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MOSFET controller raises efficiency of AC-DC converters

July 01, 2010 | Paul Buckley | 222901146
MOSFET controller raises efficiency of AC-DC converters Diodes Incorporated has unveiled a synchronous MOSFET controller for driving a MOSFET in place of a Schottky diode in the secondary side of flyback and resonant converters.

Designed to maximize circuit efficiency and help achieve Energy Star product ratings, ZXGD3103N8 enables designers to reduce rectifier losses by up to 70 percent and increase power supply efficiency by up to 3.5 percent.

Comprising a differential amplifier detector and high current driver, the ZXGD3103N8 monitors MOSFET reverse voltage and applies a positive turn-on voltage to the gate if body diode conduction is detected.  Being proportional to the MOSFET drain-source reverse voltage the gate drive voltage guards against premature turn-off of the MOSFET thereby maximizing circuit efficiency.

To further improve efficiency, the MOSFET controller's low detector threshold voltage, typically 10 mV, means that body diode conduction is kept to an absolute minimum.  In addition, very fast turn-off propagation and fall times, respectively 15 ns and 20 ns, ensures shoot-through or reverse current conduction are minimised, again, helping to maximize power supply circuit efficiency.

With its wide operating voltage range, the SO8 packaged ZXGD3103N8 can be powered directly from supply rails between 5 V and 15 V or higher via external regulator.  Its ability to block drain voltages up to 180 V means no external clamping circuit is required and its low standby current, typically 5 mA, enables compliance with the Energy Star standby rating.

The ZXGD3103N8 synchronous MOSFET controller is priced at 0.50 US Dollars in 10,000 piece quantities.  

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