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News about Intersil

LDO regulators claim best-in-class dropout and transient performance October 6, 2015LDO regulators claim best-in-class dropout and transient performance Intersil Corporation has introduced two high performance, single output low-dropout (LDO) voltage regulators that provide best-in-class dropout and transient performance for noise sensitive loads.
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80A from a digital power integrated PoL module September 15, 201580A from a digital power integrated PoL module Intersil claims a first for its encapsulated 80A digital power module, the ISL8273M, that the company designed as a high power density POL (point of load) solution for advanced FPGAs, processors and memory. Read more Intersil acquires Great Wall Semiconductor, extends power MOSFET expertise September 10, 2015Intersil acquires Great Wall Semiconductor, extends power MOSFET expertise Intersil Corporation has acquired Great Wall Semiconductor (GWS), a private technology company developing state-of-the-art power metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) technology for cloud computing, space and consumer applications.

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Battery pack monitor IC for multi-cell Li-ion batteries August 25, 2015Battery pack monitor IC for multi-cell Li-ion batteries Intersil's ISL94203 is a 3-to-8 cell battery pack monitor that supports lithium-ion (Li-ion) and other battery chemistries used in medical mobility carts, wheelchairs, e-bikes, handheld power tools, vacuum cleaners and solar or renewable energy storage systems. Read more 60V step-down controller can eliminate intermediate power buses May 26, 201560V step-down controller can eliminate intermediate power buses Intersil’s ISL8117 is a 60V synchronous buck controller that can simplify power supply and distribution design; allowing for buck conversions such as 48V direct to 1V – through a very low minimum-on-time-specification – it can permit point-of-load supplies to be fed from 48V rails. Read more
Free GUI speeds digital power system design times
High-integration power management ICs targets portable computing devices
Encapsulated 50A digital power module
Dual 3-A/single 6-A step-down power module is industry's smallest
High-efficiency buck-boost and boost+bypass switching regulators
High-integration DC/DC digital PWM power controller
Single-chip display power and LED driver supports smartphones
Automotive/industrial buck controller maintains efficiency at high conversion ratios
Digital power monitor offers wide common mode input voltage range
3-Amp buck regulators claimed as most-efficient available
Drivers maximise performance of multi-Li-ion-cell battery packs
POL regulator integrated modules target 25/33-A applications
Rad-hardened 12V-input point of load switching regulator
60-A digital POL dc-dc module sets performance benchmarks
Lowest power RGB digital light sensor optimizes mobile and TV display viewing
6-A digital switching regulator supports next-generation infrastructure power systems
Drag and Drop GUI simplifies power management in digital controller development projects
Digital DC/DC power controller's compensation free control loop reduces design risks and costs
Single phase wide input step-down PWM controller offers optimal transient performance
Low power analog video decoder eliminates the need for external op amps
Four-phase buck controller for VR12.5 CPUs claims industry's best dynamic transient response
Four-phase buck controller for VR12.5 CPUs delivers claims best dynamic transient response
Synchronous buck regulator features wide 3-V to 36-V input range and internal compensation
Rad-hard ultra low LDO sets performance standard for aerospace and satellite power designs
Power factor controller features negative capacitance technology to provide low harmonic distortion performance
Flexible digital power management solution features built-in autocompensation to reduce design times
Single-ended buck LED driver controllers reduce cost, maximize efficiency
Intersil selects Future Electronics to be global distributor
30-A fully-encapsulated DC/DC power module delivers 100-W from a 17-mm square PCB footprint
Intersil claims lowest power, dual port, Class G line driver
Robust ORing controllers provide power redundancy and protection with minimal power dissipation
Four new 2-A high voltage half-bridge MOSFET drivers offer best-in-class performance
New rad-hard precision quad op amp claims best in class performance and radiation hardness
New low voltage LDOs deliver industry's lowest dropout voltages
Ultra-low lux digital ambient light sensor offers light sensitivity benefits
Green hybrid digital, dual PWM controller claims best in class reliability, efficiency and performance
Radiation Hardened 12-A synchronous buck regulator claims industry's highest output current
20-Gbps chipset claims unmatched cable performance and cost effectiveness
Design platform for low power, cost-sensitive projector applications
New online tool simplifies power supply design and reduces time-to-market
3-A Rad-hard LDO regulator delivers industry's best performance for high reliability systems
Intersil unveils single and dual channel 14-bit ADCs as industry's fastest with JESD204B serial outputs
40-V quad precision amplifiers feature lowest noise, low power consumption
New family of RS-485/RS-422 transmitters and receivers simplifies industrial designs to improve reliability
Intersil's 256-Tap DCPs offer industry's lowest supply voltages and power consumption
10-A buck regulator delivers efficiency and power density benefits
Dual synchronous DC/DC regulator is AEC-Q100 qualified for automotive applications
AEC-Q100 qualified 2.5-A buck regulator operates during cold crank conditions
Low power rad-hard dual precision op amp delivers low noise benefits
Precision bandgap voltage reference halves noise and power performance
Digital power module delivers 17-A and supports telemetry via the PMBus
Intersil expands DC/DC Controller portfolio with solutions for embedded and low power CPU/GPU cores
12- and 14-bit, 40 to 250-MSPS ADCs claims best dynamic range
Intersil claims world's first high speed, dual channel 6-A MOSFET driver
Three-channel wide Vin step-down controllers provide design flexibility for multi-output power supplies
I2C controlled buck-boost regulator allows on-the-fly output voltage programming
Intersil claims industry's highest performance integrated buck-boost regulator
5-V zero drift rail-to-rail precision op amp offers low power consumption with half the noise
Vcore DC/DC controller allows CPU to move into sleep mode with no latency
Intersil introduces AEC-Q100 qualified version of dual synchronous step-down DC/DC regulator
LED drivers offer up to 90 percent efficiency in backlighting applications
Integrated LED drivers claim best-in-class channel matching and accuracy for TFT LCD backlighting applications
New active clamp PWM controller simplifies isolated DC/DC converters and improves reliability
Intersil unveils industry's highest efficiency small footprint 6-A switching regulator
Intersil adds new dual 40-V precision single-supply amplifier to precision op amp portfolio
Low power, 16-bit, high speed ADCs claim excellent SNR and simpler multi-channel system design
RS-485/RS-422 transceivers claims industry's widest common-mode range
Differential I/O amplifier offers low noise and low distortion with 20-dB better SFDR at half the power
Rutronik strengthens partnership with Intersil in Europe
USB port power supply controllers offer precise, adjustable, over-current protection
12-A digital DC/DC power module with PMBus interface simplifies smart power management designs
40-V dual op amp delivers precision and low noise at half the power of competitive devices
DC/DC power module targets radar, sonar and avionics systems under DSCC VID V62/10608
Intersil unveils HEV/EV Li-Ion battery management control solution
LED driver family offers ultra-low dimming, maximizes battery life in portable products
Dual step-down regulator delivers high-density power
Battery charger claims industry's lowest power dissipation for 1-cell and 2-cell Li-Ion/Li-polymer batteries
12-Bit 500-MSPS ADC claims power consumption five times lower than any competing device
Texas Instruments extends its leadership in power ICs market
POL power solution is approved for Xilinx Spartan-6 and Virtex-6 FPGA transceiver evaluation kits
2-wire bidirectional I2C buffer ICs maximize speed and noise margin in networking
Dual synchronous buck regulator targets ‘green power’ applications

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