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Digital AC LED lighting and communications developerís kit

January 18, 2012 | Julien Happich | 222903965
Digital AC LED lighting and communications developerís kit Enabling designers to cost-effectively incorporate intelligence and remote connectivity into LED lighting designs and get to market faster, Texas Instruments has launched the 32-bit TMS320C2000 Piccolo microcontroller (MCU) AC LED lighting and communications developerís kit. Leveraging the performance of low-cost Piccolo MCUs, the kit is a complete mains-powered LED lighting solution.

It comes with software allowing designers to create lighting products featuring full dimming, remote connectivity and efficient power stage design perfect for street, outdoor, commercial, industrial, and entertainment lighting applications.  A separate plug-in compatible, Piccolo MCU Power Line Communications (PLC) Add-on Kit further allows developers to experiment with development of PLC-based lighting designs. The package provides a differentiated platform for AC mains-powered, intelligent luminaries with an efficient and full-featured LED lighting power supply design for higher energy efficiencies, reduced manufacturing costs and product adaptability to varying design and implementation needs.

Hardware and software support for remote connectivity walks developers through implementation examples of leading lighting communications protocols such as DALI, DMX512 and PLC. The kit allows independent and multi-string dimming up to 250W, fault management, light balancing, dimming profiles, data logging and more. With Piccolo MCU-based power supply and lighting control, designers need only one design to support multiple end product classes. Users can leave the power stages unchanged and simply adjust the number of LED strings to create a full product family.  
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