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NXP high-speed converters achieve interoperability with Nujira OpenET envelope tracking solutions

January 21, 2011 | Paul Buckley | 222902101
The CGV series of JESD204A-compliant data converters from NXP Semiconductors N.V. are now interoperable with Nujira's OpenET envelope tracking (ET) and digital pre-distortion (DPD) solutions.

Nujira is a leader in commercial-grade envelope tracking modulators for 3G and 4G wireless infrastructure applications, and is the founder of the OpenET Alliance. NXP CGV analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and digital-to-analog converters (DACs) claim to be the first in the industry to implement the JEDEC JESD204A serial interface, which reduces the number of interconnect signals between data converters and VLSI logic devices, and enables synchronous bonding of multiple data converter channels or lanes. Nujira’s next-generation Coolteq-h Envelope Tracking modulators now also support JESD204A as an interface option.

The NXP high-speed CGV ADCs and DACs have been tested for interoperability using Nujira’s OpenET development system, which implements envelope tracking and DPD functionality.

Assured interoperability and interworking between programmable logic devices and high-speed converters is a critical acceptance criterion for equipment designers, because it reduces risk and cost associated with project schedules.  Envelope tracking enables high-efficiency power amplifiers for wireless infrastructure to dynamically reduce the electrical power to a radio transmitter at times of low signal amplitude, and increase it when a powerful signal is required.

Nujira’s DPD technology has been developed to improve signal quality while maintaining high efficiency, which is critical for modern base stations.

The JESD204A-compliant CGV converters from NXP are suitable for cellular base stations and other wireless communication infrastructure equipment, as well as medical, instrumentation and military/aerospace applications.

“Nujira’s decision to utilize the industry-standard JESD204A interface for our next generation of Coolteq-h Envelope Tracking modulators was driven by widespread adoption by leading ADC and DAC providers. This interoperability testing with NXP is an important step in reducing risk and time-to-market for our customers.” said Simon Whittle, design center manager, Nujira.

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