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Low-power microprocessor supervisory circuits target portable equipment applications

May 07, 2010 | Paul Buckley | 222900907
Low-power microprocessor supervisory circuits target portable equipment applications Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the microprocessor supervisory circuits in a 1 mm x 1 mm chip-scale package.

The MAX16072-MAX16074 low-power devices provide circuit reliability and low cost by eliminating the need for multiple external resistors and adjustments normally required when monitoring nominal system voltages from 1.8 V to 3.6 V. Their compact footprint and ultra-low supply current (0.7microamps) make them ideal for space-constrained portable applications such as cellular phones, MP3 players, and GPS equipment.

The MAX16072-MAX16074 offer multiple factory-fixed reset thresholds and timeout options, and are designed to ignore fast transients on Vcc. They include an active-low manual-reset input, precision band-gap reference, comparator, and internally trimmed resistors. The MAX16072 is available with a push-pull, active-low reset output; the MAX16073 with a push-pull, active-high reset output; and the MAX16074 with an open-drain, active-low reset output.

Availability and Pricing

The MAX16072-MAX16074 are available in a space-saving (1 mm x 1 mm) 4-bump UCSP package. These devices are fully specified and guaranteed over the -40 to +85 degrees Celsius extended industrial temperature range. Prices start at 0.90 US dollars. (1000-up, FOB USA). Samples are now available.

Datasheet: MAX16072

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