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News about Energy Harvesting

New class of magnets attract energy harvesting attention May 22, 2015New class of magnets attract energy harvesting attention Researchers at Temple University and the University of Maryland have identified a new class of magnets that expand their volume when placed in a magnetic field and generate negligible amounts of wasteful heat during energy harvesting. Read more Power scavenging robot 'squid' to explore extraterrestrial oceans May 21, 2015Power scavenging robot 'squid' to explore extraterrestrial oceans A team of engineers at Cornell University has won a $100,000 starter grant from NASA to develop a squid-like power-scavenging autonomous robot that could be used to explore oceans on distant planets and moons. Read more Newswatch: ARM seeks energy harvesting edge in IoT push April 16, 2015Newswatch: ARM seeks energy harvesting edge in IoT push With battery lifetimes becoming an increasing preoccupation of some of the world's largest brands including Google, Apple, Tesla and Dyson it now seems UK-based ARM is focusing on extending the battery life of sensors using Bluetooth to address the IoT. Read more Harvesting energy from electromagnetic waves April 15, 2015Harvesting energy from electromagnetic waves Researchers from the University of Waterloo in Canada have reported a novel design for electromagnetic energy harvesting based on the "full absorption concept." This involves the use of metamaterials that can be tailored to produce media that neither reflects nor transmits any power - enabling full absorption of incident waves at a specific range of frequencies and polarizations. Read more Energy harvesters power wearables April 13, 2015Energy harvesters power wearables Researchers at North Carolina State University are using nanotechnology to create energy harvesting and storage devices for ultra-low power sensors. The federally-funded research aims to create battery-free, body-powered wearable health monitors. Read more
Will energy-harvesting 3D printed trees charge your smartphone?
Zinc oxide materials show promise as piezoelectric nanogenerators
ZigBee radio chip supports Smart Home/IoT capabilities
Low-power FRAM with integrated counter function, for energy harvesting apps
EnOcean eyes the consumer market
Secure NFC/RFID tag authenticator with energy harvesting
Piezoelectric material cuts cost of micro-energy harvesting
Can chewing power wearable devices?
Time to switch to free wireless protocol, says Arveni
Nanotubular material opens new energy harvesting opportunities
Wi-Fi backscatter provides power for IoT devices
Steep growth for thermoelectric energy harvesting, says Infinergia Consulting
Energy harvesting switch operates wireless link
EnOcean Alliance specifies intelligent commissioning of smart buildings
Nanopower buck-boost DC/DC converter with energy-harvesting charger
Ultra-low-power boost regulator targets energy harvesting systems
40% transparent organic solar cells claim efficiency record
Energy harvesting gesture recognition is always on
Energy harvesting switch powers 2.4GHz radio link
Energy harvesting switch is KNX-RF ready
3D textile delivers powerful piezoelectric energy harvesting benefits
Opinion: Powering wearable devices - watch out for safety first
Silex funded to develop PZT energy harvest process
Advanced energy-harvesting IC broadens benefits of battery-free technology
EnOcean joins the OSGi Alliance to define universal open interface for energy harvesting wireless
Ultra-low PMICs aim to enable next wave of energy harvesting design
New communication convention enables data exchange in energy harvesting wireless networks
Farnell element14 partners Texas Instruments to offer evaluation module for MSP430 MCUs
Energy harvesting device sales forecast to reach 19m annually by 2020
Nanopower buck-boost DC/DC features energy harvesting battery life extender
element14 energy harvesting road test design challenge: month one
Single-chip solar energy harvester operates wireless mesh nodes
EnOcean Alliance joins Home Gateway Initiative
element14 launches the Energy Harvesting Road Test Design Challenge
OPV solar modules project aims to optimize energy harvesting by autonomous sensors within buildings
Energy harvesting wireless switch transmits on-off data over a 300m range at 868MHz
Fully flexible design platform helps OEMs validate new energy harvesting cell concepts
High-performance piezoelectric material optimizes voltage charge coefficients
Energy harvesting wireless technology enables new single room control system
University of Bath receives €2.27 million funds for energy harvesting Nemesis project
MIT polymer film could harvest energy from water vapour
Energy-harvesting textile integrates micro spherical solar cells
EnOcean forges strategic partnership with ROHM to advance energy harvesting wireless technology
Complete energy harvesting developer kit set offers fast integration and configuration of batteryless wireless technology
Premier Farnell strengthens EnOcean's international distribution network
Texas Instruments begins sampling of MSP430FR59xx low-power microcontrollers based on leading Wolverine technology
Researchers print wireless power antenna for less than 1 cent
MIT develops tri-source energy harvest control IC
Wireless environmental sensor evaluation kit offers energy harvesting benefits
Avnet Memec is named as pan-European distributor for Infinite Power Solutions
New development platform enables energy harvesting designs to be evaluated
Micropelt raises 6.5 million euros for market launch and expansion
New Kelvin contactor supports high power applications
EnOcean creates new energy harvesting wireless technology education program
Nanocrystal-coated fibers might reduce wasted energy
ISO/IEC wireless standard optimised for ultra-low power consumption and energy harvesting
WSN market needs increased security and reliability to grow and cash in on energy harvesting breakthroughs
New online energy harvesting data repository is unveiled
New starter kit offers speedy access to batteryless wireless technology
RF-based wireless chipset and RF energy harvesting reference design enable low-cost wireless power over distance
Energy-harvesting evaluation kit features wireless linked modules powered by sunlight and temperature differences
Energy-harvesting evaluation kit enables wirelessly linked modules
Linear Technology extends wireless sensor networking capabilities by acquiring Dust Networks
Microfabrication breakthrough for piezoelectric material
New energy converter coupled with a wireless transmitter module opens up a new applications for energy-harvesting
Dual-interface memory applies energy harvesting to enable true battery-free system design
Configurable energy harvesting DC source offers battery alternative
Texas Instruments unveils boost charger IC for nano power energy harvesting
Colored LCD filters could double as solar cells while making thinner displays
Wireless window contacts benefit from energy harvesting sensors
Thermoelectric-based energy harvesting for wireless sensors
LCD polarizers to double as organic photovoltaics in mobiles
LCD polarizer greatly increases display backlighting efficiency
Energy harvesting could reach a USD4.4 billion market in 2021
Ferroelectrics fabbed on plastic
Energy harvesting shock absorber technology wins R&D 100 award
Energy harvesting reference design targets wireless sensor node applications
EnOcean Alliance declare its energy harvesting sensors are fully interoperable with TCP/IP
Wireless sensors push smart machines into Green revolution
EnOcean appoints Alpha Micro Components to distribute energy harvesting wireless sensor modules in the UK
Digi-Key signs global distribution deal with Advanced Linear Devices
The Top 10 Most Popular Power Management News Stories of 2010
Fujitsu’s hybrid energy harvesting device relies on heat and light
Mouser Electronics partners globally with Powercast Corporation to deliver RF energy harvesting
Powercast unveils RF energy harvesting kit for wireless battery charging
Linear Technology and Energy Micro demonstrate smart energy harvesting solution
TI increases its low energy efforts
RF energy harvesting kit enables battery-free, perpetually powered wireless applications
Transmitter and receiver combo wirelessly charge and operate micro-power devices
400-mA synchronous step-up DC/DC converter targets energy harvesting applications
Energy harvesting becoming relevant for TPMS, IDTechEx says
20-V nanopower switching regulator provides 50-mA output with 720-nA of quiescent current
University of Southampton plan to develop energy harvesting fabrics
Energy harvesting application development kit supports eXtreme Low Power MCUs
Vibration harvesters designed to replace AA, AAA batteries
Perpetuum and Dust Networks demonstrates interoperability of vibration energy harvesting with low power WSNs
Free-standing energy harvesting device shortens time-to-market cycles
STMicroelectronics teams with Micropelt to demonstrate thermoharvesting power supply
Future Electronics and Powercast agree global distribution pact
Morgan Technical Ceramics aims to pioneer energy harvesting research

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