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Charging high capacity batteries from 5V sources November 13, 2012 David Simmons of Linear Technology Corp. explores how to charge high capacity batteries from 5 V sources. Read more Simple circuit measures RMS value of AC power line November 12, 2012 Chau Tran and David Karpaty of Analog Devices Inc. describe a simple circuit that is capable of measuring the RMS value of ... Read more How hybrid electric vehicles can pay off November 06, 2012 Dr. Edward Lovelace of XL Hybrids examines the energy conumption pay off of hybrid electric vehicles. Read more Near-field communications power utility transactions November 05, 2012 Near-field communications power utility transactions In the area of power metering, especially in some regions, the following trend is obvious these days: Utilities require a ... Read more Memory solution addressing power and security problems in embedded designs October 29, 2012 Andre Hassan of Kilopass outlines a memory solution addressing power and security problems in embedded designs. Read more LED performance boosted by wireless bonding October 29, 2012 Jonathan Domingo, Lumex considers the performance benefits wireless bonded LEDs are able to achieve. Read more Toward pacemakers powered by heartbeats October 22, 2012 S. Boisseau and J.J. Chaillout of CEA-LETI, Minatec Campus, Grenoble, France and M. Deterre and R. Dal Molin of Sorin CRM ... Read more Green power takes centre stage October 22, 2012 Philip Lechner, Product Marketing Manager, Power, Avnet Abacus explains how legislation and customer pressure are both working ... Read more Linearity testing for PLC line drivers (Part 2) October 19, 2012 In the second part of a two-part series Raymond Ho, Sr. Applications Eng/High Speed Signal Path, and Michael Steffes, Sr. ... Read more Smart grids turn to wireless systems October 15, 2012 Smart grids turn to wireless systems Gert Skriver of Kamstrup explains why wireless systems prevail in smart grid technology. Read more
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