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NXP unveils automotive qualified Power SO-8 MOSFETs in LFPAK

April 19, 2010 | Paul Buckley | 222900838
NXP unveils automotive qualified Power SO-8 MOSFETs in LFPAK NXP Semiconductors claims to be the first supplier to launch a full range of automotive power MOSFETs housed in the compact, thermally enhanced Loss Free PAcKage (LFPAK).
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The new range of Q101 qualified LFPAK MOSFETs combines NXP's expertise in packaging technology and its experience in TrenchMOS technology to deliver what is claimed to be the most reliable Power SO-8 package in the world. LFPAK is optimised for high-density automotive applications with a footprint 46 percent smaller than that of DPAK whilst offering similar thermal performance.

With an ever-increasing consumer demand for more electronic applications, automotive OEMs face the challenge of introducing new features within the vehicle's limited space, whilst trying to maintain fuel efficiency, electronic stability and reliability. LFPAK is NXP's innovative solution to the automotive requirement for a reliable, thermally enhanced power package with significantly reduced footprint size. The package design has been optimised to give the best thermal and electrical performance, cost and reliability to automotive OEMs. The packaging overcomes the thermal limitations of SO8, enabling thermal resistance comparable to those of larger power packages such as DPAK.

The NXP LFPAK package uses a copper clip design to reduce the package resistance and inductance which in turn reduces the RDS(on) and switching losses of the MOSFET. LFPAK offers the designer a MOSFET with similar electrical and thermal performance to DPAK, with a footprint 46 percent smaller. This helps in designing a solution that is smaller than previously possible or to achieve up to 46 percent higher power density by adding new features to an existing design without increasing the module size or compromising on reliability. The full NXP range of LFPAKs allows designers to pick and choose devices according to application requirements, whilst enabling them to change their selection when module requirements change.

"We believe that NXP's LFPAK will set a new industry benchmark as the most reliable power MOSFET package in the automotive market. It will allow the development of more compact modules for the automotive OEMs," said Norman Stapelberg, Senior Product Marketing Manager, NXP Semiconductors. "Customer feedback consistently shows that LFPAK is more reliable than competitor QFN and micro-lead devices.

NXP's LFPAK range offer best-in-class performance and reliability across the 5 voltage grades compared to all fully automotive qualified Power SO-8 MOSFETs available in the market.

Key benefits include:

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