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Power management

Maximizing savings at cell sites through deployment of hybrid energy solutions

April 09, 2012 | Dave Wilson | 222904408

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Editors note: Sad reality but true: the handsets and smart phones have all the glamour and get all the attention, but its the invisible network and management of base stations and cell sites that makes all this mobile connectivity really possible. And, a large and even less-recognized part of a successful cell site design is the power subsystem, both primary and backup.

The white paper Hybrid Energy Deployment: What to Consider When Enabling Alternative Energy Sources at the Cell Site from Emerson Network Power (a business of Emerson) is a detailed, technical look at these issues, complete with graphs, charts, analyses, discussion, and equations. It provides insight and recommendations for properly evaluating, selecting and operating smart hybrid-energy solutions at telecom cell sites.

It explores opportunities for improvement ranging from more precise configuration and dimensioning of hybrid systems to implementation of intelligent hybrid technologies that make hybrid solutions even more efficient and change the value proposition for some network providers.

Among the issues which this paper discusses in much greater detail, for designers considering hybrid technologies or looking to maximize an existing hybrid infrastructure, are these:

Active Management and Smart Hybrids: Hybrid deployments traditionally have been purchased as static hardware with a general maintenance or warranty contract only. This is an acceptable solution to minimize immediate capital spending. However, for those operators focused on minimizing medium- to long-term operational and capital costs and maximizing ROI, smart hybrids with active management can aid with achieving additional savings.

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