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How to maximize the benefit of PFC technology for utility customers July 02, 2012 How to maximize the benefit of PFC technology for utility customers Yucheng Zhang, Roger A. Dougal, Electrical Engineering University of South Carolina; Sean Burke, Glacial Energy Holdings, ... Read more Selecting the right battery July 02, 2012 Pushek Madaan and Rajiv Badiger of Cypress consider different types of rechargeable batteries and  compare the selection ... Read more Mechatronic approach facilitates automotive electric motor control June 25, 2012 Giovanni Torrisi, STMicroelectronics explains how a mechatronic control architecture can simplify the electrical distribution ... Read more Highly efficient LED drivers provide intelligent lighting solutions June 25, 2012 Highly efficient LED drivers provide intelligent lighting solutions "Smart home", "smart metering" or "smart grid" are the actual keywords for a new type of intelligent ... Read more Power Tip 48: Tame conducted common-mode emissions in isolated switchers Part 2 June 19, 2012 Robert Kollman of Texas Instruments continues our discussion of common-mode currents which started in Power Tip 47. Read more Developing an ultra high intercept last gain stage to a 14-bit high SFDR ADC (Part 1 of 2) June 18, 2012 Part 1 of this series will describe the individual ADC and amplifier characteristics, show a proposed 19dB gain interface ... Read more Thread synchronization techniques for better multicore system power/performance tradeoffs June 18, 2012 Faheem Sheikh of Mentor Graphics considers a scenario where a symmetrical multiprocessing (SMP) RTOS, multicore hardware, ... Read more Power-aware emulation tests power islands June 11, 2012 Ludovic Larzul - Vice President of Engineering, EVE explains how power-aware emulation tests can be used to power islands ... Read more A design to generate UAV electrical power in flight June 11, 2012 Guy Wagner, Electronic Cooling Solutions, and Travis Mikjaniecn, Mentor Graphics explains how exhaust-heat thermoelectric ... Read more Supercaps can be a good choice over batteries for backup applications June 10, 2012 Steve Knoth of Linear Technology Corporation outlines why supercapacitors can be a good choice compared with batteries for ... Read more
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