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Class-D amplifier device reduces distortion and prevents early phone software shutdown

April 10, 2012 | Paul Buckley | 222904415
Fairchild Semiconductor has developed the FAB3103 2.3 watt class-D audio amplifier with integrated boost regulator and battery automatic gain control (AGC) which is suitable for use in mobile handsets, smart phones, and tablets, as well as portable media players.

Suitable for use in mobile handsets, smart phones, and tablets, as well as portable media players, the FAB3103 has an integrated boost regulator that allows for high audio output power over a power supply range of 2.5 V to 5.2 V from a 3.6 V Li-Ion battery. 

At low power output, the device’s boost regulator automatically shuts down for greater efficiency and lower quiescent current consumption, resulting in longer battery runtime. The FAB3103 audio amplifier also features battery automatic gain control (AGC) that reduces gain when the power supply voltage is low in order to limit maximum power consumption, reducing distortion and preventing early device shutdown.

Availability and Pricing

Available in a 12-bump, WL-CSP, the FAB3103 device also offers several protection features including short circuit protection, low voltage shutdown, and click and pop suppression. Additionally, the low EMI design of the device allows for filterless operation with high noise rejection using differential audio inputs, improving sound quality. The device is priced at $0.44 in 1,000 quantity pieces.

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