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News about Linear Technology

36V, 800mA linear regulator with wide SOA & monitor outputs February 5, 201636V, 800mA linear regulator with wide SOA & monitor outputs LT3089 is a rugged 800mA wide input voltage range linear regulator with usability, monitoring and protection features. The device has an extended safe operating area (SOA) compared to existing regulators, suiting it to high input-to-output voltage and high output current applications where older regulators limit the output. Read more 2A, bidirectional power backup IC maintains power rail January 6, 20162A, bidirectional power backup IC maintains power rail LTC3643 is a bidirectional, high voltage boost capacitor charger that automatically converts to a buck regulator for system backup. A single-inductor topology with integrated PowerPath functionality does the work of two separate switching regulators, reducing size, cost and complexity. Read more 6A step-down DC/DC allows ±25% voltage margining to 0.1% December 21, 20156A step-down DC/DC allows ±25% voltage margining to 0.1% LTC3815 is a high efficiency 6A monolithic synchronous step-down DC/DC converter with an I²C-based PMBus interface for digital power system management (PSM), that provides programming and read back of voltage, current, temperature and faults; via LTpowerPlay software the interface allows the output voltage to be margined over a ±25% range with 0.1% resolution. Read more Wireless NiMH charger-receiver for space-constrained applications December 17, 2015Wireless NiMH charger-receiver for space-constrained applications The LTC4123 from Linear Technology combines a 30 mW wireless receiver with a constant-current/constant-voltage linear charger for NiMH batteries, such as Varta’s power one ACCU plus series. Read more 80V/5A synchronous 4-quadrant DC/DC controller with bipolar output December 11, 201580V/5A synchronous 4-quadrant DC/DC controller with bipolar output LT8714 is an 80V input synchronous PWM four quadrant output DC/DC controller. This device cleanly transitions its output voltage through zero volts with up to 5A sourcing and sinking current capability, regardless of the output voltage polarity, making it ideal for regulating to positive, negative, or zero volts. Read more
5W AutoResonant wireless power transmitter with FOD
Wireless power transmitter offers foreign object detection
Automotive battery stack monitor achieves 0.04% measurement accuracy
500 mA, 140V Boost/SEPIC/Flyback/Inverting DC/DC: IQ = 6µA
38V dual PMBus DC/DC controller with current mode control
Lowest-drift bandgap voltage reference reaches 1.5ppm/°C, offers low dropout
Six-supply sequencer with NV configuration & fault logging
1.5A negative LDO+ with current limiting and monitoring
1A, 2 MHz, 60V boost/SEPIC/inverting DC/DC converter, 6µA Iq
5.4A, 36V micro-module buck-boost regulator
Power supply IC generates low-noise bipolar (+/-) power rails
1.5A, 15V synchronous boost regulator with output disconnect
42V quad synchronous step-down DC/DC reaches 93% efficiency
2x 2.5A, ultra-thin micromodule regulator has 6.25 x 6.25mm footprint
35VIN & VOUT battery charge controller delivers up to 20A
Bidirectional 2-A buck-boost supercapacitor charger offers fast charging
Micro-module regulators can serve latest FPGAs with up to 144A
Automotive 2A, 70V SEPIC/Boost/ Converter has 9 µA quiescent current
Dual step-down DC/DC operates from 3.4V to 42V inputs
Indoor solar-powered wireless mesh delivers 99.999% data reliability
Linear adds micro-module regulators with 60V/4A & 36V/8A buck-boost types
500 mA, 1.5 MHz, 65V boost DC/DC converter
Micropower wake-up timer for power-sensitive applications up to 36 V
LDO regulator has ultra-low noise, high PSRR, for sensitive RF applications
Power factor correction boost controller achieves 0.99 PF
140V, 400 mA step-down converter uses 12 µA quiescent
Lead-acid battery-balancing IC handles 4 x 12V batteries
Configurable buck DC/DCs: 8A from 2 to 4 independent outputs
5A, 20 Vin step-down micromodule regulator minimises board space
42V, 5A switching regulator produces ultralow EMI/EMC emissions
Ultrathin 3-A micromodule regulator fits 6.25-mm x 6.25-mm footprint
60V, synchronous buck-boost controller regulates up to 250W
2A synchronous step-down DC/DC is 93% efficiency, uses automotive voltages
40V, 400mA output, step-down regulator has dual tracking LDOs
2.7V-60V in, 250 mA linear battery charger for multi-chemistry cells
5V, 2.5A, 35V input buck regulator powers USB, with cable drop compensation
36V monolithic 1A push-pull DC/DC transformer driver
1A, 1.5 MHz, 65V boost/inverter DC/DC converter
100V synchronous forward controller regulates without optocoupler
Direct conversion modulator for battery-powered transmitters
400mA synchronous buck battery charger accepts up to 40V
Precision op amps operate on 140V supply
60V synchronous boost controller reaches 98% efficiency
5A, 15V 2-phase synchronous boost regulator switches at 3MHz
Nanopower buck-boost DC/DC converter with energy-harvesting charger
LDO with active output discharge delivers 200mA with 300mV droput
USB uModule isolator with power protects hubs and peripheral ports
Step-down switcher offers very high efficiency, handles cold-crank
10-A power controller IC provides uninterrupted backup solution
40VIN/OUT, 1A synchronous buck-boost DC/DC converter
Smaller 25W to 400W power supply designs with synchronous forward controller
DC/DC converter enables broad range of topologies
Micropower 30 µV op amp settles to 0.0015% in 15µsec
Forward controller simplifies high-voltage control in vehicles
Energy harvester PMIC works with thermoelectric generators
150 V, 100 mA step-down regulator requires only three external components
Weekly Power Product Watch
45-V 500-mA LDO offers precision, programmable current limit plus a power good flag
1.5-A monolithic synchronous buck-boost DC/DC converter delivers 95 percent efficiency
Multiphase synchronous step-down DC/DC controller enables sub-milliohm DCR sensing
Slave current-mode step-down phase extender offers 300-A with sub-milliohm DCR sensing
16-A micromodule regulator configurable output flexibility to power FPGAs and ASICs
Cable Drop Compensator Improves Load Regulation
High reliability grade 3-A, 4-MHz, synchronous step-down regulators feature DDR memory
40-VIN, 2.1-A rail-to-rail LDO+ offers extensive current monitoring capability
3.5-A, 42-V synchronous step-down switching regulators delivers 96 percent efficiency
2.5-A monolithic active cell balancer features telemetry interface
80V Wide Range I2C Power Monitor Simplifies Challenging System
80-V battery charging controller actively finds true maximum power point in solar panels
Isolated monolithic flyback regulator simplifies designs and delivers up to 15-W
55VIN/55VOUT buck-boost battery charging controller offers multi-chemistry benefits
Linear Technology releases LTspice IV on native Mac OS X
Triple 10-A step-down micromodule regulator delivers enhanced heat dissipation benefits
Dual multiphase current-mode step-down DC/DC controller enables sub-milliohm DCR sensing
Diode bridge controller minimizes power loss in PoE powered devices
42-V, 4-A, synchronous step-down silent switcher keeps quiescent current load under 2.5-uA
400-mA wireless power receiver simplifies contactless battery charging across air gaps of 1.2cm
MOSFET gate driver operates over -55 to 150 degrees C junction temperature range
600-mA negative LDO+ offers low noise rail-to-rail operation
60-V, 50-mA step-down charge pump provides regulated output with input current doubling
2.5-A, 42-V input synchronous buck regulator features cable drop compensation for 5-V USB
Single 36-A or dual 18-A regulator is 86 percent efficient from 12-VIN to 1-VOUT at full load
15-V, 2.5-A synchronous boost DC/DC converter is offered in a high temperature grade
20-VIN 1-A high power density LDO features 40-uVRMS noise with wider temperature range
15-V, 2.25-MHz synchronous dual 600-mA step-down regulator in a 3-mm x 3-mm QFN
80-V, 98% Efficient, 4-Switch Synchronous Buck-Boost Controller IC with 4 Regulation Loops
250-mA wide VIN range buck-boost charge pump offers low noise benefits
36-VIN, triple step-down switching regulator with 100 percent duty cycle operation
80-V, 98% Efficient, 4-Switch Synchronous Buck-Boost Controller IC with 4 Regulation Loops
Nanopower buck-boost DC/DC features energy harvesting battery life extender
Six channel 3500-VRMS micromodule isolator offers protection benefits
PMICs offer solutions for i.MX6, ARM Cortex and advanced portable application processors
60-V high-current step-down LED driver controller
10-A uModule step-down regulator delivers full current with 86 percent efficiency
Piezo-MEMS vibration energy harvesters enable SmartMesh IP wireless sensor network
40-V, 1.5-A linear regulator offers current and temperature monitor outputs
LED driver features internal PWM generator to offer dimmer benefits
40-V, 2-A buck-boost DC/DC converter fits in 20-lead thermally enhanced TSSOP package
Diode bridge controller minimizes rectifier heat and voltage loss
60-V, 3-A, 2-MHz step-down DC/DC converter requires 2.7-uA of quiescent current
45-V 500-mA LDO offers 25-uVRMS noise, programmable current limit
Floating surge stopper provides unlimited overvoltage protection
100-mA synchronous buck converter delivers 150-V input capability with 12-uA quiescent current
20-A DC/DC step-down micromodule regulator delivers guaranteed 1.5 percent total VOUT accuracy
Floating surge stopper provides unlimited overvoltage protection
Low noise, 1-mV output ripple, 5-A step-down uModule regulator supports data converters and high speed transceivers
Isolated 8-port PoE PSE controllers eliminate optos to provide low cost solution
40-VIN /60-VOUT 5-A constant-current, constant-voltage converter incorporates internal PWM generator
17-V, 2.25-MHz, synchronous step-down regulator delivers 1-A of continuous output current to outputs as low as 0.6-V
Phase modulated full-bridge controller focuses on isolated high power applications
FMEA compliant 45-V LDO enables ultralow standby power consumption
60-V input, low IQ inverting DC/DC controller uses a single inductor to simplify design
New IC technology boosts performance of large lithium ion battery packs
250-mA wide VIN range buck-boost charge pump offers low conducted and radiated noise
15-V, 200-mA synchronous buck-boost DC/DC converter delivers 1.3-uA of quiescent current
Dual 750-mA/250-mA linear LDO regulator with independent inputs delivers ultralow noise benefits
High efficiency bidirectional multicell battery balancer
Buck-boost DC/DC controller converts input voltages from 2.8V to 80V to fixed output voltage at high efficiency
28-uA IQ triple output, buck/buck/boost synchronous DC/DC controller maintains regulation in automotive start/stop systems
140-V op amp combines 3-pA bias current and low frequency noise  benefits to deliver precision for high gain applications
Fully differential IF 15-dB RF/IF amplifier achieves 50-dBm OIP3
40-V, 1-A synchronous buck converter steps 36-VIN down to 3.3-VOUT with a 2-MHz switching frequency
IF/RF gain block state-of-the-art performance the easy way
Triple-supply controller simplifies power system design, protects against reversed inputs
60-V, LED controller features internal PWM generator for boost, buck or buck-boost high current LED applications
Linear Technology reveals eight-channel configurable 1-A buck DC/DCs for multi-rail systems
60-V input step-down DC/DC controller draws 40-uA in battery-powered systems
Rail-to-rail 80-V power monitor measures current and voltage with greater accuracy
Dual hot swap controller with flexible current limit manages load surges without system interruption
Accurate hybrid/electric battery monitor includes isolated interface
60-V, synchronous buck LED driver delivers more than 300 W of LED power
Lowest noise, 16-bit 20-Msps ADCs achieve 84-dB SNR and 46-microvolt (RMS) input-referred noise
2.5-A, 15-V synchronous boost regulator offers 95 percent efficiency
38-V, 10-A rugged step-down uModule regulator features fail safe load protection
Wireless sensor network solutions achieve industry's lowest power consumption at less than 50-uA per node
Achieve 101dB SNR with the LTC2379-18
50-Ohm IF gain block consumes 450-mW yet provides 47-dBm OIP3, 15.5-dB gain
SPI/digital or I2C uModule isolator provides three isolated power rails
Dual 13-A or single 26-A DC/DC micromodule step-down regulator with integrated heat sink delivers up to 100-A
High efficiency PoE++ PD controller offers up to 90-W delivered power
Synchronous step-down DC/DC controller features I2C/PMBus digital power system management and onboard EEPROM
60-V battery charging controller and power manager features input maximum power point control
Low VIN capable 5-A DC/DC converter generates positive or negative regulated voltage
Surge stopper integrates ideal diode for comprehensive protection against transient voltages
20-V, 2.5-A (IOUT) synchronous step-down regulator featuresinput and output current limiting and current monitoring
42-V, 2.5-A (IOUT) and 5-A (IOUT), 2-MHz step-down DC/DC converters only require 2.7uA of quiescent current
Quad 1A step-down switching regulator with 100% duty cycle operation
Diode controller replaces two Schottky diodes to enable low loss ORing of multiple power sources
Novel current-sharing, diode-OR controller simplifies design of reliable power systems
4-switch synchronous buck-boost controller IC regulates voltage and charges batteries in LED applications
Diode controller provides negative input protection and low current operation
65-V, 500-mA synchronous buck converter delivers 90 percent efficiency, requires 12-uA quiescent current
42-V, 2.5-A(IOUT), 2.2-MHz synchronous step-down DC/DC converter delivers 96 percent efficiency
Broadband RF mixer achieves 26.9-dBm IIP3 with 294-mW power consumption
High voltage inverting charge pumps offer low input and output ripple
36-VIN, 600-mA uModule step-down regulator consumes 5-uA quiescent current
Fully differential amplifier drives 18-bit ADCs while consuming 5-mW
Dual 60-V IN , 1-A monolithic 2.5-MHz step-down DC/DC converter withstands 80-V transients
Dual positive/negative ±20-V IN ±150-mA LDO with 20-uV RMS noise supports wider temperature range
36-V nano current voltage monitor focuses on multicell applications
2.25-MHz step-down DC/DC converter delivers 3-A of continuous output current from each channel
High linearity downconverting mixer covers 4-6-GHz RF frequency range
Isolated RS485 & RS232 uModule transceivers target military and automotive applications
Isolated flyback controller with PFC controls voltage or current
36-V, 5-A uModule regulator protects input supplies from overcurrent conditions
15-W I2C power manager charges LiFePO4 cells at 3.5-A for high power density portable and battery back-up systems
60-V synchronous buck-boost LED driver delivers more than 100-W of LED power
Isolated flyback controller with PFC controls voltage or current
Micropower pushbutton on/off controller delivers automatic turn-on/off capabilities
Quad digital power supply manager features powerful GUI to speed development
Energy-harvesting evaluation kit features wireless linked modules powered by sunlight and temperature differences
Synchronous rail-to-rail, single resistor step-down regulator delivers 1.5-A at 0-V to 15-V
Synchronous step-down controller provides true current mode control with sub milliohm DCR sensing
Dual output, multiphase step-down DC/DC controller operates with power blocks and DrMOS devices
Dual 3-A, 2.5-MHz, 42-V boost/inverting DC/DC converter features integrated fault protection
Synchronous stepdDown DC/DC controller offers up to 95 percent efficiency with 2-MHz operating frequency
Surge stopper shields sensitive electronics from transients beyond 100-V
Step-down DC/DC converter is ideal for load dump and cold-crank conditions
Floating surge stopper protects from 800-V surges
Linear Technology extends wireless sensor networking capabilities by acquiring Dust Networks
24-V, 15-A monolithic synchronous step-down regulator offers differential output sensing and clock synchronization
Dual synchronous buck controller provides complete DDR power solution, complies with DDR1/DDR2/DDR3 standards
1.5-W isolated low noise DC/DC umodule converters feature transformer in a BGA package
Isolated power factor corrected offline regulator requires no opto-isolator
15-V, 300-mA synchronous buck converters consumes 1.8-uA of quiescent current
2-A synchronous buck-boost DC/DC converter offers 2.7-V to 40-V input and output range
Dual output synchronous step-down controller produces 1.5-V OUT from up to 24-V IN at 2-MHz
Dual 4-A PowerPath Ideal Diodes offer ultralow 15-mV forward voltage
18-bit, 1.6-Msps, pseudo-differential serial SAR ADC achieves 96.5-dB SNR performance, consumes 18-mW of power
42-V, 750-mA, 2.2-MHz step-down dc/dc converter only requires 2.5-uA quiescent current
I2C bus buffers provide high noise margins and level shifting
Multicell Battery Stack Monitor IC for High Voltage Applications
36-V, 4-A synchronous step-down regulator tackles high temperature and high reliability demands
Source/sink step-down regulator offers adjustable current limit benefits
DC/DC controller generates positive or negative regulated voltages
High reliability SiP power management solutions webinar
16-channel 50-mA buck LED driver offers dot correction and gray scale dimming
100-V isolated monolithic flyback regulator focuses on high reliability applications
Octal voltage, current and temperature monitor provides accurate internal and remote measurements
2-MHz dual channel step-down regulator offers power-on reset and watchdog timer
Synchronous step-down DC/DC controller uses nonlinear control for tight output voltage regulation
Isolated forward converter chipset simplifies design, enhances system reliability
High efficiency dual ±3-A synchronous buck regulator complies with DDR/DDR2/DDR3 standards
1-A synchronous buck-boost DC/DC converter delivers extended battery run time for Li-Ion and alkaline-powered devices
High reliability adjustable shunt regulator operates across wide junction temperature range
48-channel PWM generator with 12-bit resolution dynamically controls LEDs or provides 48 DAC outputs
150-mA supercapacitor charger with auto cell balancing offers short term backup power
Synchronous step-down DC/DC controller supports wide operating junction temperatures
Temperature-to-voltage converter measures remote diodes with 1 degree C accuracy
New switching regulator for DDR termination complies with DDR/DDR2/DDR3 standards
60-V current sense amplifier offers adjustable fault flags
15-V, dual 3-A monolithic synchronous step-down regulator powers DDR1, DDR2 or DDR3 memory
Quad and single LTPoE++ PSE controllers deliver up to 90-W
1.5-A negative LDO offers fast transient response and low output noise
15-W I2C power manager charges Li-Ion cells at 3.5-A for tablets, UMPCs and portable power systems
Isolated forward converter ICs offer high reliability benefits
Wide VIN range flyback controller offers high reliability benefits
36-V, 8-A step-down µModule regulator is certified to EN55022 Class B
36-V step-down switching regulator and integrated LDO is ideal for automotive load dump applications
No-opto 100-V isolated monolithic flyback regulator offer high reliability benefits
Isolated 12-port PoE PSE controller chipset eliminates optos to reduce costs
High linearity dual downconverting mixers reduce power consumption for 4G MIMO receivers
60-V battery charging controller offers power management benefits
No RSENSE 60-V boost controller operates across a wide junction temperature range
6-A N-channel MOSFET gate driver operates over a 55 to 125 degrees C junction temperature range
Ultralow power 12-/14-bit 25-Msps-125-Msps ADCs operate at less than 100-mW at 125-Msps
60-V step-down DC/DC converter drives three independent strings of 100-mA LEDs
Dual ideal diode and hot swap controllers offer power and space savings
Dual output synchronous step-down DC/DC controller offers highly balanced current sharing
High-voltage isolated monolithic flyback regulator eliminates optocoupler
High voltage battery stack monitor enhances HEV/EV battery management systems
100-V synchronous N-channel MOSFET drivers operate from -40 to 150 degrees C
36-VIN, 4-A (IOUT), 1.5-MHz synchronous step-down DC/DC converter offers quiescent current of 70-uA
3-A LDO is easily paralleled for high output current without any hot spots
Isolated LED controller offers active PFC
Dual output synchronous step-down DC/DC controller features digital power system management via I2C/PMBus
3-A output, 2-MHz buck-boost DC/DC converter offers extended run time from batteries or supercapacitors
Synchronous buck-boost DC/DC controller uses single Inductor to provide high efficiency performance
100-V isolated monolithic flyback regulator requires no optocoupler
Linear Technology releases six output DC/DC uModule regulator
15-GHz RF power detector offers 7-ns response time from a pulsed RF signal
DC/DC uModule regulator delivers dual 8-A outputs from up to 26.5 VIN
Low-power 16-Bit ADCs reduce power consumption in radar and lidar applications
16-bit 125-Msps ADCs reduce power to 185-mW
Step-down switching regulator with dual linear controllers optimize efficiency, avoids noise-sensitive frequency bands
15-VIN, 2.5-A synchronous buck-boost dc/dc converter offers 95 percent efficiency and low noise operation
Dual output step-down switching regulator delivers up to 3.5-A of continuous output current from each channel
Bidirectional current sense amplifier operates from -5-V to 80-V with 80-db of CMRR at 100-kHz
Linear Technology and Energy Micro demonstrate smart energy harvesting solution
100-V isolated flyback DC/DC controller operates up to 150 degrees C
2-MHz synchronous step-down DC/DC controller offers differential output sensing and clock synchronization
Low input voltage synchronous step-down DC/DC controller drives 5-V logic level MOSFETs to achieve high efficiency
60-V input synchronous step-down DC/DC controller draws 50-uA in battery-powered systems
Synchronous boost controller offers up to 98 percent efficiency, eliminates heat sink
Sub 1-uA IQ battery charger provides pack protection
400-mA synchronous step-up DC/DC converter targets energy harvesting applications
RF-to-digital uModule receivers reduce size, cost and time-to-market for base station designs
Differential amplifier drives DC-coupled 100-MHz signals with low noise
Triple supply supervisor provides early power-fail detection
uModule battery chargers with active current limit deliver 2-A from up to 32-VIN
Polyphase synchronous boost controller eliminates heat sink with 97 percent efficiency
Buck-boost DC/DC uModule regulator delivers precision regulation in demanding environments
15A DC/DC uModule regulator delivers 50 percent more power without sacrificing board area
16-bit, 1-Msps, low power SAR ADC features digital timing interface
New 200-MHz to 6-GHz direct conversion I/Q modulator achieves 30.9-dBm OIP3
6-GHz matched dual RMS detectors enable accurate VSWR measurements
2A, 42V boost converter offered in automotive, military temperature grades
7-channel I2C-controlled PMIC focuses on high power 1-cell Li-ion systems
Rail-to-rail SiGe op amps claim unmatched speed-power efficiency
20-V nanopower switching regulator provides 50-mA output with 720-nA of quiescent current
500-mA negative micropower LDO offers high reliability benefits
Compact 6-GHz RMS power detector provides fast, accurate RF power measurements
Synchronous monolithic 1-cell Li-Ion/polymer battery charger delivers up to 4-A charge current
SOT23 voltage reference offers 10ppm/degrees C drift and limits noise to only 1.6ppm
Family of SOT23 devices offer simple timing solutions
16-bit quad, I2C DAC with internal reference achieves +4LSB INL (Max)
Eight-channel I2C-controlled PMIC supports portable processor systems
Texas Instruments extends its leadership in power ICs market
Isolated monolithic flyback regulator simplifies design, eliminates optocoupler
Linear unveils high efficiency power manager and charger for 1-cell LiFePO4 batteries
3-A DC/DC uModule regulator is EN55022 Class B Noise Compliant
6-A DC/DC uModule regulator offers tracking and phase-lockable frequency synchronization benefits
Single-phase DC/DC Controller implements IMVP-6/6+/6.5
2.5-MHz step-down DC/DC converter targets cold-crank conditions
Hot Swap controller protects low power boards
DC/DC uModule regulator delivers 15-A from inputs down to 1.5-VIN
Flyback controllers in 6-pin ThinSOT package focus on military demands
High voltage, LDO operates down to -55 degrees C
Versatile 5-A DC/DC converter generates either a positive or a negative regulated voltage
Step-up DC/DC converter and PMIC targets thermal energy harvesting
80-V DC/DC converter targets boost, flyback, SEPIC and inverting power supplies
2-A battery charger matches solar cell peak power tracking
6-A, 2.5-MHz, 42-V boost/inverting DC/DC converter offers fault protection
Constant-voltage, Constant-current DC/DC converter drives high current LEDs
Multiphase step-down DC/DC controller features differential remote sensing and active voltage positioning
Hot Swap controller enables I2C monitoring of board-level operations
1-A VLDO offers output down to 0.2-V from 0.9-V input
Three-phase step-down DC/DC controller targets high current rails
Digitally programmable 5A LDO features analog margining
Dual 3-A, 4-MHz, synchronous step-down regulator supports DDR memory
Overvoltage/overcurrent protection controller safeguards low voltage portable devices
Virtual remote sense controller overcomes the need for remote sense wires
DC/DC controllers generate positive or negative regulated voltage
3.3-A, 2.5-MHz, 42-V DC/DC converter offers integrated fault protection
16-Bit, 80-Msps ADC offers noise reduction in data conversion systems
Synchronous step-down DC/DC converter accurately regulates output currents up to 20-A
Dual output synchronous step-down DC/DC controller draws 50 µA in battery-powered systems
2-cell supercapacitor chargers target high peak power, data backup demands for portable applications
Dual, low noise, positive/negative ±20 VIN ±150 mA LDO offers 20 μVRMS noise

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