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News about Diodes

TVS protection diodes provide 2 percent breakdown voltage tolerance February 3, 2016TVS protection diodes provide 2 percent breakdown voltage tolerance Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. has introduced a new series of surface-mount transient voltage suppressor (TVS) protection diodes that are the industry's first to feature a 2% breakdown voltage tolerance.
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Protection device makes one-cell, lithium-rechargeable battery packs safer January 27, 2016Protection device makes one-cell, lithium-rechargeable battery packs safer Diodes Incorporated has introduced a battery protection device specifically designed for the safe operation of 1-cell lithium-ion (Li+) battery packs.

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Surface mount SP2T switch handles 100-W of continuous power from 100 MHz to 1 GHz January 25, 2016Surface mount SP2T switch handles 100-W of continuous power from 100 MHz to 1 GHz Microsemi Corporation has announced high power monolithic microwave surface mount (MMSM) series-shunt SP2T PIN diode reflective switch, the MPS2R10-606. Read more 100V MOSFET H-bridge in a 22.5 mm² package, drives array-scale loads January 22, 2016100V MOSFET H-bridge in a 22.5 mm² package, drives array-scale loads DMHC10H170SFJ from Diodes Inc. is a 100V full H-bridge incorporating dual N-channel and P-channel MOSFETs into a DFN5045 package (5 x 4.5 mm). Read more Battery-protection IC with precision voltage detection January 7, 2016Battery-protection IC with precision voltage detection Providing single-chip protection for 1-cell lithium-ion (Li+) and lithium-polymer batteries, the AP9214L has been designed for use in rechargeable Li+ battery packs. Targeted at the manufacturers of battery protection modules, the device’s accurate monitoring capability delivers safe charging and discharging, prolonging cell lifetime and minimising energy losses. Read more
Single-chip protection IC for 1-Cell Li+ battery packs
Packaged P-channel MOSFETs cut load-switching losses
PSU controller for ultra-low standby power in USB chargers
Switch-mode AC-DC regulator enables ultra-low standby power in USB chargers
HV protection diodes are automotive-rated, in small outline
Bulk capacitance on high-current PCB rails safely controlled with 30V MOSFET
Can vertically-grown organic semiconductors reshape solar cells and LEDs?
100-V MOSFETs optimize for PoE applications
DC/DC converter ICs tuned for light-load efficiency
Dual 130mA LDO for fingerprint recognition modules in 0.4 mm profile
Control hot-swap USB loads with 0.2A power switch
Super-fast switching diodes with ultra-low leakage
Step-down DC/DC boosts efficiency in portables
1.9W Class-D audio amplifier delivers high SPL for low power drain
Perovskites: Can focusing on 'dark' flaws boost efficiencies?
Low operating-current shunt regulator betters 431 specs, replaces Zeners
Single-channel comparator extends battery life in low-voltage portable devices
Graphene-based solar cells and LEDs take step closer
150V diodes combine switching speed and softness
Multi-channel load sink driver consumes 12x less power
74-series glue logic functions push down power consumption
Antireflective nanotextures create self-assembly surface for solar cells
MOSFET H-bridge reduces footprint by 50 percent
ROHM extends Rutronik’s franchise to a global agreement
Load switch enhances system power control
Chip-scale bi-directional MOSFETs enable higher capacity lithium batteries
MOSFET gate drivers boost conversion efficiency
Programmable load switch improves system power reliability
Automotive-qual’d SiC diodes also suit smaller inverter designs
Buck converters enable smarter power regulation
Small footprint boost controller simplifies LED backlighting
Primary-side switcher cuts power supply size and cost
High-power surface-mount TVS diodes for exposed AC/DC PSUs
1200-V SiC schottky diodes boost surge current capabilities
Colloidal quantum dots promise cheaper, lighter solar cells
Trim power with uprated comparators
Newswatch: 2D materials make graphene technology transfer a reality
POL buck controller delivers output down to 0.6 V
High-stability, low-power voltage reference
Smaller packaging for 60V power MOSFET
Programmable buck converter in smaller space
200V and 250V fast diodes optimised for body diode hard commutation
Cree claims the most powerful SiC Schottky diodes
High-power TVS diodes for AC/DC power line applications
Dual gate, ultra-low power CMOS logic devices extend battery life
650V, dual silicon carbide diodes reduce EMI
Resettable fuse enhances power system reliability
Reversible DC motor driver saves space and boosts power efficiency
Soitec partners IntelliEPI to provide reliable second source in GaAs market
ESD protection diodes provides high surge capability of 200-W in SMF package
Low voltage zener diodes deliver 4x better voltage regulation performance
Miniature LDO offers low noise, small footprint and accuracy benefits
14-pin CMOS logic devices offer upgraded performance
650-V silicon carbide Schottky barrier diode range is extended to broaden application scope
Thermal management for LEDs and power electronics to grow to USD4.8bn by 2020
Micropower Hall switches improve detection circuit performance
LED driver enables retrofit LED lamps with high power factor
Tandem diodes offer economical alternative to SiC in e-car charging points
IXYS expands high-power SiC diode line
Hall switches deliver power saving benefits
Automotive rectifiers provide significantly better avalanche capability
South Korea researchers reveal two in one solution for low cost polymer LEDs and solar cells
Small-signal bipolar transistors help shrink portable designs
DC-DC converter saves space in LED lighting applications
Motor pre-driver delivers speed control benefits
Integrated high-voltage regulator transistors offer power density improvements
TVS diodes protect the antenna in wireless devices from ESD strikes
Diode bridge controller minimizes rectifier heat and voltage loss
Hyperfast and Ultrafast recovery rectifiers reduce switching losses
Chip scale Schottky doubles power density
650V ultrafast diodes reduce switching losses
Broadband shunt family offers space savings for high-power switching applications
PIN power diodes combine low recovery losses and softness for efficiency and low EMI
600-V Super Junction MOSFETs with reduced recovery times improve efficiency performance
Surface mount limiter diode
Super barrier rectifier helps reduce charger size
Silica starts roll out of design support strategy focused on power applications
Advanced Power Electronics Corp. agrees distribution deal with Neutron for UK and Ireland
Power switches offer increased power density in USB port protection
Toshiba begins volume production of SiC power devices
Fraunhofer Institute opens up new pilot line for organic electronics
Low-voltage CMOS logic family expands package options to broaden application range
19 automotive rectifiers and soft recovery diodes made available in six space saving package options
LDOs enable power management solutions to be customized
Hall effect switches help optimize sensitivities
Cree sets new standard with industry's first fully qualified, production-ready All-SiC power module
Diodes Incorporated agrees to acquire Power Analog Microelectronics
New generation of SiC Schottky barrier diodes claims market leading efficiency at attractive price-performance ratio
Compact linear LED driver supports low-current lighting systems
New Schottky barrier diodes and dual N-Channel MOSFETs claims industry’s highest performance in a 2-mm package
Ultra-low IR Schottky barrier diodes prevent thermal runaway at high temperatures
Ultra-low IR Schottky barrier diodes reduces power consumption in automotive and power supply devices by 40 percent
New 200-V Schottky barrier rectifiers support high frequency inverter applications
100-V linear LED driver aims to de-clutter low-power lighting designs
SiC Schottky barrier diodes claim the industry's lowest
Miniature overvoltage clamp protects PMICs in portable applications
LNB power management and control IC improves set-top box efficiency
Diode controller replaces two Schottky diodes to enable low loss ORing of multiple power sources
Diode controller provides negative input protection and low current operation
High power shunt PIN diode
MOSFET reduces off-board height by 50 percent
Surface mount limiter diodes for receiver protection applications
Anritsu VectorStar used by Modelithics to validate performance of broadband diode models
New Schottky diode series offers high-speed switching improvements in battery-powered products
Diodes unveils ultra-miniature diodes for use in lightweight portable products
MOSFET controller enables PSUs to exceed energy star efficiency goals
1700-V SiC Schottky diodes enable cost savings for solar, motor drive and traction applications
Soitec and Sumitomo Electric demonstrate 4- and 6-inch GaN engineered substrates
Metal-assisted chemical etching enables patterned arrays in GaAs
MOSFET controller boosts PSU efficiency for Energy Star rating
MOSFETs housed in DFN1212-3 package make drop-in replacement for SOT723 alternatives
DFN1212-3 packaged MOSFETs are drop-in replacement for SOT723 alternatives
P-channel MOSFET offers increased power efficiency space-starved portable products
Piezo-phototronic effect improves efficiency of LEDs
Load switch delivers HDMI port protection
Low-profile rectifier simplifies solar panel designs
Microsemi introduces industry's smallest hermetic surface mount package for transistors and diodes
FineSim SPICE simulation enables Diodes to accelerate tape out of two synchronous switching voltage regulators
LED driver reduces EMI in low-cost lamps
Constant current regulators focus on 1.0 watt LED lighting applications
High-voltage rectifiers target PFC applications
SMT diodes require no center pin
DC/DC converters deliver highly integrated solutions for consumer applications
All-purpose laser diode driver from CW to 155MHz
Diodes introduces enhanced USB protection for PCs, peripherals and consumer equipment
Diodes unveils industry's smallest full-feature single-chip solution for smart fan motor driver applications
Developing multilayer barriers for flexible OLEDs
New low-dropout voltage regulator reduces component count and saves space
New ultra-low dropout regulators reduce power consumption and improve regulated voltage output stability
Power switches offer Enhanced USB port protection
New bipolar family comes in super-small-size package to saves space in smart phones
40-V gate driver reduces IGBT switching losses
Super barrier rectifiers boost reliability in automotive applications
MOSFET pair reduces DC motor losses
New logic range upgrades performance of legacy systems
Programmable shunt regulators raise efficiencies of low power systems
Space saving MOSFETs deliver cooler running than larger packaged devices
World's smallest Hall effect switch offers power and space saving benefits
High efficiency lighting management unit reduces system cost for smartphones, enhances battery life
LED driver delivers higher current for low voltage LED lamps
Protection interface safeguards power management ICs
DFN3020 packaged MOSFETs use 70 percent less space
High speed CMOS logic family offers power dissipation plus switching speed improvements
Low power current monitors offer accurate current measurement
Microsemi unveils solar technology portfolio
Diode family offers high efficiency and low EMI for PFC and high-frequency, high-voltage rectifier applications
Move to digital power supplies drives increased demand for SiC diodes, DSPs and MPUs
Logic family saves space with 1-mm square package
MOSFETs with integrated self-protection improve switching of inductive loads
High current gate driver aims to minimize switching losses
Self-protected MOSFETs raise protection levels for inductive loads
Programmable battery charger keeps portable products safe
LDOs extend battery life in low power handheld product designs
Linear constant current driver provides versatile control for LED applications
Single gate logic fits in small DFN package
Diodes releases first p-channel MOSFET in thermally enhanced PowerDI 5060 package
LDO regulator offers energy savings for consumer electronic devices
POL converters deliver plug-and-play efficiency boost
Multi-topology LED driver raises performance of high brightness lighting systems
Super barrier rectifier raises efficiency of LED drivers
DIOFETs boost efficiency, increase reliability of PoL converters
Graphite foam cools hi-intensity LEDs
Logic family with open drain parts is extended by Diodes
1.5-A buck converter offers space saving benefits
Rohm unveils low drive voltage, high efficiency SiC Schottky barrier diodes
LDOs achieve two percent accuracy across industrial temperatures
MOSFET controller raises efficiency of AC-DC converters
Dual self-protected MOSFETs offer complete protection and greater thermal efficiency
Diodes extends USB port protection with single channel power switches
Rugged MOSFETs support VoIP communication equipment
NXP extends TVS diodes range in smallest package for the 600-W class
Miniature SOT963 packaged devices support low power, ultra portable electronics
20-V NPN and PNP bipolar transistors offers increased power density
New family of single-gate logic solutions offer performance gains
High-voltage dual-input charger offers more reliable battery charging
Power switches offer complete USB port protection
LED lighting drivers simplify low power single cell applications
High frequency buck converter offers space saving benefits
PowerDI5 bipolars offer space saving solutions

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