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USB 3.0 - Optimize system performance and user experience June 04, 2012 Danny Tseng of Cypress looks at ways of optimizing system performance and power management benefits of USB 3.0 technology. ... Read more Home sweet smart home June 01, 2012 Sean Murphy, Texas Instruments looks at how the smart grid and the smart home network need to evolve to the next level to ... Read more Leading-edge modulation improves power-supply efficiency in PFC designs May 31, 2012 Michael O'Loughlin, Senior Applications Engineer, Texas Instruments discusses what leading edge modulation is and how it ... Read more Reduce THD in digitally-controlled PFCs May 28, 2012 Bosheng Sun and Zhong Ye of Texas Instruments examine the most common methods to reduce the current distortion in a digitally-controlled ... Read more Beat power management challenges in advanced LTE smartphones May 28, 2012 David McTernan of Renesas Mobile takes a look at how to meet power management challenges faced by advanced LTE smartphones. ... Read more Environmentally-Aware Lighting May 28, 2012 Environmentally-Aware Lighting Buildings are responsible for about 36 percent of Europe's greenhouse gas emissions, and according to the International Energy ... Read more Power Tip 47: Tame conducted common-mode emissions in isolated switchers (Part 1) May 21, 2012 In this Power Tip series Robert Kollman of Texas Instruments continues to focus on the challenges posed by common mode currents. ... Read more Reducing energy cost of intra-chip communications May 21, 2012 Fabien Clermidy, Ivan Miro-Panades, Yvain Thonnart and Pascal Vivet of CEA-Leti focus on how to reduce the energy costs ... Read more Sub 1-V low noise high PSRR LDO with improved load transient May 14, 2012 Juri Mihhailov, Viktor Strik and Sergei Strik of Texas Instruments decribe a low input low output voltage regulator (LILO), ... Read more Understanding wire-less charging May 11, 2012 Understanding wire-less charging The increasing popularity of battery-powered consumer electronic devices such as portable media players, smartphones and ... Read more
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