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News about Maxim Integrated Products

Low-power reference designs simplify factory automation with end-to-end signal chain integration October 29, 2013Low-power reference designs simplify factory automation with end-to-end signal chain integration Three new low-power reference designs from Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. aim to provide end-to-end integration of the signal chain, simplifying factory automation. Read more Single IC enables any portable device to be quickly charged over USB in a car October 17, 2013Single IC enables any portable device to be quickly charged over USB in a car Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. has introduced the MAX16984 automotive DC-DC converter with USB charge emulator which uses a single IC to recognize and then charge any portable device (PD) directly from a vehicle battery. Read more Smart grid reference platform integrates metrology and secure communications October 14, 2013Smart grid reference platform integrates metrology and secure communications The Capistrano smart grid reference platform from Maxim Integrated Products relies on the company’s Zeus metering SoC to protect designs with advanced cryptography, physical attack detection, and life-cycle security schemes. Read more Isolated energy measurement chipset reduces design cost, size, and complexity October 10, 2013Isolated energy measurement chipset reduces design cost, size, and complexity Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. is enabling designers to measure AC or DC power usage from any phase without the need for bulky sensors, optocouplers, or an extra power supply for the measurement subsystem.
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Synchronously-rectified DC-DC step-down converter claims unmatched power efficiency benefits September 23, 2013Synchronously-rectified DC-DC step-down converter claims unmatched power efficiency benefits Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. has introduced the MAX17503 synchronously-rectified DC-DC step-down converter to enable system designers to achieve more efficiency across a wide industrial voltage range. Read more
Reference design reduces power, system cost, and size for PLC digital-input subsystems
12/16-channel AFEs double accuracy, reduce battery-management systems cost by up to 35 percent
Intelligent enumerating battery charger delivers the safest and fastest charge for mobile equipment
High accuracy battery fuel gauge maximizes battery capacity and boosts user confidence
Single-phase energy-measurement processors accurately monitor power for a fraction of the cost
Micropower fuel gauge reduces quiescent current by 4x and size by 3x
Maxim Integrated partners with RadioPulse to offer ZigBee-based solutions for the smart grid
Laser driver with auto-calibration mode and SFP controller simplifies optical module manufacturing
Smart-meter SoC combines metrology, security and communication capabilities
Digital Class D speaker amplifiers aim to simplify design and provide unmatched audio performance
40G chipset reduces power consumption to boost data-center throughput
G3-PLC is recommended as one of the communication standards in Japan for a smart meter in HEMS solutions
Beyond-the-rails mux and switch family simplifies power-supply requirements for switching high-voltage signals
High-voltage, high-current overvoltage protectors focus on mobile applications with multiple power sources
Smallest USB battery charger detectors offer universal charging potential
New SoC offers measurement and diagnostics benefits for high-power monitoring in industrial applications and data centers
High-speed USB 2.0 automotive-grade protectors
ITU approves Maxim's G3-PLC protocol as a new NB-PLC standard for smart grid applications
Maxim claims unprecedented analog/mixed-signal integration for mobile devices and connected home applications
High-voltage, low noise, autozero op amp improves sensor performance
High-speed transceiver offers reliable broadband powerline communications in industrial environments
Compact fuel-gauge boosts Li+ battery runtime
Offline LED driver dims retrofit lamps to zero light intensity without flicker
Reference platform aims to accelerate the design of next-generation smart meters
Isolated power, 36-V, H-bridge transformer driver enables simple and flexible isolated DC-DC designs
Low-power audio codec optimizes audio performance, prevents speaker damage
Compact energy-harvesting and power-management IC enables low-power wireless devices
Maxim to demo real-time power efficiency inside LED ballast with Teridian energy-measurement SoC
G3-PLC chipset complies with IEEE P1901.2 pre-standard for smart grid communications
Maxim unveils power-management solution for Intel Atom-based embedded applications
Energy measurement SoC offers management of AC/DC power supplies in servers and data communication equipment
Energy measurement SoC offers improved control of AC/DC power supplies in servers
Maxim enters digital power market
Step-down converter with linear bypass supports multimode PAs in mobile handsets
Industry's smallest 2-A synchronous buck integrates MOSFETs for up to 96 percent efficiency
Maxim unveils 850-kHz/500-kHz SMBus-programmable battery chargers
Maxim unveils single-chip PMICs for Icera's E400/E450 platform
Hot-swap controller facilitates current monitoring in high-availability systems
Mouser and Maxim Integrated Products go global
Space saving 4-A switching regulator simplifies designs, improves reliability
LNAs extend receiver sensitivity and boost GPS receiver performance
Maxim unveils industry's highest performance ambient-light sensor
4-A, synchronous DC-DC regulators with integrated MOSFETs achieve 96 percent efficiency
Logic-level translator offers an ultra-low-power shutdown mode to extend battery life
24-bit ADC provides high resolution for low power precision sensor applications
Maxim unveils industry's first battery charger with automatic USB enumeration
Active-clamped, current-mode PWM controller offers more than 90 percent efficiency
New IC reduces battery-management system costs by 80 percent in hybrid and electric vehicles
Hot-swap controller integrates 10-bit I2C system monitor to target high-availability systems
Class D amplifiers prevent clipping, protect speakers from damaging output voltages
IEEE 802.3af/at-compliant PSE controller saves space and cost in PoE+ powered devices
High-current buck converter targets portable applications
HB LED driver targets high-power automotive lighting demands
Compact fuel-gauge ICs deliver accurate estimates of Li+ battery state of charge
Ultra-low-power security manager provides nonimprinting memory and tamper detection
WLED driver integrates a 48-V MOSFET to provide a complete backlighting solution
New scan driver IC provides power solution for GOA notebook LCD panels
PMIC gives up to 93 percent efficiency for cell phone displays
Adaptive mode switching helps backlight drivers boost efficiency by 12 percent in portable devices
±15-kV ESD-protected EL driver provides lowest audible noise, offers maximum flexibility
Security manager device  features hierarchical secure nonimprinting memory and tamper detection
Three-output DC-DC controllers with tracking/sequencing reduce 40nm logic devices costs
MicroPMIC for multimedia applications offers high integration in a compact WLP
PSE controller with integrated MOSFET delivers up to 40-W to PDs
Low-power microprocessor supervisory circuits target portable equipment applications
Switch-mode chargers with JEITA-compliant offer battery-temperature monitoring for mobile devices
All-in-one power solution offers twin benefits
Four-channel PMIC targets automotive applications
Precision CSA with chip-select pin offers power management benefits
Dual-input linear charger offers safer charging of Li+ cell
WLED driver with PWM-controllable boost converter maximizes power efficiency
Current-sense amplifier offers power consumption and accuracy benefits
Li+ battery charger features GSM test mode in a TDFN package
12-/8-channel system monitors simplify current monitoring
Current-sense amplifiers and fault-protection switches for remote RF LNAs in automotive applications
PMIC integrates three regulators to provide high-efficiency, fixed-frequency operation for LCD HDTV panels

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