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News about Photovoltaic

Multi-crystalline silicon solar cell claims 21.25 percent efficiency record November 10, 2015Multi-crystalline silicon solar cell claims 21.25 percent efficiency record Photovoltaic (PV) modules producer Trina Solar Limited has revealed that the State Key Laboratory of PV Science and Technology of China has recorded a new world record for a high-efficiency p-type multi-crystalline silicon (mc-Si) solar cell. Read more Solar bypass semiconductor device protects PV from lighting October 8, 2015Solar bypass semiconductor device protects PV from lighting With its own “CoolRUN” technology, Microsemi has introduced a devices for solar (photovoltaic) arrays that offers improved efficiency of under-the-glass design, superior package size compliance and lightning strike protection. Read more Hybrid solar panel roof helps slash energy bills September 28, 2015Hybrid solar panel roof helps slash energy bills Scientists at Brunel University London have designed a hybrid roofing system which claims to be cpaable of halving energy bills in new homes.

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Chip-scale photovoltaics startup raises funds August 22, 2015Chip-scale photovoltaics startup raises funds Sol Chip Ltd. (Haifa, Israel), a developer of an energy harvesting photovoltaic chip, has completed a round of funding led by Dowell Property Holdings Ltd. of Hong Kong. Read more Micro rake doubles efficiency of inexpensive solar cells August 17, 2015Micro rake doubles efficiency of inexpensive solar cells Researchers from the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University have developed a manufacturing technique that could double the electricity output of inexpensive solar cells by using a microscopic rake when applying light-harvesting polymers.

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True building-integrated photovoltaics about to take-off, says n-tech Research
Butterflies help boost solar panel power by 50 per cent
Can metallic nanoparticles lower the cost of solar cells?
Artificial light harvester reveals quantum physics of efficient photosynthesis
Perovskite solar cells achieve energy conversion efficiency milestone
Four-junction solar cell sets world efficiency record for CPV module
Plant-inspired solar cell design promises improved efficiency
Organic photovoltaic device innovation releases solar fuel potential
EPIA task force to establish best practice guidelines
Trina claims world efficiency multi-crystalline silicon modules record
Europe leads PV uptake charts as global growth continues
MIT pinpoints promising pathways for solar photovoltaic power
UK becomes only bright spot in Europe's solar market
Saft lands USD10m energy storage order for Qatar oilfield
Sol Voltaics claims GaAs nanowire world-record for solar energy
Polymer blend improves solar cell efficiency by 200 percent
Pinpointing perovskite's ability to produce cheaper solar energy
Nanocrystallite discovery points way to device performance optimization
MegaCell signs bi-facial solar cell pact with RCT Solutions
Electrostatic potential technique harvests more of the sun’s energy
New class of layered materials drive PV innovations
Global photovoltaic module installed capacity to treble by 2020
Solar-friendly silicon lights up PV device development
Automotive photovoltaic MOSFET driver rated for engine-compartment modules
Pan European collaboration produces large area flexible OPVs
Megawatt-scale Li-ion ESS supports world’s largest PV-diesel power plant
EC puts true cost of energy in the spotlight
Solar microinverter to break USD1bn barrier in 2018
Analysis innovation simplifies measurement of organic photovoltaic characteristics
Semiconductor advance makes ultra-thin solar cells a reality
PV concentrator module attains efficiency of 36.7 percent
Sharp moves to offload European solar cell business
Dynamic photodiode eases logic-photovoltaic integration
Global PV installations to pass record barrier in Q4
LED/PV technologies to benefit from energy transfer solution
Harnessing exciton fission gives solar cell efficiency boost
BIPV glass to crack USD2.7bn barrier in 2019
PV outlook in the Ukraine looks cloudier
Ultra-low-power boost regulator targets energy harvesting systems
Photonics breakthrough advances thin-film solar cell performance
III-V solar cells on graphene break efficiency record
Solar spending gains momentum to reach USD3.8bn in 2014
Chemical breakthrough optimizes solar cell efficiency performance
Fullerene-free organic solar cells achieve record conversion efficiency
Europe loses PV market lead to Asia in 2013
CdTe solar cell grabs conversion efficiency world record
SMA Solar takes over Danfoss solar inverter business
Thick print copper paste system targets power applications
Artificial photosynthesis breakthrough promises low cost hydrogen automobiles
Saft wins multi-million euro solar PV energy storage contract for La Reunion island
University of Valencia develops low cost thin film photovoltaic device with high energy efficiency
World market for direct current power systems for commercial buildings to be USD10bn by 2020
Annual worldwide solar PV installations set to double by 2020
IEA PVPS countries sees total installed PV capacity rise to 90 GW
650-V silicon carbide Schottky barrier diode range is extended to broaden application scope
PV production grows despite a crisis-driven decline in investment
Heliatek and AGC Glass Europe sign for the integration of organic solar films into construction glass
Global solar inverter shipments fall for the first time in seven quarters
Solar microinverter shipments will quadruple to reach 2.1-GW in 2017
Global solar power inverter market to drop by five percent in 2013, predicts IMS Research
Thin-film CZTSe solar cell from Solliance and imec reaches 9.7% efficiency
University of Stuttgart develops innovative inspection method for photovoltaic systems
Solar Press signs OPV distribution agreement with FOM Technologies
EU antidumping duties could block Chinese modules out of the European Market
Solar PV wafer production to grow 19 percent in 2013, forecasts NPD Solarbuzz
Large-scale grid integration of variable photovoltaic power offers new possibilities
Top 20 Solar PV module suppliers capture 70 percent market share in first quarter of 2013 reports NPD Solarbuzz
Market for GaN and SiC power semiconductors set to rise by factor of 18 in next decade
Restored balance between supply and demand helps European solar module prices rise
OPV solar modules project aims to optimize energy harvesting by autonomous sensors within buildings
PV inverter revenue expands to USD7bn in 2012 with Asia being a key growth driver
Cree SiC MOSFETs enable Delta Energy Systems to develop next-generation solar inverters
Solar PV demand in emerging Asian countries set to grow by 28 percent per year through 2017
First Solar is ranked as largest photovoltaic EPC in 2012
Solar Press partners KROENERT to provide low cost, flexible organic solar cell production benefits
Japan aims to install more than 5-GW of PV systems in 2013
Spray painted solar cells could cut costs significantly
CSEM's Photovoltaic Systems Center begins operations
IGBT/MOSFET gate drive coupler saves power while reducing mounting area by 50 percent
World's solar photovoltaic capacity passes 100-GW landmark following strong year of growth
PV module shipments see record surge in the Fourth Quarter of 2012
Research firm HIS expects the number of companies in the solar supply chain to plummet by 70 percent
The Top 10 Most Popular Power Management News Stories of 2012
Top-10 solar market predictions for 2013 by IHS
Photovoltaic Industry threatens with legal action against retroactive taxes on PV investments
New EPIA website places sharper focus on solar PV industry news, social media and member services
All-carbon solar cell could shave off expensive materials from today’s photovoltaics
Order cancellations drive PV book-to-bill ratio into negative territory
Soitec completes delivery of 5 MW in solar-energy systems to Italy
Falling prices set to dampen record PV inverter shipments in Q4'12
New 10-A, 1000-V PV solar panel protection rectifier fits in the P600 axial package
Concentrated PV market is forecast to reach 1.2 GW in 2016
Imec and Solvay claim world-record efficiency for organic photovoltaic modules, at of 5.5 percent
Solar array simulators claims highest bandwidth and isolation voltage in the industry
Microinverters and power optimizers to see 70 percent growth in 2012
PV module prices spiral downward again as German rush ends
Industry's first SiC power MOSFET with internal SiC SBD reduces power loss in inverters
Global PV inverter market to return to growth in 2012 and will exceed USD7bn
In-line fuse protects against ground fault damage
SiC Schottky barrier diodes claim the industry's lowest
Crystalline PV module profits drop to single digits
Nanowire substrate allows researchers to tune InGaN's response for flexible energy absorption
DisaSolar partners with Holst Center/Solliance research center to develop OPV technology
New inverter offers off-grid and grid-tied capability in one box to meet international specifications and performance demands
US and Asia Pacific pipelines to stimulate PV revenue growth in 2H'12
New ultra-thin electronic films offer greater capabilities
New IGBT modules support smaller, more efficient power converters in wind power-generation and PV systems
Zinc dyes point way to renewable photovoltaic devices
Heliatek claims new world record efficiency of 10.7 percent for organic tandem solar cell
Saft cooperates with Nedap to deliver effective energy storage for residential solar power systems
PV module suppliers aim to switch tactics as wafer prices fall 70 percent
Expectations of German policy adjustments to drive global PV demand up 146 percent Y/Y in Q1'12
Innovative 3-D solar PV designs from MIT claim to double the solar power generated from a given area
Global solar PV market reaches 27.4-GW in 2011, up 40% Y/Y
Soitec to build 50MW solar plant in South Africa
European research project to boost solar cell efficiency
University of Southampton research shows LiFePO4 batteries could lead to cheaper, more efficient solar energy
Germany leads resurgent European PV market growth late in 2011
T-Solar Group signs up $145m to fund 44 MW worth of photovoltaic power plants in Peru
The Top 10 Most Popular Power Management News Stories of 2011
Solar PV companies shift focus to profitability gains in 2012
Soitec purchases manufacturing facility in San Diego to locally produce CPV modules
Texas Instruments unveils industry's most accurate amplifier for high common-mode-voltage applications
Dow Corning enters long-term silane supply deal with Air Products
Imec's interdigitated back-contact silicon solar cells deliver an efficiency above 23 percent
High-efficiency heterojunction silicon solar cells with copper electroplating
Soitec and Reflexite Energy Solutions enter joint venture to develop competitive CPV solutions
European PV market offers temporary boost for downstream solar companies
Saft to supply Li-ion battery for Arizona energy storage solutions project
European collaboration towards efficient, low-cost tandem organic solar cells
Soitec launches fifth generation of CPV systems for large-scale solar power plants
Mitsubishi Electric starts full-scale testing of Smart Grid in Japan
Mouser launches new Solar Technology PKC training site for engineers
University of Warwick spin-out business claims new record voltage for organic solar cells
Colored LCD filters could double as solar cells while making thinner displays
RF Micro Devices creates new Compound Semiconductor Group
Production cutbacks will fail to prevent solar module inventory buildup
2012 release of 3U high PV-Simulator-in-a-Box offers high-performance testing of PV inverters
Innovative organic solar cell architecture exhibits new performance gains
EPIA predicts solar photovoltaic electricity will become competitive energy source in Europe by 2020
MIT chip spinout gets $6.5M in funding
LCD polarizers to double as organic photovoltaics in mobiles
Tiny gold particles to boost organic solar cell efficiency
Enhanced LISN solution helps assess unsymmetrical disturbances of photovoltaic inverters
Saft to deploy Li-ion energy storage systems for MILLENER Smart Grid project
Transition to renewable energy looks to stimulate German economy
New DC filter offers PV system inverter noise benefits
Harvesting solar, wind and rain energy all at once
Global PV module inventories to end Q2'11 at 8.6-GW
European solar incentive cuts trigger global PV market shift
Compact energy-harvesting and power-management IC enables low-power wireless devices
Circadian Solar prepares for pilot production
QSolar accelerates shipments of PV panels to Europe
Future Energy Solutions demonstrates micro-inverter reference design at InterSolar 2011
SolarMagic chipset and firmware help detect hazardous arc faults in PV systems
Trojan Battery adds high-capacity industrial line for renewable energy applications
Junction box brings module-embedded safety and monitoring functions to PV panels
Flextronics, MEMC expand solar partnership
Thin film PV junction box offers kink protection
New PV junction box supports silicon wafer module
Solar micro-inverter maker raises $41 million
Declining incentives across Europe to reset PV cell capacity expansion plans during 2H'11
High power terminal blocks focus on photovoltaic requirements
Solarbuzz reports world solar PV Market grew to 18.2-GW in 2010
Ten renewable energy grade ICs reduce PV system cost, improve reliability
Soitec announces major U.S. CPV solar power project
RFMD achieves milestone in commercialization of high-performance photovoltaic cells
Franco-Israeli collaboration aims to develop floating solar power plants
DC filter helps reduce solar inverter noise
EPIA declares 2010 was a record year for solar photovoltaics, Europe fuels rapid capacity growth
Spanish researchers develop PV cells with a conversion efficiency of 20.5 percent
Relays handle rigours of photovoltaic inverters to 30A
Sanyo HIT photovoltaic modules receive MCS accreditation
2010 sees solar cell production equipment growth of 34 percent
Global solar photovoltaic demand forecast to reach 20.4-GW in 2011, growth rate drops to 25 percent
CPV module achieves world-class efficiency results
BEST collaborates with PVA to develop superconducting crystal growth magnet system for PV applications
DC switch disconnectors and string boxes target photovoltaic renewable energy applications
National Semiconductor unveils web interface to improve solar energy harvesting
PV book-to-bill in Q3 dips from previous eight-quarter high
Welsh university to lead new £4.4 million solar energy project
Surge protection devices safeguard photovoltaic panels
Photovoltaic power to become mainstream energy in all Sunbelt countries by 2030
Hans-Juergen Cramer becomes chairman of Circadian Solar
400-mA synchronous step-up DC/DC converter targets energy harvesting applications
Spire claims record solar cell efficiency
Solarbuzz focuses UK photovoltaic market opportunity as demand grows
Analyst sees second gold rush in solar
Solar photovoltaic demand up 54% in second quarter, expected to double in 2010
Self-repairing solar cell is bio-inspired
AEG Power Solutions claims breakthrough in polysilicon production efficiency
Imec reports large-area silicon solar cells with efficiencies up to 19.4%
NXP IC Enables Up to 98 Percent-Efficient Power Extraction in Solar PV Applications
LDK Solar to invest in new solar cell and module facility
Photovoltaic solar power gaining momentum with utilities
PV installation growth rate to slow in 2011
Italy's biggest photovoltaic panel factory is given green light
JA Solar agrees 70-MW PV supply deal with Solar-Fabrik
Major Asia Pacific PV markets set to grow 85 percent in 2010
Hermetic sealed photovoltaic connector is TUV and UL tested
Germany continues to drive solar sector but China, USA, Japan and India see high growth
Siemens to deliver 15MW-capable photovoltaic plant to Italy
TSMC enters solar biz, invests in startup
Global solar PV cell production grew 51 percent in 2009
SunSil's next generation solar PV systems increase yields by up to 30 percent
Renewable energy consultancy strengthens PV manufacturing expertise
Junction Box solution focuses on silicon PV solar panel installations
World’s first integrated measurement IC reduces system cost of power inverters
Mapping system for photovoltaic surfaces aims to improve solar panel efficiencies
Circadian Solar enters top university spin out business list
Solar PV expert forecasts steady growth for UK solar cell market
Global PV market gains 20 percent year on year
Solar array simulator enhances micro-inverter testing
Berkeley Lab reveals new solar energy path via solid-state PV
Crystalline solar cells get European focus from SEMI
Europe continues to drive global PV market growth

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