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EPSMA releases updated guidance on PFC legislation in Europe

December 20, 2010 | Paul Buckley | 222901978
The European Power Supply Manufacturers Association has released an updated version of the association's popular guide to Power Factor Correction (PFC) legislation in Europe.

The new document brings the guidance completely up to date, reflecting changes made in EN6100-3-2: 2006 and subsequently. The changes include:    

  • Addition of medical equipment and the partial inclusion of lighting applications.
  • Minor changes and clarification of requirements for the measurement of harmonics and the application of limits.    
- Applicability to all electrical and electronic equipment that are connected to the public low voltage AC distribution network.    
- Introduction of four classes, which have to fulfil different harmonic current conditions.    
- The removal of the lower power limit for discharge lighting equipment; for other lighting equipment the lower power limit of 75 W has been lowered to 25 W.    
Commenting on the document's release, Lars Thorsell, who heads up the EPSMA Technical Committee, said: “Over the last few years, the PFC guide has provided many thousands of engineers across Europe with a valuable overview of the legislative requirements in this complex area. This updated version of the guide will ensure that the EPSMA continues to serve its power supply customers well in understanding the legislation in this important area”. 

The updated document can be downloaded free of charge at the

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