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MOSFETs with integrated self-protection improve switching of inductive loads

January 18, 2011 | Christoph Hammerschmidt | 222902082
MOSFETs with integrated self-protection improve switching of inductive loads Diodes Inc. (Dallas, Texas) has expanded its IntelliFET product family. The new MOSFETs with integrated self-protecting circuitry help designers to significantly improve the reliability of their circuits with little effort. Thus, the new components are ideally suited for applications where inductive loads are switched such as motors and relays, the vendor promises.

The ZXMS6006DG/SG single-transistor MOSFET and its dual-transistor counterpart ZXMS6006DT8 feature thermal shutdown, protection against short circuit, overvoltage and overcurrent as well as ESD protected inputs. They are specified for 60V and 75 mΩ typ.

The dual-channel ZXMS6006DT8 integrates overtemperature, overvoltage and ESD protection in each one of the two independent and isolated switching channels. With its SM8 package, the device offers 30% better thermal efficiency than competing components with SO8 package.

The single-channel ZXM6006DG (drain connected to tab) and ZXMS6006SG (source connected to tab) feature the compact SOT23 package which allows high dissipation. These two products are a cost-efficient alternative to competing solutions. They are specified for a nominal current of 2.8A at 5V input voltage and an avalanche clamping energy of 490mJ.

Pricing for the two single-channel MOSFETs ZXMS6006DG and ZXMS6006SG is 0.34$ in quantities of ten thousands. The two-channel variant ZXMS6006DT8 carries a price tag of 0.50$ for the same quantity. Application fields for the MOSFETs are automotive and industrial markets in the first place, Diodes says.

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