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News about Power Supplies

400-W AC/DC power supplies meet medical/ITE safety approvals January 4, 2016400-W AC/DC power supplies meet medical/ITE safety approvals Powersolve has introduced a series of AC/DC power supplies designed to provide up to 400 W from a compact footprint with a height of 1U.

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DC electronic load reduces rack space by half December 17, 2015DC electronic load reduces rack space by half Intepro Systems has introduced the EL 9000 B Series of electronic DC loads which is offered in 15 models with rated peak power from 1,200 to 7,200 Watts. Read more PSU MOSFET driver boosts functional robustness, with low power loss November 25, 2015PSU MOSFET driver boosts functional robustness, with low power loss Infineon's 2EDN7524 EiceDRIVER ICs are designed for the PFC, LLC and synchronous rectification stages of switch mode power supplies, and marks Infineon moving into offering dedicated MOSFET drivers of this type. Read more Low leakage power supplies resuscitating medical technology November 11, 2015Low leakage power supplies resuscitating medical technology Powerbox has added to the company's medical Medline family. The OFM30 30W power supplies claim to be best in class EMC for medical systems in CF class while the OFM225 225W series is suitable for BF class with additional voltages. Read more 2-W DC-DC converter offers continuous short circuit protection November 4, 20152-W DC-DC converter offers continuous short circuit protection Aimtec’s unregulated AM2LS-NZ series of 2-W power supplies offers isolation of 1500 or 3000 VDC and features continuous short circuit protection with auto recovery restart.
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AC/DC power supply range meets industrial specs
Stadium Group acquires Stontronics to strengthen growth plans
TI adds advanced WEBENCH tools for expert power-supply designers
Fanless medical power supplies offer patient protection
Auxiliary supplies for industrial designs simplified with PI's LinkSwitch
Mouser signs global distribution deal with CUI
MOSFET family delivers lowest on-resistance and output capacitance
Avnet Abacus inks distribution deal with RRC
Magna-Power Electronics opens sales office in the UK
CEO interview: Vicor powers after higher volume applications
Programmable DC supplies for high power development deliver 90 kW
100-W single output AC-DC power supply targets medical demands
Ultra-fast 650-V IGBTs support fast switching applications
Chip power inductors suit deployment in power circuits of portables
Robust power modules support ultra-wide input voltage ranges
High-integration DC/DC digital PWM power controller
Maxim secures a power-management slot beside Xilinx UltraScale FPGAs
Power supply meets intelligent LED lighting control demands
TTI inks European distribution deal with N2Power
Advanced Energy Industries acquires UK high-voltage power business
Power supply vendors shift rankings in turbulent market
700-V 8-inch 0.18-um power platform focuses on driving LEDs
Offline flyback power ICs achieve sub-30-mW standby power for 5- to 100-W adapters
Programmable power supplies reduce costs in automated test
Pick of the power product releases
5-W axial fusible wirewound safety resistor offers surge voltage capability up to 6-kV
Power supply with anti-rain splash design meets outdoor LED lighting demands
600-W AC/DC medical enclosed type power supply offers energy-saving benefits
Digital PWM controller for high-current, non-isolated DC-DC power supplies
AC-DC power supply achieves 92 percent efficiency at 50 percent full load
IEC publishes technical specification for a single external charger for notebook computers
2.5-A monolithic active cell balancer features telemetry interface
CUI launches complete range of free 3D power supply models to speed power supply design
Modular power supplies offers five-year warranty and price/performance benefits
60-W high density power supply features small footprint ideal for medical applications
Hot-swap modular power supplies offer fast response and flexibility
Transphorm acquires Fujitsu's GaN power conversion business
1200-V field stop trench IGBTs offer faster switching performance with improved reliability
Li-ion battery management ICs target E-bikes, power tools and HEV applications
40 or 60W LED power supplies have switch-selectable output current levels
Power supply range offers price/performance benefits plus five-year warranty
Lighter AC-DC power supplies deliver performance improvements
800-W and 1500-W PSUs provide constant current output down to near zero volts
IEC-certified X-capacitor discharge IC saves time, cut design complexity and reduce cost
95 percent efficient 200-W convection cooled power supplies extend lifetimes
ARCOL Resistors places global distributor inventory online
TDK-Lambda UK appoints Caltest Instruments to support laboratory power supplies in the UK
Low profile high efficiency 180-W AC-DC PSU shrinks footprint
Compact high density medium-power DIN Rail Supplies deliver 94 percent efficiency
Convection-cooled DIN rail power supplies offer cost saving benefits
5W USB switching power adapter measures 41x30mm
Taiyo Yuden claims world's first 330-uF multilayer ceramic capacitor
TTI releases medically-approved MVAC power supplies from Murata
Compact, 800-W configurable power supply targets avionics and defence applications
Agilent adds high-power system power-supply families for ATE
Multi format 180-W power supply delivers power efficiency of 93 percent
Mouser unveils online Infineon SMPS Design Center
Miniature SIP Ac-Dc power supplies help maximize board space
Rohm adds 24 power supply ICs for AC/DC converters
40-W and 65-W AC-DC power supplies comply with 3rd edition medical safety standard
Power supply market to grow by 2.4 percent in 2013
250-W convection cooled power supply eliminates fan maintenance and audible noise
Cree SiC MOSFETs enables Delta Elektronika’s new generation of high efficiency power supplies
2U high 2.4-kW programmable power supply offers mounting flexibility for OEM applications
Compact 400-W power supply is capable of 700-W peak power output
Low output voltage power supplies fit into 1U enclosures
High voltage programmable DC power supplies offer floating output capability
125-V tantalum polymer SMD capacitors surpass 100-V milestone
Medical power supplies simplify compliance for medical device designs
Ultra-compact high efficiency power supplies target automotive applications
UPS service market sees first quarter growth in 2013
PFC IC enables compact designs for consumer products and PCs
Identifying the best power supply for your test application
800-W programmable power supplies offer 2U rack mounting benefits
Safety capacitor range now offer higher capacitance values
UPS market in the Middle East and Africa is forecast to continue to expand in 2013
Programmable DC power supplies offer high power density at competitive prices
Power supply selector guide offers quick and easy method for specifying power supplies
Medical configurable power supply offers 1 x MOPP from input to earth
Upgraded TDK-Lambda selector tool features dedicated Vega AC-DC power supply configurator program
Two-pin, right-angle DC jack for external plug-in power supplies
1U high front-end power supplies deliver 1.6 kW
Compact front-end power supplies feature 80 Plus Platinum standard efficiency
18-V boost regulator supports wide range of display sizes in mobile end products
Programmable power supplies with built-in waveform generation and storage
Development board provides eGaN driver to speed designs of high frequency switching power conversion systems
Martek Power signs up Patlon Aircraft to boost railway power supply sales in Canada
Optocouplers offer high current transfer ratio from 40 to 600 percent at low input currents of 1-mA
Compact 40-W battery-backed switch-mode PSU offers advanced control features
Enhanced online IGBT product selector and performance evaluator tool simplifies device optimization
Industry’s first 48-V constant on-time synchronous step-down converter targets automotive and industrial applications
Baseplate-cooled Ac-Dc power supplies deliver 355-W at 93.5 percent efficiency
Axial cemented wirewound resistor delivers safe and silent fusing operation in energy meters and power supplies
Pulse Electronics changes name to become Ipeco Electronics
Desk top power supplies meet Level V CEC energy saving requirements
300-W AC-DC power supply ensures superior field reliability
DC/DC power supplies with RCC topology provide cost effective solutions for digital applications
600-V Trench ultrafast IGBTs offers reliability benefits
Programmable 1U 750-W AC-DC power supply family offers wide-adjust output voltages
Capacitor charging HV modules add reduced temperature coefficient option
CUI expands DIN rail AC-DC power supply line to address higher power industrial applications
Axial cemented wirewound resistors feature high-voltage surge withstanding capability up to 12-kV
Power supply demand set to drive growth for semiconductors in 2013
True fail open tantalum capacitor offers reliability benefits for filtering applications
High efficiency mini power supplies focus on home automation applications
240-W single output power supplies deliver 200 percent peak power capability to drive high current start up devices
300-V power MOSFETs offer benchmark on-state resistance to boost system efficiency in industrial applications
High power industrial power supplies offer single and three-phase input up to 10-kW output
Compact chassis mount ac-dc power supplies simplify installation in challenging environments
Programmable dual range DC power supplies for bench and ATE applications
Triple-output 45-W power supplies are released with medical and IT equipment safety approvals
HiTek Power releases high voltage power supplies for mass spectrometry applications
Digital ready interface options support wider variety of high-voltage power supply applications
125-Vdc output AC-DC power supply features universal input to tackle industrial applications
Compact high-efficiency 150-Watt power supply medical-grade benefits
Multi-output 60-W power supplies meet green power specifications
Sixth generation 600-V IGBTs claims hard switching efficiency benefits
Linear Technology reveals eight-channel configurable 1-A buck DC/DCs for multi-rail systems
Compact 10-kW power supplies offers extended choice of input voltage from 100-V to 100-kV
New ruggedised AC/DC power supply targets harsh environments including Mil-COTS applications
New compact 32-V front end power supplies delivers up to 8-kW in 1U rack
250-W and 400-W AC-DC power supplies with medical approvals offers convection-cooled operation up to 250-W
HiTek Power applies custom design expertise to create standard high-voltage power supplies for mass spectrometry applications
Programmable power supplies feature arbitrary waveform generation capabilities
90 percent efficient baseplate cooled 400-W and 600-W power supplies target harsh environment and sealed enclosure
Ultravolt released lower output voltage ranges on general purpose benchtop power system
Ultra-low noise 400 to 1200-W power supplies suit medical and broadcast applications
Rugged 350-W AC-DC power supplies comply with SEMI-F47 requirements
160-W and 365-W 1U medical power supplies meet EN 60601-1 3rd Edition
New smart gate driver optocoupler provides designers with isolated gate driving and fault sensing benefits
Dual- and triple-channel programmable power supplies for accurate component characterization
Designing control loops for linear and switching power supplies: a tutorial guide
Delta agrees pan-European franchise deal with Avnet Abacus
Configurable AC-DC power supplies meets Third Edition IEC 60601 Medical Safety Standard
E-beam power supplies boost process performance with arc management handling capability
New single output power supplies feature 200 percent peak power capability to drive high current start up devices
High voltage power supply range is extended to address most demanding applications
Power supplies receive IECEx approval for use in explosive environments
Power supply upgrade reduces power consumption by 50 percent
Powerstax appoints CompuMess Elektronik as new distributor for Central Europe
High power density 3U 4HP pluggable PSUs offer slimline benefits
200-W programmable DC power supplies carry offer application flexibility benefits
Ultra-quiet modular power supplies offer 12 configurable isolated outputs
Farnell element14 to​ speed the delivery of Emerson Network Power's MicroMP series of configura​ble power supplies ​
100W open frame AC/DC power supplies operate from 85 to 264 VAC
300 to 700W medical grade ATX PC power supplies approved to the Latest 3rd edition safety standards
High-voltage DC input power supplies to meets new UL and IEC regulations
RS Components boosts its power conversion offering with Tracopower
PCB-type AC-DC power supplies are 30 percent lighter yet more efficient
1U rack mounted power supply offers up to 3600-W output
Single output 800-W power supplies feature fully programmable output voltage and current
Open frame 40W, AC/DC power supplies on a 102x51mm PCB
400-W AC/DC power supply supports railway applications
New report suggests the European market for data center power distribution products may have untapped potential
2.5-kW 1U hot swap, front end power supplies support DPA applications
New 1700-V/1400-mOhm SiC JFETs simplify fast start-up of 3-phase power supplies
New generation of NPT IGBTs offers a reduction of 20 percent in total switching and conduction losses
Mouser partners with TDK-Lambda for global distribution
95 percent efficient 250-W convection cooled power supply complies with 3rd edition medical and industrial approvals
Medical external power supplies delivers high efficiency performance
Compact 1U open frame 120-W AC/DC power supply offers convection-cooled operation up to 75-W
Low-profile SMD avalanche rectifier features reverse voltage of 1,300-V and 75-ns reverse recovery time
30-W and 60-W dual output industrial power supplies minimize need for an external DC-DC converter
Power module offers 90-degree mounting capability
Modular power supplies achieve full medical safety approvals
New laser system power supply offers 'Superpulsing' capability
New 500-W power supply models combine 90 percent typical efficiency and ErP compliance with sub-0.5-W standby power
150-W external power supplies achieve 87 percent average efficiency for reduced energy consumption
Surface-mount molded tantalum chip capacitors offer low DC leakage current in five standard case sizes
PULS UK's ML series power supplies gain ATEX approval
New LED power supplies offer lowest profile on the market
Verotec unveils eleven new integrated development systems
TDK-Lambda's NV700 modular power supplies attain latest medical approvals
PULS UK develops innovative power supplies to utilize kinetic energy to protect PLC control systems
SolaHD expands power supply line withnNew 5-A and 10-A 24-Vdc three-phase models
New AOS' medium voltage MOSFET enables higher efficiency solutions
60-V – 120-V family of ultra-efficient, high-speed, low voltage MOSFETs focus on synchronous rectification improvements
Energy saving 150-W medical power supplies supports global 60601-1 Ed 2 & 3 safety approvals for medical equipment
Baseplate-cooled AC-DC power supplies deliver 1000-W
XP Power unveils new series of configurable power supplies up to 2500-W
175-W AC to DC supply offers power density benefits for 2X4 board space
2.5-kW 1U hot swap, front end power supplies offers leading power density performance
TI launches fastest 4-A and 5-A two-output MOSFET drivers for telecom and server power supplies
40 percent of three-phase UPS operate under service contracts
New Trench-based low forward voltage Schottky rectifiers deliver switching efficiency benefits
IP66-rated LED AC-DC power supplies target higher power LED lighting applications
2-kW ac/dc power supply with PFC-input focuses on heavy-duty industrial applications
Excelsys offers most compact 750-W output configurable power supply in its class
TDK-Lambda unveils next generation of digitally controlled medical power
Dual-output, 100-W power supply with Universal AC-input targets railway applications
TDK-Lambda UK extends scope for safety testing to embrace 60601-1 Edition 3 medical standard
250/350-W range of AC-DC power supplies offer ultra compact footprint
High efficiency medical AC-DC external power supplies deliver output power ratings up to 65-W and 110-W
10-A buck regulator delivers efficiency and power density benefits
Powerstax medical power supplies achieve latest medical approvals
High power density DC/DC converters provide save saving of up to 50 percent
PEI-Genesis agrees deal to deliver power supplies from Emerson Network Power to European customers within five days
Amantys develops new intelligent power switch that delivers improved reliability and performance for medium and high voltage applications
Space saving encapsulated AC-DC power modules focus on low power ITE applications
33 percent smaller programmable DC power supplies offer improved flexibility
Aimtec expands range of 1-W surface mount DC/DC converters
Convection cooled miniature PSU increases reliability and reduces noise
austriamicrosystems extends high-voltage CMOS technology towards power grid applications
High-current inductor benefits from industry-leading low-loss material
Low cost 'green' external power supplies focus on high volume applications
World UPS market forecast to hit USD10 billion by 2015
Low-profile, high-current inductor is packed in 3232 case size
TDK-Lambda extends its digitally-controlled EFE series power supplies warranty to five years
1-kW convection cooled AC/DC power supply with PFC-Input and inherent redundancy supports rugged industrial applications.
EPC releases development board featuring eGaN FETs
Intersil claims world's first high speed, dual channel 6-A MOSFET driver
Ultra-fast 1200-V IGBTs reduces switching and conduction losses
Three-channel wide Vin step-down controllers provide design flexibility for multi-output power supplies
Isolated power, 36-V, H-bridge transformer driver enables simple and flexible isolated DC-DC designs
Emerson Network Power unveils 25-W series of high efficiency power supplies for LED lighting
EPC expands eGaN FET family with second generation 40-V, 16 milliohm power transistor
Medically approved power adapters deliver high power of 250-W
New ruggedised power supplies meet the extreme industrial demands
High voltage large case MLCCs support higher reliability applications
High reliability adjustable shunt regulator operates across wide junction temperature range
Aim-TTi adds single-output models to laboratory power supplies
TDK-Lambda acquires new site to support future expansion plans
1U 120-W multi-output switcher offers application versatility benefits
Pulse Electronics expands capacity to support strong order book
400-Vac input, AC/DC power supply features PFC-input to deliver 3-kW in industrial applications
Vishay Intertechnology releases 34 new 600-V rectifiers in six power packages
Spellman unveils new series of electrostatic chuck high voltage power supplies
Ultra compact 15-40 Watt power supplies feature PCB or chassis mount options
SL Power unveils widest range of Energy Level V and EN60601 3rd Edition external power supplies
Next generation AC-DC supply delivers 65 W from compact footprint
PowerTrench MOSFETs boost system efficiency and power density in synchronous rectification applications
EPC unveils second generation 200-V eGaN power transistor
Flexible 365-W low profile power supplies offer short lead times
ROHM releases high speed switching, high voltage resistance MOSFETs for PFCs in switching power supplies
Open-frame 150-W AC-DC power supplies target volume applications
New AC-DC LED drivers offer OEMs high-quality lighting power
Potted power supply offers IP68 ingress protection
Programmable shunt regulators raise efficiencies of low power systems
XP Power calls for an industry-standard for ‘green’ component power supplies
Low-power AC/DC-Converter delivers low no-load power consumption
AC-DC power supply range extends to 1-kW for medical or industrial applications
Slim-line DC fan targets compact high power applications
Compact 60-W open-frame power supply models offer medical and IT equipment safety approvals
Energy measurement SoC offers management of AC/DC power supplies in servers and data communication equipment
85 - 250 Watt medical and IT external power supplies offer 92 percent efficiency
High voltage SiC power switch offers logic-level gate control 
Global revenues for UPS sales pass $7 billion
New web site focuses on military and industrial high reliability power solutions
Environmentally-friendly PCB-type AC-DC power supplies offers 10 year life span
PFC ICs offer enhanced system protection and safety benefits
Space-saving 480/960-W supplies target heavy-duty industrial applications
Energy measurement SoC offers improved control of AC/DC power supplies in servers
Leading European distributor aims for a 'Best Fit' with power management applications
Conduction cooled 250-W power supplies deliver full useable power at high temperatures
New global power supply guide spotlights 60 new product ranges
Short-form catalogue spotlights MIL COTS Power Solutions from Powerstax
Industrial and medical 400-W power supply provides 600-W peak within compact footprint
150-W AC-DC power supply delivers ultra compact benefits
Fault protection switch provides up to 100-V input voltage protection
Low-profile, high-current inductors offer high maximum frequency to 1-MHz and low DCR
1-W DC/DC converter offers high efficiency and tighter load regulation
100-Watt conduction cooled AC-DC supply suits sealed enclosures
1,000-W and 600-W full brick PFC modules offer high performance AC-DC Power Factor Correction
SMD0.2 packaged MOSFETs reduce system size and weight in HiRel space applications
UPS market bounces back to double-digit growth in 3Q 2010
Digi-Key inks global distribution deal with Phihong USA
30-V MOSFET claims industry's lowest RDSon
External AC-DC power supply series meets latest energy standards
100-W low profile PCB-mountable power supplies offers up to 90 percent efficiency
Small 100-W and 150-W PCB power supplies offer high-efficiency, reduce environmental impact
Hybrid circuit protection technology focuses on high-rate-discharge battery applications
Linear Technology and Energy Micro demonstrate smart energy harvesting solution
Waterproof LED power supplies are 92 percent efficient
40-65W AC-DC medical power supplies focus on use in medical devices with applied part rating B
Resistors feature long side termination to enable high performance on small surface areas
Energy-recovery circuit cuts the cost of meeting highest efficiency targets
Digitally controlled power supplies target B and BF type medical applications
12-VDC 80mm fan provides airflow benefits for use in power supplies
200-W battery-backed switch-mode PSU targets telemetry applications
Low cost 12-W AC/DC LED power supplies offer constant current of 350-mA to 1000-mA
Budget 200-W single-output power supply fits into a 1U rack
High efficiency AC-DC supplies offer compact benefits
MINIBLOC packaged Schottky diode offers increased efficiency in power rectification
TDK-Lambda agrees UK distribution deal with Ideal Power
Online parametric search wizard speeds selection of 1.5-W to 100-kW AC-DC power supplies
Low-cost chassis mount industrial power supplies target cost sensitive industrial applications
Flexible Termination system reduces ceramic chip failures in high voltage applications
Verotec releases 19-inch subrack pluggable power supplies
8-pin high efficiency resonant half-bridge control ICs helps to simplify SMPS design
TDK-Lambda EMEA launches 1.6-kW high density hot swap front end power supplies
Tektronix unveils new programmable DC Power Supplies
High voltage gate driver ICs offer improved noise Immunity and performance
Automotive power MOSFETs are optimized for switching applications
Programmable DC power supplies series adds new 800-V model
LED power supplies focus on system designs for lighting and signals
Sample kit offers current-compensated ring core power chokes
Online IGBT selection tool optimizes power management design
Active-clamped, current-mode PWM controller offers more than 90 percent efficiency
Aluminium body panel-mount power supplies deliver more than 85 percent efficiency
Compact 10 to 100-W DIN rail power supply series targets industrial applications
Baseplate-cooled 500-W AC-DC power supplies need no cooling fans
Flexible programmable power supplies extend output voltage ranges
PSS controller enables low standby consumption for higher power applications
Synchronous DC-DC controller offers high efficiencies at light loads
Copper clip technology optimizes mid-voltage power MOSFETs in PQFN package
Flyback controllers in 6-pin ThinSOT package focus on military demands
High power converter/inverter platform offers power density greater than 12 kVA/litre
Asian UPS revenues surge past those for EMEA for first time
Configurable power supply offers performance benefits while driving down costs
Chip inductors reduce size and cost of DC-DC power supplies
ACAL Technology signs pan-European power supply franchise deal with ICC Elpac
Laboratory bench DC power supplies offer maximum outputs of 120-V or 250-V
High speed LDO family targets point-of-load applications
Campbell Collins offers new DIN rail power supply solutions
Gresham packs more power into 6U cPCI footprint
Family of LED power supplies is unveiled for SSL applications
New AEG UPS exhibits a power factor of 0.9
5 kV isolated gate drivers reduce power system costs
IC family automatically discharges X capacitors safely
Westcor unveils MIL-COTS family of AC-DC configurable power supplies
Compact 40-W AC/DC power supply claims best in class power density rating
Campbell Collins takes on IPD's embedded power supplies
New power supplies conform to BF type medical applications
3000-W analogue programmable power supplies offer mounting options
Planar chokes target telecom power supplies up to 500 W
UltraVolt extends microsize high-voltage power supply family
Power conversion IC family targets flyback power supplies

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