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Power Tip 47: Tame conducted common-mode emissions in isolated switchers (Part 1) May 21, 2012 In this Power Tip series Robert Kollman of Texas Instruments continues to focus on the challenges posed by common mode currents. ... Read more Reducing energy cost of intra-chip communications May 21, 2012 Fabien Clermidy, Ivan Miro-Panades, Yvain Thonnart and Pascal Vivet of CEA-Leti focus on how to reduce the energy costs ... Read more Sub 1-V low noise high PSRR LDO with improved load transient May 14, 2012 Juri Mihhailov, Viktor Strik and Sergei Strik of Texas Instruments decribe a low input low output voltage regulator (LILO), ... Read more Understanding wire-less charging May 11, 2012 Understanding wire-less charging The increasing popularity of battery-powered consumer electronic devices such as portable media players, smartphones and ... Read more Use a twist (and other popular wires) to reduce EMI/RFI May 10, 2012 Bill Laumeister, Maxim Integrated Products discusses how to combine a twisted-pair wire and lowpass filters to produce spectacular ... Read more Selecting PCB materials for high-frequency applications May 10, 2012 Selecting PCB materials for high-frequency applications Choosing a circuit material for a high-frequency printed-circuit board (PCB) is generally a tradeoff, often between price ... Read more Power device consideration for optimized design of LED power supply May 07, 2012 Wonseok Kang, Fairchild Semiconductor considers the power device considerations to optimize designs of a LED power supply. ... Read more Sophisticated thermal management solutions cool hi-rel systems - Part 1 May 06, 2012 in part 1 of this two-part article David OíMara, Kontron discusses primary thermal technologies and their specific features ... Read more Power modules without a baseplate: a reliable and cost-effective solution May 03, 2012 Patrick Baginski, Field Application Engineer, Vincotech GmbH describes the differences between modules with and without baseplates, ... Read more Medical Standard Challenges - IEC60601: understanding the changes from 2nd to 3rd edition April 30, 2012 Peter Blyth, Industry Director, Medical, XP Power considers the challenges posed by the impending changes relating to the ... Read more
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