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Improving medical imaging with direct radiography September 11, 2012 Willie Chan of Linear Technology Corp. focuses on the design challenges that need to be faced to improve medical imaging ... Read more Linearity testing for PLC line drivers, pt.1 September 10, 2012 Raymond Ho and Michael Steffes of Intersil Corp., describes the required characterization steps for a single port driver ... Read more Sensor fusion and MEMS technology for 10-DoF solutions September 04, 2012 Lj. Ristic, Managing Director, Petrov Group focuses on sensor fusion and MEMS technology and how it applies to 10-DoF solutions. ... Read more Designing MEMS driver ASIC for contact lens sensor August 31, 2012 Stephen Ellwood of AnSem explains how to design a MEMS driver ASIC for a contact lens sensor. Read more RF and microwave solid-state power amplifiers design requires specialised engineering August 27, 2012 RF and microwave solid-state power amplifiers design requires specialised engineering In the world of RF and microwave engineering, the design and development of solid-state amplifiers is a speciality. It has ... Read more Power Tip 51: Be aware of capacitor parasitics August 27, 2012 Robert Kollman of Texas Instruments explains why you need to be wary of capacitor parasitics. Read more CZTSe thin-film solar cells results August 17, 2012 Guy Brammertz, Marie Buffiere, Yves Mols, Marc Meuris and Jef Poortmans of imec – partner in Solliance, Leuven, Belgium ... Read more How to avoid a USB meltdown in harsh environments August 17, 2012 Brian Foster of  B&B Electronics points out that like the Hindenburg, USB has potential trouble designed in.  ... Read more Designing a robust clock tree structure August 10, 2012 Amol Agarwal and Priyanka Garg of Freescale Semiconductor decribe thee considerations for designing a robust clock tree structure. ... Read more Surge protection - stop fried electronics August 10, 2012 Surges and spikes on data lines can fry your communications boards and garble data. Mike Fahrion of  B&B Electronics ... Read more
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