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News about Mosfet

Protection device makes one-cell, lithium-rechargeable battery packs safer January 27, 2016Protection device makes one-cell, lithium-rechargeable battery packs safer Diodes Incorporated has introduced a battery protection device specifically designed for the safe operation of 1-cell lithium-ion (Li+) battery packs.

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100V MOSFET H-bridge in a 22.5 mm˛ package, drives array-scale loads January 22, 2016100V MOSFET H-bridge in a 22.5 mm² package, drives array-scale loads DMHC10H170SFJ from Diodes Inc. is a 100V full H-bridge incorporating dual N-channel and P-channel MOSFETs into a DFN5045 package (5 x 4.5 mm). Read more PSU MOSFET driver boosts functional robustness, with low power loss November 25, 2015PSU MOSFET driver boosts functional robustness, with low power loss Infineon's 2EDN7524 EiceDRIVER ICs are designed for the PFC, LLC and synchronous rectification stages of switch mode power supplies, and marks Infineon moving into offering dedicated MOSFET drivers of this type. Read more Bulk capacitance on high-current PCB rails safely controlled with 30V MOSFET October 7, 2015Bulk capacitance on high-current PCB rails safely controlled with 30V MOSFET Enabling rapid and safe discharge of bulk capacitors on FPGA power rails, the DMN3027LFG 30V N-channel MOSFET has been designed as a switch that can handle those specific loads. Read more Fastest 600-V gate driver steps up power density September 29, 2015Fastest 600-V gate driver steps up power density Aimed at power switching applications in servers and industrial power, these 40%-faster high-voltage, half-bridge driver reduce - according to Texas Instruments – system-solution size for MOSFETs and IGBTs. Read more
100-V MOSFETs optimize for PoE applications
Intersil acquires Great Wall Semiconductor, extends power MOSFET expertise
AC/DC converter control IC targets SiC drives
700V HVIC MOSFET drivers improve reliability, cut footprint
Infineon promotes 300V division with OptiMOS FETS for hard switching
Infineon takes CoolMOS to generation 7; halves switching losses
P-ch MOSFET offers low on-resistance
Cree reveals industry’s first 900-V SiC MOSFET
MOSFET family delivers lowest on-resistance and output capacitance
Design-in for SiC: HV pulse generators use silicon carbide MOSFETs
Silicon-Carbide MOSFET range extended at 1200V ratings
Power MOSFET drivers in smaller, thermally efficient packages
MOSFET H-bridge reduces footprint by 50 percent
MOSFET gate drivers boost conversion efficiency
75V MOSFETs have ultra-low Rds(on) for industrial applications
IGBTs and MOSFETs continue to drive power semiconductor growth
Cree releases SPICE models for SiC power MOSFETs
Infineon grabs lead in power MOSFET sector
700-V switcher halves quiescent power consumption
Dual power MOSFET reduces losses for DC-DC applications
MOSFET transistors aim for extreme temperatures
Silicon carbide MOSFET rated 1200V/25-mOhms in TO-247
3rd-generation SiC MOSFETs with trench gate structure
Power analog controllers target DC/DC power-conversion applications
Slideshow: Focusing on power trends at APEC 2014
Smaller packaging for 60V power MOSFET
2.5A and 4A gate drive optocouplers boost power efficiency
Weekly Power Product Watch
High-speed SMD MOSFET family provide low Ciss surface mount switching solutions to 250-V
Asymmetric dual TrenchFET MOSFET increases efficiency with 57 percent lower RDS(on)
Dual MOSFET increases the efficiency of smartphone and tablet battery charging
p-channel MOSFET offers industry-low RDS(on) to boost efficiency in mobile computing devices
85-V half bridge MOSFET driver offers shoot-through protection benefits
Low RDS(on) 30V MOSFET gets below 1 mOhm
Diagnostics chip integrates configurable automotive buses and power management functions
Diode bridge controller minimizes power loss in PoE powered devices
High performance common-drain MOSFETs help battery pack designers simplify designs
Small outline 600V superjunction power MOSFETs cuts losses in high-speed switching designs
Energy, Mobility, and the Cloud provide key opportunities for power-management solutions
Automotive power MOSFET increases power density while reducing system size and cost
MOSFET gate driver operates over -55 to 150 degrees C junction temperature range
Third-generation high efficiency power modules feature an EZPair package
Online design tool adds power train discrete device power loss and efficiency analysis modules
GaN power transistor delivers high frequency switching for DC-DC power conversion
MOSFET platform delivers integrated Schottky performance with low leakage current
High power and voltage MOSFETs target RF and broadband communications applications
Automotive qualified high-speed, low-side driver family boosts efficiency, simplifies design
Power block devices deliver power density benefits for DC-DC synchronous buck applications
Ultra-compact photorelay delivers low trigger current
Motor pre-driver delivers speed control benefits
Diode bridge controller minimizes rectifier heat and voltage loss
LGA-packaged MOSFETs help to maximize battery life in space limited smart phone applications
Low-side gate drive IC fits in compact SOT-23-5L package
PFC IC enables compact designs for consumer products and PCs
TO-leadless package targets high current applications up to 300-A
Infineon introduces TO 247-4 pin package for CoolMOS MOSFETs to improve efficiencies in hard switching topologies
Superjunction MOSFET innovation brings the world's lowest RDS(on) to hard switching applications
Quad-MOSFET solution boosts efficiency and eliminates heat sinking in active bridge applications
150-V N-channel power MOSFET offers on-resistance down to 18-mohms for DC/DC applications
Power MOSFETs are 80 percent smaller than conventional chips while offering better thermal dissipation
Step-down switching regulators features built-in power MOSFET to improve smart power management
Chip-embedded packaging integrates DC/DC driver and MOSFET VR power stage
Cree begins volume production of second generation SiC MOSFET to deliver cost savings to power conversion systems
MOSFET driver IC offers enhanced protection and diagnostics for automotive relay replacements and battery switches
IGBT/MOSFET gate drive coupler saves power while reducing mounting area by 50 percent
Taking a new direction with analog
World's first analog-based power management controller with integrated MCU delivers flexible, efficient power conversion
300-V power MOSFETs offer benchmark on-state resistance to boost system efficiency in industrial applications
MOSFET with very low resistance aims at power steering applications
3.5-A step-down DC/DC converters integrate 60-V power MOSFET for high-voltage, space-constrained applications
20-V p-channel MOSFET in 3.3-mm square package offers industry-low on-resistance of 4.8-mΩ at a 4.5-V gate drive
600 V N-channel power MOSFET series adds 17 new devices offering on-resistance down to 39-mohms
New off-line switcher IC family offers line-compensated overload protection and light-load efficiency benefits
New MOSFETs offer industry-low on-resistance in 2 x 2-mm and 3 x 1.8-mm footprint areas at 4.5-V
Four new 2-A high voltage half-bridge MOSFET drivers offer best-in-class performance
Mid-voltage MOSFETs provide improved reliability in synchronous rectification applications
Industry's first SiC power MOSFET with internal SiC SBD reduces power loss in inverters
New 8-V power MOSFETs lower power consumption and extend battery life
Surge stopper integrates ideal diode for comprehensive protection against transient voltages
100-V linear LED driver aims to de-clutter low-power lighting designs
8-V N-Channel TrenchFET Power MOSFET offers on-resistance down to 9.4 mΩ at 4.5-V in the 2-mm by 2-mm footprint area
New 30-V power MOSFET slashes conduction losses
Diode controller provides negative input protection and low current operation
Power MOSFET shrinks board space with chip scale packaging technology
Power MOSFET is integrated with RF gate driver in a half-bridge topology
TrenchMOS power transistors tested for high reliability
High power DC solid state relays deliver load voltage ratings from 42-V to 1700-V
New Kelvin contactor supports high power applications
60-A multi-chip module family enables designers to meet stringent energy savings standards
Low-loss, ultra miniature power MOSFETs deliver improved power efficiency with a smaller form factor in portable devices
Superjunction power MOSFET integrates fast body diode, meets AEC-Q101
ON Semiconductor introduces high efficiency wireless charging ICs
High-switching frequency capability enables integrated device to use thinner inductors
Compact 55-V, 1.5-A step-down regulator for industrial and automotive applications
MOSFET controller enables PSUs to exceed energy star efficiency goals
Hot swap controller ensures safe, continuous system operation with advanced digital thermal emulation
Quad digital power supply manager features powerful GUI to speed development
30-V p-channel chipscale MOSFETs claim industry's lowest on-resistance for 30-V in 1.6-mm by 1.6-mm size
New AOS' medium voltage MOSFET enables higher efficiency solutions
Ultra-high performance 1200-V MOSFETs claim superior performance than Si IGBTs and Superjunction MOSFETs
Surge stopper shields sensitive electronics from transients beyond 100-V
TI launches fastest 4-A and 5-A two-output MOSFET drivers for telecom and server power supplies
650V rated power MOSFETs boast lowest on-state resistance at 0.029 Ohms
MOSFET controller boosts PSU efficiency for Energy Star rating
PowerTrench MOSFET offers up to 40 percent space savings and increased efficiency
Ultra-miniature, photocouplers drive IGBTs and MOSFETs at extended temperatures
Silicon carbide power devices in chip form for efficient power electronic modules
Infineon rolls auto-qualified power MOSFETs in TO package
Dual output synchronous step-down controller produces 1.5-V OUT from up to 24-V IN at 2-MHz
P-channel MOSFET offers increased power efficiency space-starved portable products
AEC-Q100 qualified 2.5-A buck regulator operates during cold crank conditions
N-Channel and P-Channel power MOSFETs are first to feature on-resistance ratings down to 1.2 V in industry's smallest chipscale package
Compact, automotive-qualified 600-V gate drive IC simplifies and shrinks designs
TI spotlights two phase-dimmable, offline LED lighting drivers
DC/DC controller generates positive or negative regulated voltages
Single-phase digital POL chipset offers rapid development of smart power management solutions
Intersil claims world's first high speed, dual channel 6-A MOSFET driver
EPC expands eGaN FET family with second generation 40-V, 16 milliohm power transistor
8-V MOSFET claims lowest on-resistance for a P-channel device in the 1.6 mm by 1.6 mm footprint area
NXP unveils ultra-compact power management solution for portable devices
Synchronous step-down DC/DC controller uses nonlinear control for tight output voltage regulation
Synchronous step-down DC/DC controller supports wide operating junction temperatures
Demand for energy efficiency helps power semiconductor market to bounce back
Toshiba beefs up MOSFET offerings in DPAK+ package
Power stage dual asymmetric MOSFETs focus on need for high power density and ease of design
MOSFET pair reduces DC motor losses
Ultra-compact PQFN2x2 power MOSFET focuses on low power applications  
STMicroelectronics boosts accessibility and value of space-grade power electronics
New DrMOS device family offers 94 percent efficiency in 6-mm x 6-mm form factor
New STMicroelectronics power MOSFETs driving up vehicle electrical efficiency
NXP releases new 25-V and 30-V high-performance N-channel, logic-level MOSFETs
60-V MOSFET offer lower conduction and switching losses
Space saving MOSFETs deliver cooler running than larger packaged devices
40-A DrMOS solution enables operating frequencies in excess of 1-MHz and better than 93 percent efficiency
Robust automotive-grade buck regulator ICs with wide input voltage range
Automotive power MOSFET chipset is optimized for high power density DC-DC applications
Expanded MOSFET driver family offers low-side devices with peak output currents from 2-A to 4.5-A
6-A N-channel MOSFET gate driver operates over a 55 to 125 degrees C junction temperature range
40-V N-channel MOSFET transistor in a CSOIC16 SMD package offers high temperature benefits
New PWM controllers integrate all four primary-side bridge MOSFET gate drivers
Flexible single input voltage DC-DC regulators target high current applications
100-V synchronous N-channel MOSFET drivers operate from -40 to 150 degrees C
Dual 20-V P-channel TrenchFET Gen III Power MOSFET offers industry’s lowest on-resistance down to 54-mohms at 4.5-V
Maxim unveils 850-kHz/500-kHz SMBus-programmable battery chargers
Shutter driver targets continuous pulsed applications
MSC offers new compact N-channel power MOSFETs from Renesas
8-V P-channel power MOSFET offers on-resistance down to 16 mΩ in PowerPAK SC-70 2 mm by 2 mm footprint
High-voltage power MOSFET delivers high efficiency and low power consumption
High current gate driver aims to minimize switching losses
The Top 10 Most Popular Power Management Technical Articles of 2010
Linear constant current driver provides versatile control for LED applications
DirectFET MOSFET chipset is tailored for cost sensitive DC-DC applications
Diodes releases first p-channel MOSFET in thermally enhanced PowerDI 5060 package
Cissoid rolls high-temperature 30V small-signal MOSFET
30-V MOSFET claims industry's lowest RDSon
Ultra-compact photocoupler handles industrial applications operating to 125 degrees C
Gate driver optocoupler provides lower power consumption, faster switching speeds
Asymmetric dual TrenchFET Power MOSFET offers industry-low on-resistance down to 3.3 mOhms at 10-V
25-V and 30-V PQFN power MOSFETs deliver high density solution for industrial POL applications
600-V, 47-A N-Channel Power MOSFET claims industry's lowest on-resistance figure
100-V isolated flyback DC/DC controller operates up to 150 degrees C
2-MHz synchronous step-down DC/DC controller offers differential output sensing and clock synchronization
60-V input synchronous step-down DC/DC controller draws 50-uA in battery-powered systems
Synchronous boost controller offers up to 98 percent efficiency, eliminates heat sink
TI combines analog protection with digital monitoring with expanded power protection portfolio
POL converters deliver plug-and-play efficiency boost
Multi-topology LED driver raises performance of high brightness lighting systems
48-V and 12-V high-side Active ORing solutions address redundant intermediate bus demands
30-V P-channel power MOSFETs offer design flexibility benefits
DIOFETs boost efficiency, increase reliability of PoL converters
Seven power MOSFETs target compact vehicle electronic control units
IR expands family of automotive-qualified MOSFETs featuring low on-state resistance
N-Channel chipscale power MOSFET is first with a sub-1-mm2 outline
Infineon Power MOSFET features very low on-resistance
150-V low RDS(ON) MOSFET offers high performance in isolated DC-DC applications
Micrel expands hyper speed control family of synchronous DC-DC controllers
1.5-A buck converter offers space saving benefits
HB LED driver targets high-power automotive lighting demands
Power MOSFET applies low-on-resistance technology optimized for higher-voltage devices
MOSFET controller raises efficiency of AC-DC converters
Hot Swap controller protects low power boards
WLED driver integrates a 48-V MOSFET to provide a complete backlighting solution
DC/DC uModule regulator delivers 15-A from inputs down to 1.5-VIN
Rugged MOSFETs support VoIP communication equipment
New scan driver IC provides power solution for GOA notebook LCD panels
Miniature SOT963 packaged devices support low power, ultra portable electronics
20-V NPN and PNP bipolar transistors offers increased power density
Three-phase brushless DC motor pre-driver IC targets office automation applications
Video shows how co-packaged device reduces space for Power MOSFETs in DC/DC converters
Cissoid introduces family of high temperature 80V power MOSFETs
Online MOSFET thermal simulation tool offers increased simulation accuracy
Low ON-Resistance MOSFET targets high-efficiency switching applications
MSC extends power device portfolio with 900-V HiPerFET Power MOSFET
PSE controller with integrated MOSFET delivers up to 40-W to PDs
30-V p-channel TrenchFET Gen III power MOSFET fits in PowerPAK 1212-8 for first time
New p-channel TrenchFET Gen III power MOSFET fits chipscale MICRO FOOT package
Dual complementary N and P-Channel MOSFETs save board space
Overvoltage/overcurrent protection controller safeguards low voltage portable devices
12-V power MOSFET lowers on-resistance up to 32 percent in PowerPAK SC-70
25-V DirectFET chipset claims efficiency benefits for high frequency DC-DC switching applications
500-V n-channel power MOSFET offers improved switching speed
DC-to-DC switching regulators simplify Power Bus and point-of-load power designs
Dual output synchronous step-down DC/DC controller draws 50 µA in battery-powered systems
Power conversion IC family targets flyback power supplies
MOSFET and Schottky diode share the same SOT-563 package

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