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News about International Rectifier

40/60V FETs for cordless appliances add logic-level drive by MCU August 27, 201540/60V FETs for cordless appliances add logic-level drive by MCU Infineon, from its International Rectifier acquisition, has extended the feature set of the IR StrongIRFET Power MOSFETs series to enable electrical appliances – typically cordless types – to be more compact and durable. Read more Infineon seeks buyer for Welsh wafer fab May 6, 2015Infineon seeks buyer for Welsh wafer fab Infineon Technologies AG (Munich, Germany) has told staff at the Newport Wales wafer fab that it has inherited as part of its acquisition of International Rectifier Corp. that they will seek a buyer for fab. That's according to a report in the South Wales Argus. Read more Infineon acquisition strengthens position in global IPM market May 4, 2015Infineon acquisition strengthens position in global IPM market Infineon Technologies AG has purchased all outstanding shares of LS Power Semitech Co., Ltd., a company established in 2009 as a joint-venture of Infineon and LS Industrial Systems in Korea.
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Infineon seeks buyer for Welsh wafer fab April 30, 2015Infineon seeks buyer for Welsh wafer fab Infineon Technologies AG (Munich, Germany) has told staff at the Newport Wales wafer fab that it has inherited as part of its acquisition of International Rectifier Corp. that they will seek a buyer for fab. That's according to a report in the South Wales Argus. Read more Infineon Technologies completes International Rectifier acquisition January 13, 2015Infineon Technologies completes International Rectifier acquisition Infineon Technologies AG has completed the acquisition of International Rectifier. The El Segundo based company has become part of Infineon following the approval of all necessary regulatory authorities and International Rectifier’s shareholders. Read more
600V IGBTs are automotive-qualified for small-motor drives
1200V Generation-8 IGBT family steps up efficiency and ruggedness
75V MOSFETs have ultra-low Rds(on) for industrial applications
Ultra-fast 650-V IGBTs support fast switching applications
IGBTs and MOSFETs continue to drive power semiconductor growth
Dual low-side driver IC supports automotive SMPS applications
Infineon closes technology gap through International Rectifier takeover
Dual power MOSFET reduces losses for DC-DC applications
Low-power-motor-drive integrated module offers DIP format solution
Control IC reduces part count for dimming applications
High temperature DC-DC converters for down-hole tools reduce design time and system cost
Space saving voltage regulators target space-constrained netcom and server applications
Half-bridge power modules provides up to 300-W of power for motor applications
Three-phase inverter with integrated PFC shrinks appliance motor drive design
Radiation hardened low-voltage DC-DC converters focus on satellite power systems
Automotive power MOSFET increases power density while reducing system size and cost
Integrated voltage regulator delivers more than 97 percent efficiency while shrinking PCB size
COOLiRFET power MOSFETS run cooler than conventional MOSFETs
Control IC offers a reliable, cost effective magnetic replacement ballast solution
RAD-Hard MOSFETs boost efficiency up to 6 percent while halving footprint
Integrated voltage regulator delivers 97.5 percent efficiency fits in an ultra-compact package
Power block devices deliver power density benefits for DC-DC synchronous buck applications
Industry's smallest PFC boost IC fits in a 5-pin SOT-23 package
1200-V IGBTs deliver higher power density for motor drive and UPS applications
Low-side gate drive IC fits in compact SOT-23-5L package
60-V integrated power modules extends power capability of low load-impedance Class D audio systems
40-V MOSFETs deliver benchmark on-state resistance for heavy load applications
Silica starts roll out of design support strategy focused on power applications
High current POL integrated voltage regulator reduces PCB size by 70 percent
Enhanced online IGBT product selector and performance evaluator tool simplifies device optimization
MOSFET driver IC offers enhanced protection and diagnostics for automotive relay replacements and battery switches
600-V Trench ultrafast IGBTs offers reliability benefits
300-V power MOSFETs offer benchmark on-state resistance to boost system efficiency in industrial applications
Family of integrated power modules offer a compact, heatsink-free solution for low power Class D audio applications
DLA-certified RAD-hard ultra-low dropout DC-DC voltage regulators focus on space applications
Power MOSFET family for industrial applications delivers ultra-low on-state resistance benefits
New 1200-V IGBT technology platform claims benchmark efficiency and ruggedness for industrial applications
Intelligent power switch is optimized for automotive PTC electric heaters
Family of 600-V Trench ultrafast IGBTs offer improved performance for appliance motor drives
New 600-V IGBTs deliver higher power density and increased efficiency for motor drive applications
Two complete Ultrabook Vcore solutions shrink footprint by 40-50 percent and extend battery life
Automotive power MOSFETs optimize piezo injection systems performance
Automotive-qualified 600-V Trench IGBT in D2Pak delivers high power density in Hybrid and EV applications
Third generation PoL voltage regulators focus on netcom, server and storage applications
Integrated power modules reduce component count, shrink PCB size up to 70 percent and simplify class D amplifier design
Power modules deliver up to 60 percent smaller footprint for appliances and light industrial applications
1200-V soft switching IGBT supports hybrid and electric vehicle applications
Highly integrated boost converter for stop-start applications reduces fuel consumption by up to 15 percent
600-V ICs offer energy efficient benefits for inverterized motor drive applications
GaN power market to rise to $10 million in 2012
IR enhances PowIRstage family's performance for space and thermally constrained applications
Digital PWM controllers deliver highest efficiency multiphase solutions in smallest footprint
Automotive-qualified gate drive IC helps shrink power train design in hybrid and electric vehicles
Automotive-qualified gate drive IC shrinks power train design in hybrid and electric vehicles
Digital power solution offers system-level benefits compared with hybrid digital and analog alternatives
Family of integrated devices delivers high current in smallest form factor with high efficiency power stage solution
PFC control IC reduces noise sensitivity for cost sensitive electronic ballast and SMPS applications
Mini8 ballast control IC reduces component count, boosts efficiency in lighting applications
Mouser signs global distribution for International Rectifier
Compact, automotive-qualified 600-V gate drive IC simplifies and shrinks designs
Expanded online design tool simplifies POL design using integrated voltage regulators
600-V automotive-qualified IGBTs are Optimized for electric and hybrid vehicle applications
Ultra-fast 1200-V IGBTs target induction heating applications
Family of digital power controllers delivers high efficiency solution for next-generation servers
Ultra-fast 1200-V IGBTs reduces switching and conduction losses
Intelligent power switch family features current sensing for automotive applications
IR unveils dual PQFN2x2 and dual PQFN3.3x3.3 power MOSFETs for low power applications
Rugged 40-V to 75-V automotive-qualified MOSFETs offers low on-state resistance for heavy load applications 
Low voltage output DC-DC converter offers solutions for high reliability spacecraft applications
Rugged high-voltage gate drive ICs in a PQFN 4x4 package offers up to 85 percent smaller footprint
Ultra-compact PQFN2x2 power MOSFET focuses on low power applications  
Intelligent power switch delivers active di/dt control for automotive motor control
Automotive MOSFETs in widelead package reduce lead resistance by 50 percent, delivers 30 percent higher current
Industry's first PFC and ballast control IC is integrated in an 8-Pin SO-8 package for energy efficient lighting
Automotive power MOSFET chipset is optimized for high power density DC-DC applications
2-channel class D audio driver IC delivers high performance in a smaller footprint
LED control IC offers increased efficiency, simplified design and cost savings
New family of automotive-qualified MOSFETs offer rugged, compact system solutions
MOSFETs in compact hermetic LCC-6 surface mount package target low power lightweight space applications
PFC ICs offer enhanced system protection and safety benefits
60-A rated power management device claims highest current in smallest form factor with best-in-class efficiency
Flexible single input voltage DC-DC regulators target high current applications
Single input voltage DC-DC regulators support high current applications requiring high efficiency and density
International Rectifier acquires CHiL Semiconductor to digital power market
Power MOSFET family for DC-DC switching applications improves efficiency up to 2 percent
IR unveils family of rugged automotive qualified planar MOSFETs
The Top 10 Most Popular Power Management Technical Articles of 2010
DirectFET MOSFET chipset is tailored for cost sensitive DC-DC applications
SMD0.2 packaged MOSFETs reduce system size and weight in HiRel space applications
IEDM confab tackles power large and small
3-channel Class D audio driver IC offers superior sound quality in a smaller footprint
25-V and 30-V PQFN power MOSFETs deliver high density solution for industrial POL applications
High power, high density discrete solutions focus on energy-efficient DC-DC automotive applications
4 x 5 mm integrated POL voltage regulators offer energy efficient solutions in 33 percent smaller footprint
Radiation hardened compact solid state relay offers low on-state resistance for high reliability applications
IR expands automotive DirectFET2 Power MOSFET product family
New family of POL voltage regulators delivers greater efficiency and functionality
30-W radiation hardened POL regulators target space applications requiring long mission life
8-pin high efficiency resonant half-bridge control ICs helps to simplify SMPS design
30-V P-channel power MOSFETs offer design flexibility benefits
Automotive power MOSFETs are optimized for switching applications
AEC-Q100 qualified high-side power ICs aim at automotive applications
Automotive DirectFET2 power MOSFETs focus on Class D Applications
Online IGBT selection tool optimizes power management design
IR expands family of automotive-qualified MOSFETs featuring low on-state resistance
RAD-Hard ULDOs focus on power-restricted high reliability applications
Online design tool speeds POL design using SupIRBuck integrated voltage regulators
Copper clip technology optimizes mid-voltage power MOSFETs in PQFN package
Intelligent power switch offers high frequency PWM capability
Automotive-qualified high-side drivers offer compact solutions
HID ballast control IC simplifies design for Industrial HID lighting
25-V DirectFET chipset claims efficiency benefits for high frequency DC-DC switching applications
Rugged, Reliable 600V IC for General Purpose Automotive Drive Applications
Intelligent power switch offers ultra low on-state resistance 24 V automotive environments

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