability
Solid state thin film battery market takes off driven by wireless sensor networks
Can fast-charging aluminum-ion battery dampen safety fears?
Polymer discovery paves way for low-cost ultrafast batteries
Bluetooth Smart Wearable-on-Chip offers industry-leading battery life performance
Quick-charging hybrid supercapacitor trumps thin-film lithium battery
LG Chem clinches lithium-ion battery contract for Daimler's Smart EVs
Revealed - The real impact of battery bounce testing
Asian contracts extend Saft's 'batteries for metering' market share
Fraunhofer launches test centre for high-voltage batteries
Samsung SDI forges microgrid systems alliance with ABB
Saft lands USD10m energy storage order for Qatar oilfield
Single-channel comparator extends battery life in low-voltage portable devices
Innovate UK pumps funding into lithium sulfur battery R&D
micro-PMIC provides integrated power management for wearable devices
Fast charge developers kit speeds ultrathin supercapacitor prototyping
Can Dyson clean up in the battery sector?
Lithium storage principle offers higher energy storage densities
Lithium battery shipments on passenger planes face ban
Digi-Key inks global distribution deal with Dialog
High-performance silicon electrode extends lithium-ion battery life cycle
Avnet Abacus inks distribution deal with RRC
STMicroelectronics unveils world’s first customizable wireless battery charger controller
Electrochemical 'fingers' point to lithium-ion battery performance gains
Can flow battery advance lower urban power costs?
Battery analytics solution trims battery-related return costs
Silicon nanofiber boosts battery range performance of EVs
Tesla reveals plans to target household energy-storage market
Non-flammable lithium battery startup attracts funding
BMZ to triple lithium-ion rechargeable battery production by 2020
Can Kevlar prevent lithium-ion battery fire risks?
Lead-acid battery-balancing IC handles 4 x 12V batteries
Improved dendrite formation control helps lithium batteries last longer
Solar and wind energy solution powers public lights
AEG clinches on-board battery charger order for German railway
First round-the-world solar plane flight prepares for take-off
Will glass electrodes double lithium-ion battery capacities?
Are next generation EV batteries a step closer?
General Motors targets Tesla with EV launches
Silver matrix electrodes boost lithium-based battery discharge rates
Power management chip targets mobile designs in consumer, industrial
Long life aluminium-air battery resolves rechargeable challenges
Bamboo bike uses peddle power to recharge smartphones
Are power management researchers really 21st century alchemists?
Boeing faces calls to re-design lithium-ion batteries
Tesla Roadster targest 400-mile range with one charge
Smart window tints and acts as transparent battery
Europe's largest battery-storage project goes operational in the UK
From 20x faster batteries to spray-on solar cells
Lithium polymer battery maker targets 400-Wh/kg energy density
Lithium battery shortcomings led to Boeing 787 fire
Daimler invests 100m euros in German battery expansion
New electrolyte promises cheaper high efficiency magnesium-sulfur batteries
Polarizing filter reduces energy drain from smartphone displays
Advanced lead-carbon batteries could enable 48V super hybrid vehicles
Lithium battery is key to comet landing attempt
Tiny batteries from billions of nanopores
Could magnesium battery innovation end lithium's dominance?
Johnson Matthey snaps up Clariant energy storage business
Swiss startup targets 30 percent energy waste reduction
Piezoelectric material cuts cost of micro-energy harvesting
Silicon IP builds cost-effective option for over-voltage in battery powered SoCs
Megawatt-scale Li-ion ESS supports world’s largest PV-diesel power plant
Can garnet ceramics unleash high-energy lithium batteries?
Can Big-data solution free EVs from range anxiety?
Next generation aqueous hybrid ion battery delivers 40 percent more energy
Breakthrough for traction batteries? Ultra-fast battery charges in 2 minutes
'Smart' lithium-ion battery alerts users to fire risk
2.7V-60V in, 250 mA linear battery charger for multi-chemistry cells
Johnson Matthey acquires battery materials assets from A123
Pin-shaped lithium ion battery targets wearable device market
Cordless power tool adopts wireless charging solution
World’s first solar battery promises cost savings
Robust power modules support ultra-wide input voltage ranges
X-ray imaging reveals path to extending battery lifetimes
Electron innovation prolongs power in mobile devices
Ceramic Li-ion battery 10x thinner than solid-state alternatives
Can a liquid battery make renewables more competitive?
Worldwide capacity of advanced batteries to reach 28,000-MWh in 2023
Can plant-based batteries be a viable option?
Battery-pack controller manages 14-cell lithium ion sources to ASIL-C
Automotive sensor interface helps BMW manage battery performance
Water-based nuclear battery generates electrical energy
Is rapid charging batteries really so damaging?
Configurable PMIC has all the power regulation you need for Li-ion battery-power
Time to switch to free wireless protocol, says Arveni
Start-Stop batteries achieve four times longer cycle life
VARTA Microbattery partners Höganäs to develop e-bike drive solution
'Lithium plating' during charging observed for the first time
Study challenges Tesla's figures, predicts battery overcapacity
Battery-powered water splitter delivers low-cost emissions-free fuel cells
Solid state battery advance removes 'range anxiety' fears
FAA sparks more safety fears regarding lithium batteries
400mA synchronous buck battery charger accepts up to 40V
MIPI Alliance releases Battery Interface Specification for mobile devices
Programmable PSUs tuned to battery-powered devices/low power semiconductor test
Nanoscale study reveals EV battery electrochemical reaction insights
Panasonic and Tesla Gigafactory battery plan forges ahead
BMW invoke fast battery chargers to spark EV sales
Li-ion battery simulator accelerates next-gen automotive battery development
Study pinpoints how to make Li-ion batteries last longer
ZMDI offers high-resolution battery monitors
Avnet Memec signs European distribution deal with MPS
US FDA recognizes two UL battery safety standards
Li-ion battery protection controller reduces smartphone charging times
Li-ion batteries market for EVs to quadruple in a decade
Samsung SDI batteries to drive future BMW EVs
Surfer triples Li-ion battery performance with sandy solution
Nanofiber unleashes storage capacity potential of lithium-sulfur batteries
High voltage recuperation heater drives EV power savings
Nanopower buck-boost DC/DC converter with energy-harvesting charger
Lithium-titanate battery to support UK's first 2-MW ESS
Lithium-ion modules focus on marine clean propulsion applications
Battery monitoring system improves military vehicle reliability
Fuel cell boosts airplane and car energy efficiencies
A123 Systems acquires LTO battery IP from Leyden Energy
Panasonic smartphone App helps match battery to applications
Alstom-Saft consortium supports EDF 'Concept Grid' demonstration
Can ion 'highway systems' solve battery safety problems?
Battery anode architecture helps charge portable electronics in ten minutes
Are cheap lithium sulfur batteries on the horizon?
Will controlling thermal conductivities boost battery performance?
Prototype transistor extends battery life of portable devices
Fire risk makes Panasonic recall laptop battery packs
Multi-cell battery monitors scan 12 to 48-V industrial Li-ion batteries
Mixing quick and conventional charging protects EV batteries
Structural supercapacitor promises release from power cords
House of Batteries to distribute Varta's Lithium battery packs
Wireless USB transceiver aims for 3-year battery life
Plug and play solar generator offers iPod sound
Dual carbon battery charges 20x faster than lithium-ion batteries
Fiber supercapacitor aims to power wearable devices
Panasonic agrees to back Tesla battery Gigafactory
Thin-film battery for wearable electronics requires no lithium
Silicon anode technology gears up for production volumes
Battery management reference design needs no shunt resistor
Nanomaterial-packed cathode extends range of EV lithium-sulfur batteries
Battery sensor integrates MCU, CAN and analog front-end
Porous silicon generates hydrogen from sunlight
Batteries for space exploration - the final frontier?
Drivers maximise performance of multi-Li-ion-cell battery packs
Nanotechnology smartphone battery fully charges in 30 seconds
Li-ion batteries for EVs to surpass $26n by 2023
Tesla car battery fires caused by road debris damage
Is Tesla's Gigafactory battery project about to stall?
Battery-free RFID temperature sensor monitors rotary parts
3D nanoscale observations promise new battery electrode materials
Advanced Liquid Metal Battery system heads for commercialization
Collaboration deal focuses on vehicle battery cooling solutions
Newswatch: Will pollution in China cloud Tesla's battery plans?
Reference design cuts costs of lithium e-bike batteries
Saft lands multi-million euro commercial space battery contract
Novel nickel-manganese-cobalt cathode technology gains patent clearance
Paper-thin ultracapacitor aims to boost Li-ion battery performance
CMOS battery fuel gauges reduce power consumption
Why Japan leads in electromobility - and why this could change
Newswatch: Tesla sketches out roadmap for the future?
Low-power real-time-clock has integrated battery power
Tesla reveals USD5bn lithium-ion battery 'Gigafactory' manufacturing plans
Panasonic ponders Tesla lithium battery 'Gigafactory' investment
System automates battery life analysis for mobile devices
Snake-shaped energy harvester promises viable trickle charger
Powerful injectable microbattery aims to revolutionize biotelemetry
Current sensor offers energy control to future-proof EVs/HEVs
Battery management IC is first to comply to MIPI BIF
Hydrogen battery aims to replace lithium in battery-powered devices
Is the battery you sell or specify, a potential safety hazard?
Can gum reduce lithium ion battery fire hazard?
Lowest power RGB digital light sensor optimizes mobile and TV display viewing
World's smallest and lowest power Bluetooth v4.0 Smart SoC enters volume production
Saft lands multi-million euro contract to supply backup power to UK main line trains
3-W isolated Dc-Dc converters reduce board space and cut power consumption
Advanced batteries for portable power will pass USD12.4bn in annual global sales by 2023
Front terminal batteries target standby power applications
Smart Carbon additive aims to boost battery performance in Partial State of Charge applications
Disordered lithium-based compounds could yield better batteries
Harvard researchers demonstrate metal-free flow battery to support renewable energy sources
35 million electric vehicles to be on the roads worldwide by 2022, predicts Navigant Research
Startup offers chip-scale solar energy harvester
3.5-A, 42-V synchronous step-down switching regulators delivers 96 percent efficiency
Saft lands multi-million euro battery systems contract for Beijing Subway
Advanced batteries reached $10.8bn in market value in 2012, reports Navigant Research
Li-ion battery management ICs target E-bikes, power tools and HEV applications
Hysteretic boost controller provides power management benefits from battery level inputs
Rechargeable battery BoosterPack incorporates lithium polymer battery technology
The Top 10 Most Popular Power Management News Stories of 2013
80-V battery charging controller actively finds true maximum power point in solar panels
Battery pack provides constant power to LED arrays during a loss of AC power
Cylindrical battery prices to decline by 2.8 percent in 4Q13, predicts EnergyTrend
Self healing lithium-ion battery electrode technology could prove disruptive
MIT researchers use modified viruses to boost lithium-air battery performance
Samsung spots startup's quantum-dot potential
Start Trading is appointed Trojan Battery's master distributor for Bulgaria
BMZ launches Europe's largest service center for rechargeable e-bike batteries
55VIN/55VOUT buck-boost battery charging controller offers multi-chemistry benefits
Panasonic to expand supply of automotive-grade battery cells to Tesla Motors
32-bit MCU helps wearable fitness tracker maximize battery life
Saft opens new subsidiary in Moscow to support growing demand in Russia and CIS countries
Semtech adds low power devices to ultra long range transceiver platform for IoT applications
UK Technology Strategy Board awards Accutronics grant to develop battery for medical devices
Emerging battery technologies used in the backup and UPS markets to reach $896m during 2020
Battery switch assembly offers very low resistance at high currents
Online automated battery sizing calculator supports off-grid renewable energy applications
Volvo turns car body into a battery
Single IC enables any portable device to be quickly charged over USB in a car
Nanopower op-amps optimize system power consumption
Saft Li-ion battery technology to power the world's first hybrid tractor for wide body aircraft
400-mA wireless power receiver simplifies contactless battery charging across air gaps of 1.2cm
Battery-operated Wi-Fi-based power and gas reader
Next generation 10 W to 30 W Dc-Dc converters boost efficiency by three percentage points
Six billion portable battery cells forecast to be shipped annually by 2023
15-V, 2.5-A synchronous boost DC/DC converter is offered in a high temperature grade
Research factory develops novel production processes for lithium-ion batteries
Power circuits with MIPI RFFE maximize battery life in 2G, 3G, 4G LTE smartphones and tablets
Battery data without additional wiring
EV market boom drives motive battery revenue to rise more than 50 percent from 2013 to 2017
Nanopower buck-boost DC/DC features energy harvesting battery life extender
Nexeon opens office in Japan
Dual output boost regulator offers extended battery life benefits
DSLR camera remote can be controlled from any Bluetooth v4.0 smartphone using Nordic SoC
IntelliBat research project receives 2.6m euros in funding from the BMBF
Multi-mode power management unit extends battery life in MCU-based systems
Extremely fast ion conductors: Another step towards better batteries
Modular tool facilitates development of battery management systems
Li-ion battery fuel gauge IC boosts battery run-time in portable medical and industrial devices
Charlesbank Capital Partners invests in Trojan Battery Company
High energy lithium ion solution offers hot swap functionality
Battery free switch tag offers tracking benefits
Saft space batteries aim to land on an asteroid in MASCOT mission
High capacity industrial battery offers discharge performance benefits
Saft lands USD1.2m contract by to provide Li-ion battery for LEO satellite program
60-V, 3-A, 2-MHz step-down DC/DC converter requires 2.7-uA of quiescent current
LGA-packaged MOSFETs help to maximize battery life in space limited smart phone applications
Lithium-ion batteries withstand 10.000 charging cycles
USB 2.0 hub controller chip enables rapid charging via a single USB connector
World's lowest power Bluetooth smart chip is unveiled
Ultra-low-power SoC supports world's smallest Bluetooth location stickers
In vivo tests show EnerChip batteries are biologically safe for all applications
Li-ion cells target industrial power applications
100-mA synchronous buck converter delivers 150-V input capability with 12-uA quiescent current
Swindon Silicon Systems signs technology partnership deal with ZPower
12/16-channel AFEs double accuracy, reduce battery-management systems cost by up to 35 percent
KTH The Royal Institute of Technology develops world's first water-activated charging device for mobile phones
Trojan Battery adds REMS Batteries to French distribution network
TI claims breakthrough battery monitoring technology for lead-acid batteries
Single-cell Li-Ion/Li-Polymer battery protection chips
Intelligent enumerating battery charger delivers the safest and fastest charge for mobile equipment
Roll clad strips with adhesive copper-aluminium bonds act as battery cell connector
Rechargeable lithium battery manufacturer BMZ to invest 5 million Euros into Europe-based automated production plant
Single-cell battery charger ICs with I2C and USB OTG output cut charge time in half
European-sourced lithium rechargeable battery production to increase
Flexible battery still functions when stretched up to 300 percent of its original size
High accuracy battery fuel gauge maximizes battery capacity and boosts user confidence
NXP unveils world's first low VCEsat double transistors in 2-mm x 2-mm leadless package
Polish researchers develop air-breathing biobatteries
Volkswagen starts battery production for e-car
Chinese battery manufacturer TWS ramps up investment in European engineering
High efficiency bidirectional multicell battery balancer
LED driver matches flash LED input current in real time with safe output capability of battery
EnerSys unveils first Lithium-ion battery for motive power
Nexeon secures strategic investment and forms partnership with WACKER Chemie to scale-up silicon anode technology
Battery fuel gauge IC offers reliable runtimes for mobile users
Buck-boost DC/DC controller converts input voltages from 2.8V to 80V to fixed output voltage at high efficiency
28-uA IQ triple output, buck/buck/boost synchronous DC/DC controller maintains regulation in automotive start/stop systems
Toshiba unveils first 2.0-A USB-ready Li-ion battery charger IC for fast charging portable devices
Norway aims for leading position in developing battery powered ships
Power management front-end chip boosts battery run-time in ARM Cortex A15-based designs
BB Electronik is named Trojan Battery’s master distributor for Serbia and Montenegro
Sensile Technologies selects Saft lithium batteries to power smart telemetry devices for oil and gas storage
Saft opens Bangalore factory to support India's growing battery market
RAC agrees three-year battery supply partnership deal with Exide
French investment company looks to acquire Saft's Small Nickel Battery business in Nersac, France
Saft takes control of Nersac lithium-ion battery factory
PULS expands UPS solutions to offer the longest possible service life for emergency stand-by batteries
Trojan Battery launches product and market information iPad App
Research factory will develop and evaluate cost-effective li-ion battery production technologies
Low power bidirectional I2C isolators extend industrial isolation lifetime
SiP provides integrated solution for automotive battery sensing
Flexible battery-connector solution with cable connection
Saft wins USD1.5m battery backup system contract for Vietnam's Vinh Tan 2 coal fired power plant
Exide Technologies unveils new iPad-based battery training programme
Harvard receives funding to develop a new type of storage battery to advance renewable technologies
24-bit, 3-channel ECG analog front end cuts power consumption by 85 percent compared with alternative integrated solutions
Researchers demonstrate all-paper Li-ion batteries
Trojan Battery’s industrial line of batteries pass 15-year cycle life barrier in IEC 61427 testing
Hall effect switches help optimize sensitivities
Triboelectric nanomaterials harness friction to charge mobile phones
New power metal strip battery shunt resistor with molded enclosure delivers 36-W power capability
Exide Technologies allies with Maxwell Technologies to develop and market integrated battery-ultracapacitor energy solutions
Panasonic releases Battery Finder app to help find the right battery
Li-ion battery monitor chipset ensures battery life in HEVs and EVs
New integrated DC-DC converter targets graphic and core processor applications in portable electronics
Accurate hybrid/electric battery monitor includes isolated interface
Saft clinches 1 million euro battery contract from Bombardier Transportation for Southern Railway’s new ELECTROSTAR trains
New all-solid-state, rechargeable battery technology claims record energy density
New organic solar cell offers high voltage to recharge a lithium-ion battery directly
Nujira samples low noise second-generation Envelope Tracking chip for smartphones
Research cooperation aims at affordable energy storage for e-cars to run basic training courses and an Expert Forum at 2012 electrical energy storage (ees) Fair
Firm seeks breakthroughs in rechargeable batteries
New lithium polymer battery cells offer thermal protection for ultra-thin portable electronics
70V-tolerant, 12-cell battery sensor extends battery life, supports highest automotive safety rating
Micron declares high-volume availability of 30-nm DDR3L-RS SDRAMs for ultrathin computing devices and tablet
New 12-volt battery is ideal for remote area applications
Nujira raises $12 million to support rollout of Coolteq.L IC technology and start volume production
Next-generation digital battery charger offers enhanced communications and charge control
VTT expands investment in development of electric vehicles
New Li-Ion battery charger targets next generation power efficiency demands
Chinese Lithium-ion battery market to nearly double to USD9.2 Billion in 2016, says Lux Research
20-V single P-channel PowerTrench MOSFETs improve portable device battery charging and load switching
High-voltage DC input power supplies to meets new UL and IEC regulations
RUB researchers create early warning system for vehicle batteries
RF transceiver claims a new standard for low current and high performance
Industry's smallest 1.8-A brushed DC motor driver supports battery powered applications
Research project establishes lithium-ion battery pilot production line
VDE puts battery test center into operation
LEM brings high-accuracy current measurement to electric vehicle battery packs
Industrial supplies focuses on battery-backed applications
Cooling agent extends service life of traction batteries
Multi-cell, multi-chemistry battery gas gauge supports wide range lithium battery chemistries
Ultra–compact 200-A DC power system targets telecom systems
Market researcher predicts gold rush for car traction batteries
Qualcomm acquires Summit Microelectronics to broaden power management solutions
Video amplifiers integrate short-to-battery protection and fault detection for automotive video applications
Chip family protects Li-ion batteries in vehicles and power tools
65-V, 500-mA synchronous buck converter delivers 90 percent efficiency, requires 12-uA quiescent current
Saft signs a multi-year contract with Sagem to supply Li-ion batteries for the French army's FELIN systems
Avnet Abacus expands battery power and interconnection range with new Harwin battery holders
New standard smart batteries claim highest energy density
Flexible 4-A charger ICs offer universal input, ultra-fast charging in smartphones and tablets
42-V, 2.5-A(IOUT), 2.2-MHz synchronous step-down DC/DC converter delivers 96 percent efficiency
Trojan battery expands industrial line with new 2-V designs to enhance transport applications
Audi opens li-ion battery competence center
600-kVA UPS offers Smart Grid ready capabilities
Intelligent battery charger can detect and charge up to four lithium ion and lithium polymer cells
Saft cooperates with Nedap to deliver effective energy storage for residential solar power systems
BASF acquires materials expert company for Li-ion batteries
Giant starter kits target memory-hungry and energy efficient applications
Integrated switching buck regulators offer industry leading conversion ratios
Dual positive/negative ±20-V IN ±150-mA LDO with 20-uV RMS noise supports wider temperature range
MOSFET reduces off-board height by 50 percent
15-V 800-mA step down synchronous regulators deliver improve power efficiency and density for portable electronics
Improved batteries with carbon nanoparticles
2.4-GHz low-power RF transceiver claims lowest power consumption for industrial applications
36-V nano current voltage monitor focuses on multicell applications
Class-D amplifier device reduces distortion and prevents early phone software shutdown
NXP claims industry's most efficient low-VF schottky rectifier for mobile devices
New UHF Battery-Assisted Passive RFID chip incoprorates temperature sensor and SPI interface
Third generation Battery Management System monitors, balances and protects large-scale battery stacks
Saft's specialized MSX nickel-based rail batteries offer Bombardier Transportation space saving and weight reduction benefits
MicroDIP bridge rectifiers simplify board layout, reduces bill of materials
Highly integrated boost converter for stop-start applications reduces fuel consumption by up to 15 percent
Trojan Battery selects C.I.A.K. as distributor for eastern Europe
New Schottky diode series offers high-speed switching improvements in battery-powered products
Surface-mount molded tantalum chip capacitors offer low DC leakage current in five standard case sizes
15-W I2C power manager charges LiFePO4 cells at 3.5-A for high power density portable and battery back-up systems
Nexeon clinches Climate Week Award for Best Technological Breakthrough
CAP-XX unveils stop-start supercapacitor module to offer longer battery life, smaller batteries
DC charging connector system for electric commercial vehicles
Absopulse releases 2-kW/600-Vdc industrial grade PFC-input battery charger
Lattice supports new MIPI BIF standard
TE Circuit Protection's Metal Hybrid PPTC device offers smart activation feature
TI's new Wolverine microcontroller platform slashes power by 50 percent
RUB researchers prepare to develop aqueous lithium-ion battery
European IcyHeart project to focus on real-time ECG monitory for ambulatory use
BASF reinforces position in lithium-ion battery research
NXP releases world's first dual supply voltage ARM Cortex-M0 microcontrollers
Smallest USB battery charger detectors offer universal charging potential
University of Southampton research shows LiFePO4 batteries could lead to cheaper, more efficient solar energy
Russia's new Olympic Winter Games trains look to Saft batteries to deliver cold weather performance
New family of RS-485/RS-422 transmitters and receivers simplifies industrial designs to improve reliability
Spring-contact battery connectors reduce cost of development
Battery-monitor IC combines high accuracy with low power in smallest-in-class package
Industry's first single-cell, dual-input Li-Ion battery charger family supports tablets, e-readers and smartphones
11.1-V, 2.6-Ah battery pack with integral charger supports cost sensitive mobile applications
Saft begins deliveries of first lithium-ion batteries produced at new Jacksonville plant
Texas Instruments unveils industry's most accurate amplifier for high common-mode-voltage applications
2.5-A charger IC delivers ultrafast charging in smartphones and tablets with programmable flexibilty
MEMS chip enables battery-free sensors
Renesas Electronics unveils compact lithium-ion battery charging control IC to support USB charging
Toshiba Electronics releases next-generation MOSFETs for battery operated equipment
New low-power MCUs feature RC ADCs for accurate temperature measurement
15-V, 300-mA synchronous buck converters consumes 1.8-uA of quiescent current
New software tool removes guesswork from battery life predictions
2-A synchronous buck-boost DC/DC converter offers 2.7-V to 40-V input and output range
Researchers enhance battery electrode specs
Dual 4-A PowerPath Ideal Diodes offer ultralow 15-mV forward voltage
P-channel MOSFET offers increased power efficiency space-starved portable products
Industry's smallest intelligent battery sensor IC offers ADC resolution and lowest sleep mode current
Thales Alenia Space selects Saft Li‐ion batteries to power Iridium NEXT LEO satellite constellation
Dual-interface memory applies energy harvesting to enable true battery-free system design
Li-Ion battery switching charger speeds charge times and boost USB OTG power
JAN-qualified n-channel power MOSFETS target military, space, and avionics applications
Saft to supply Li-ion battery for Arizona energy storage solutions project
Fully printed energy-storage device gets USD1 million of additional funding
Bordeaux's new hybrid diesel-electric river shuttle service to be powered by Saft Li-ion batteries
42-V, 750-mA, 2.2-MHz step-down dc/dc converter only requires 2.5-uA quiescent current
Axeon sign collaboration and supply agreement with A123 Systems
2.5-kW mercury rectifiers delivers up to 400-V DC output
Multicell Battery Stack Monitor IC for High Voltage Applications
Compact fuel-gauge boosts Li+ battery runtime
36-V, 4-A synchronous step-down regulator tackles high temperature and high reliability demands
10 to 30-W chassis mount DC-DC converters offer space saving benefits
Step-down DC-DC switching charger ICs target single cell Li-Ion batteries in mobile devices
BMZ opens new battery production plant in North America
Trojan Battery partners Palladium Energy to develop lithium-based battery pack
"Subconscious mode" for smartphones could extend battery life by over 50 percent
Saft begins industrial production at lithium-ion battery plant in Jacksonville,USA
Daimler demos innovative hydrogen-powered research vehicle
New ultra-low-power, 32- to 64-pin Kinetis microcontrollers focus on cost-sensitive applications
Gel electrolyte promises better battery
New low-power op amps combine power and performance benefits for low-voltage, cost-sensitive applications
Phase-shifted LED backlight driver supports ultra-thin notebooks LCD panels for the first time
4-terminal, 1-W power metal strip resistor in 0612 package size offers low resistance benefits
Bosch builds pilot line for the production of lithium-ion batteries
Intersil claims industry's highest performance integrated buck-boost regulator
ARM wrestles with silicon, battery hurdles
High-efficiency 3-A step-down converter features efficiency up to 96 percent with tiny footprint
New architecture promises better battery
Nanosys grabs DoE battery development grant
New 4:1 input DC-DC converters focus on battery-driven applications
High-capacity inverter/charger offers long term UPS capability
1-A synchronous buck-boost DC/DC converter delivers extended battery run time for Li-Ion and alkaline-powered devices
Nexeon receives Ł40m boost for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries expansion plans
BMZ unveils durable lithium iron phosphate batteries for motorcycles
New low-dropout voltage regulator reduces component count and saves space
World's first 128-Mbit, 64-Mbit and 32-Mbit low-power asynchronous SRAMs feature 32-bit bus widths
World's smallest real-time clock with embedded crystal saves space and optimizes battery life
High-performance voltage regulator adds 20-percent run-time to ultra-low power wireless applications
IC protects battery packs for e-bikes, power tools
Energy Micro adds 12 energy friendly devices to its Cortex-M3 microcontroller range
Axeon receives funding to lead electric vehicle battery recycling research
Maxell introduces a zero-mercury, zero-lead added silver-oxide cells
Instrumentation amplifier combines precision and power efficiency for battery-powered medical, instrumentation and consumer devices
Audio streamer IC delivers class-leading cost and power optimization for mono wireless audio applications
Fast-write memory for low-cost black-box recorders simplifies design of emergency data storage
Global electric car production forecast to top 16 million in 2021
Off-grid energy storage market to grow at a 6% CAGR from 2011 to 2016
Compact energy-harvesting and power-management IC enables low-power wireless devices
15-W I2C power manager charges Li-Ion cells at 3.5-A for tablets, UMPCs and portable power systems
dSpace simulation model virtualizes high-voltage batteries
Rail battery systems keep the power on for new Stansted Express Electrostar trains
New touchscreen technology aims to stifle electrical noise
Super capacitor manager optimizes battery performance, lifetime and safety
Innovative solar battery charger uses MPPT to help portable devices run longer
Trojan Battery adds high-capacity industrial line for renewable energy applications
New mobile audio initiative deploys high performance mixed signal technology to boost audio performance while minimizing battery life
AMETEK Solidstate Controls now offers battery time remaining display reading
Donauer Solartechnik creates new e-mobility business
Skyworks agrees to acquire Advanced Analogic Technologies
TI unveils industry's highest accuracy lithium-ion battery monitor for electric mobility, power tools and UPS
Wireless-based, solar-powered sensor module offers continuous monitoring of carbon monoxide levels
Texas Instruments EMEA Design House Program welcomes BMZ Batterien-Montage-Zentrum as a partner
New motor driver offers industry's shortest turn-on times in a compact package
New micro PMIC targets Li-Ion battery based mobile applications
Intelligent charger can charge up to 15 NiMH/NiCD cells in series
Hidden magnetic effect could yield optical battery design
Axeon receives EU funding for research to reduce size, weight and cost of EV and HEV batteries
60-V battery charging controller offers power management benefits
Battery R&D seeks to amp up electric vehicles
LEM unveils battery monitoring transducer upgrade for UPS designs
USB charger ICs combines programmability and safety for cost-sensitive applications
Li-ion charger maximizes battery cell performance
Voltage detectors offer enhanced safe recovery
Lithium-ion chargers and lithium polymer battery pack offer custom tailoring solutions
Trojan Battery names UK Batteries as new UK distributor
CCM and CRM PFC ICs simplify power factor correction for high-power and sub-200-W applications
SB LiMotive subsidiary Cobasys gets battery development contract in USA
Low energy watch that wirelessly communicates with smartphones offers long coin-cell battery life
Smart battery sensor computes battery status
Li ion battery recycling needs development incentives, market researcher says
SMT coin cell holder saves installation time
Low-power RF transceiver targets short-range wireless systems in industrial, science and medical applications
High voltage battery stack monitor enhances HEV/EV battery management systems
High energy Li-ion battery system targets all telecom applications
Novel touchscreen controller enables touchscreens to function seamlessly with noisy battery chargers
4th Developer Forum to host more than 30 presentations on battery trends and technologies
Dual 20-V P-channel TrenchFET Gen III Power MOSFET offers industry’s lowest on-resistance down to 54-mohms at 4.5-V
Sensor shuts off HV battery during accident
Maxim unveils 850-kHz/500-kHz SMBus-programmable battery chargers
Vertical entry PCB lithium coin cell holders
BMW, PSA Peugeot Citroen launch JV for electric components
Innovative power management devices boost mobile battery life by up to 30 percent
Logic family saves space with 1-mm square package
Galfenol-based kinetic button battery boasts high energy density
LNAs extend receiver sensitivity and boost GPS receiver performance
Programmable battery charger keeps portable products safe
Nexeon claims record Li-ion battery cell capacity performance
LDOs extend battery life in low power handheld product designs
3-A output, 2-MHz buck-boost DC/DC converter offers extended run time from batteries or supercapacitors
AgigA Tech achieves safety and compliance certifications for battery-free energy modules
FIAMM rolls batteries for micro hybrid vehicles
Single IC solution optimizes Li-ion battery protection up to 24-V
High efficiency current step-up DC-DC converter draws 1-uA quiescent current
Powercast unveils RF energy harvesting kit for wireless battery charging
New Ioxus hybrid capacitor increases energy density by 115 percent
Hybrid circuit protection technology focuses on high-rate-discharge battery applications
Murata debutant trio shrink footprints, increase functionality and extend battery life of mobile devices
VARTA battery system integration service helps FLIR develop new handheld thermal imagers offers UN Transport Tests for lithium ion batteries including all certifications
Single-cell AA/AAA, 555-like analog timer offers battery-safe operation
Intersil unveils HEV/EV Li-Ion battery management control solution
60-V input synchronous step-down DC/DC controller draws 50-uA in battery-powered systems
200-W battery-backed switch-mode PSU targets telemetry applications
Campbell Collins releases DC/DC power supply for wind energy turbine applications
LED driver family offers ultra-low dimming, maximizes battery life in portable products
Battery-connector with enhanced vibration resistance for offset PCB installation
Sub 1-uA IQ battery charger provides pack protection
Transmitter and receiver combo wirelessly charge and operate micro-power devices
MCUs based on ARM Cortex-M Series claims industry's lowest 32-bit power consumption
Gresham Power Electronics equips Indian submarines with battery equipment
Dynamic voltage scaling buck regulator offers power savings in lithium ion battery devices
Li-ion battery provides high energy storage in a compact, lightweight package for telecom applications
3-channel low-frequency wake-up receiver claims best-in-class sensitivity of 80 uVrms
MIPI Alliance forms battery interface working group for mobile devices
First true 0.9-V microcontroller enables multiple applications to run from a single-cell battery
Maxim unveils industry's first battery charger with automatic USB enumeration
30-V P-channel power MOSFETs offer design flexibility benefits
Intelligent Battery project opens new ground in energy storage applications
Push-messaging and find-me apps for RF4CE remote controls do not impact battery life
Research: Li-ion battery has surprisingly small ecological footprint
AEG Power Solutions supplies Bombardier with customized battery chargers for rail solutions
Green battery, navigation, diagnostic system win Automechanika awards
144-channel dot matrix LED driver claims industry's highest efficiency and smallest size
Battery-free energy modules deliver critical data back-up during power loss
Synchronous monolithic 1-cell Li-Ion/polymer battery charger delivers up to 4-A charge current
AgigA Tech offers highest-density battery-free non-volatile DDR3 for critical data back-up
XP Power releases third edition of power supply technical guide
Battery charger claims industry's lowest power dissipation for 1-cell and 2-cell Li-Ion/Li-polymer batteries
High precision linear RMS RF power detector extends battery life for 3G/4G handsets
New IC reduces battery-management system costs by 80 percent in hybrid and electric vehicles
Lithium-ion battery roadmap hints at technology differentiation
Hybrid commercial vehicles market to grow, but...
Linear unveils high efficiency power manager and charger for 1-cell LiFePO4 batteries
Intelligent PMIC focuses on portable consumer applications
Volkswagen bundles global e-mobility R&D efforts
Vibration harvesters designed to replace AA, AAA batteries
Munich University e-car concept brings down TCO
Compact fuel-gauge ICs deliver accurate estimates of Li+ battery state of charge
Ultra-low-power security manager provides nonimprinting memory and tamper detection
WLED driver integrates a 48-V MOSFET to provide a complete backlighting solution
Power-saving low-voltage comparator offers analog designers more micropower benefits
Saft signs multi-year deal with EADS Astrium to power all GEO satellites
BMZ signs European-wide lithium-ion cells sales deal with China's Cham Battery
Reset timer device enables one-button restart without battery removal
TI offers low-cost development kit for MSP430 Value Line MCUs
2-A battery charger matches solar cell peak power tracking
LED drivers extend battery life in mobile handsets
Freescale releases PMIC for new Intel Atom processor
Boston-Power partners BMZ to deliver Li-ion battery solutions in Europe
Low ON-Resistance MOSFET targets high-efficiency switching applications
Synchronous boost regulators offers low-voltage support to any PIC microcontroller
Next-generation ultra low-power microcontroller enters volume production
High-voltage dual-input charger offers more reliable battery charging
Compact power electronics systems for vehicles offer power density of 20 kVA/litre
LED lighting drivers simplify low power single cell applications
Fuel cell expert joins ACAL Energy’s executive team
Switch-mode chargers with JEITA-compliant offer battery-temperature monitoring for mobile devices
Switch-mode battery chargers with programmable JEITA support offer safety benefits
All-in-one power solution offers twin benefits
M+W Group spotlights volume manufacturing lithium-ion battery cell solution
Research points to new electrodes improving the efficiency of Lithium-air batteries
Dual-input linear charger offers safer charging of Li+ cell
Data acquisition front-end IC offers battery management benefits
Class-G amplifier delivers analog audio performance, extends battery life
Smart on/off controllers improve reliability of battery-powered devices
1-A voltage regulator family supports sub 1-V rails
VARTA offers OEMS off-the-shelf integrated lithium battery packs
Low ICCT gate solutions extend battery life for mobile devices
Silicon-carbon nanocomposite seeks to boost lithium-ion performance
3-MHz, 2-A DC/DC converters target portable electronics
Thinnest wafer-level chip-scale N-Channel MOSFETs extend battery life
Heavy-duty rectifier/charger powers 120-V batteries
Switch-mode standalone battery charge controllers provide faster, cooler charging
Dual output synchronous step-down DC/DC controller draws 50 µA in battery-powered systems
Integrated lithium-ion battery protection circuit and safety monitor is unveiled by Analog Devices
Battery management circuit enables active cell balancing for high-cell-count Li-Ion batteries
2-cell supercapacitor chargers target high peak power, data backup demands for portable applications
MOSFET and Schottky diode share the same SOT-563 package
Ultracapacitors with increased energy and power density seek to drive high-power applications

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