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New starter kit offers speedy access to batteryless wireless technology

February 28, 2012 | Paul Buckley | 222904193
EnOcean has released the company’s new ESK 300 starter kit which offers a speedy, simple and cost-effective approach to batteryless wireless technology. The starter kit includes a variety of energy converters and modules enabling the effortless creation of energy-autonomous wireless sensors.
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Using the kit, EnOcean OEM partners will be able to break into new application areas for energy harvesting technology - ranging from building automation through smart homes and smart metering to industry and logistics. EnOcean is presenting the ESK 300 at the embedded world 2012 (Nuremberg/Germany, February 28 through March 1) at the joint booth of HY-LINE Computer Components in hall 1/1-160. The starter kit is available for OEM partners priced at 79.

EnOceans batteryless wireless technology harvests energy directly from its surroundings - from light, differences in temperature or motion. This means that all products enabled by this technology are entirely maintenance-free, requiring no wiring or cabling, and are particularly flexible in implementation. The ESK 300 starter kit includes a mechanical energy converter and a wireless module with integrated solar mini-cell. Sensors and wireless solutions developed using the starter kit will therefore be powered by the energy produced by pressing a button or through a light source.

The kit consists of a switch module (PTM 200) for building services, components for different switch applications (PTM 330, ECO 200), a temperature sensor module (STM 330), a USB gateway (USB 300), PC software for visualisation (DolphinView Basic) and a sample case for industrial switching solutions.

With the PTM 200 it is possible to implement energy-autonomous wall mounted switches or handheld transmitters. Combining the PTM 330 wireless module with the ECO 200 mechanical energy converter is a basis for a variety of maintenance-free wireless switches in an industrial environment. The solar-powered STM 330 sensor can measure temperature in a room or on machinery, for example.
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