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Fairchild focuses micro-USB solutions as key to differentiating mobile designs

June 08, 2010 | Paul Buckley | 222901037
Fairchild focuses micro-USB solutions as key to differentiating mobile designs Fairchild Semiconductor has developed a new USB transceiver and USB accessory detection switch that offers functional enhancements without adding design complexity or increasing space and power in mobile designs.
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The predicted strong growth of the smartphone market, which is forecast by market analysts, iSuppli, to reach sales of almost 440 million units, is driving Fairchild to release the new devices in a move which aims to maintain what the company perceives as its market leading position in the USB technology arena.

The industrys convergence into one universal interface (the micro-USB) for mobile phone applications is posing a series of design challenges which Fairchilds broad signal path expertise is planning to address. Fairchilds micro-USB switch (FSA9280A) and USB transceiver (FUSB2500) claims to offer a number of design advantages including:

Space-Savings. By integrating a MOSFET and USB IP into one IC, the FSA9280A claims to eliminate at least five additional components and reduces Bill of Material (BOM) costs.

Auto Detection. The FSA9280A automatically detects accessories and configures the proper path for each accessory. The device can detect every accessory and charger in the market, and has a number of reserved resistors to accommodate new accessories such as glucometers, e-frames and audio docks. The FUSB2500 has an integrated charger detect that allows detection without additional component count.

Power Savings. The FSA9280A uses advanced sampling methods to minimize power consumption in the standby state, extending battery life. It also provides a negative switch capability in audio applications without consuming power; alternative solutions need a charge pump for this. Both the FSA9280A and FUSB2500 offer a low power down function that puts the device in standby when functions are not in use.
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