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External AC-DC power blocks meet US DoE Level VI and EU CoC Tier 2 January 25, 2016External AC-DC power blocks meet US DoE Level VI and EU CoC Tier 2 XP Power has developed four external power supply series that enable products to meet new EU and US environmental and energy efficiency regulations, which come into force this year. Read more Half-bridge evaluation board simplifies GaN transistor testing December 29, 2015Half-bridge evaluation board simplifies GaN transistor testing GaN Systems has introduced a Half-Bridge Evaluation Board which demonstrates the performance of the company's GaN enhancement mode power semiconductors in real power circuits.
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Pan-European project lays foundations for powering the smart grid December 21, 2015Pan-European project lays foundations for powering the smart grid A multi-million euro pan-European E2SG (Energy to Smart Grid) research project, which featured 29 project partners from nine European countries, has been completed.  The project focused on developing a power supply that was more efficient, stable and secure.

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Single-chip protection IC for 1-Cell Li+ battery packs December 11, 2015Single-chip protection IC for 1-Cell Li+ battery packs The AP9234L (Diodes Inc.) has been designed to provide a high-accuracy, single-chip solution for 1-cell lithium-ion (Li+) or lithium-polymer rechargeable battery packs. Key markets for this device are manufacturers of battery protection circuit modules for consumer electronics equipment. Read more PSU controller for ultra-low standby power in USB chargers December 7, 2015PSU controller for ultra-low standby power in USB chargers The AP3785T AC-DC primary-side switched-mode power supply controller from Diodes Inc. is aimed at 8W to 15W 5V output USB chargers that necessitate ultra-low standby power, to meet increasingly tight power supply efficiency regulations. Read more
Switch-mode AC-DC regulator enables ultra-low standby power in USB chargers
German battery maker puts squeeze on Tesla's solar storage plans
Medical-rated 130W AC-DC power supply is smallest available
120W PSU in credit-card footprint
Tektronix/Keithley adds high-current/power bench PSU variants
USB power supply is designed for automotive environments
Online power supply configurator supplants custom solutions
Magnetic-feedback PSU ICs applied to auxiliary/standby supplies to 35W
Auto-ranging programmable DC power source to 15 kW
Simulator emulates battery performance from full charge to total discharge
Power supply IC generates low-noise bipolar (+/-) power rails
Compact 5W USB wall plug adapters meet Level VI standards
Excelsys agrees distribution deal with Divisoft
24/48V outputs in ‘Limited Power Source’ category in encapsulated PSU range
3 kW Platinum front-end AC/DC PSU for Power over Ethernet
150W and 225W, external medical-spec power supplies
DDC acquires Emrise Electronics to expand power portfolio
“True 150W” AC/DC power supply in 2 x 4-in. format
500W power supply minimises footprint
UPS remote monitoring system IoT technology platform
Battery-backed power supplies maintain up to 115W
Baseplate cooled AC-DC power supplies deliver 110W
75W triple output AC-DC power supplies
Compact 100W baseplate-cooled power supply
micro-PMIC provides integrated power management for wearable devices
TI claims first for a primary-regulated, “zero standby power”, higher-power AC/DC PSU
Durable 480-V passive power supply focuses on high-voltage applications
Single output, 5-20W medically approved power supplies
LED power supply market to triple in next five years
800W, micro redundant industrial PC power supply in 1-U space
Power supply design tool is offered as cloud-based app
Nano power modules redefine space-constrained power supply designs
Chinese power supply manufacturer appoints Luso for UK sales
Algorithm indicates the electricity consumption of individual appliances
Dual 3-A/single 6-A step-down power module is industry's smallest
High power programmable AC-DC power supplies, up to 2.2 kW
PC software tests switching power supplies
800W high-voltage programmable DC power supply
Software tool simulates performance characteristics of SMPS capacitors
Off-line switching power supply IC cuts optocouplers from switching supply circuit
Compact wired AC/DC modules with low standby power
Excelsys sign distribution deal with Swiss-based CL Electronics
Triple output lab power supply offers paralleling and tracking
Piezoelectric material cuts cost of micro-energy harvesting
200-mA power supply supports 64 DALI device network
TDK expands UK-based power supply R&D facilities
LED power supply meets EMI global lighting standards
High-efficiency buck-boost and boost+bypass switching regulators
Farnell element14 signs global agreement with RECOM Power
Ultra-compact SIP AC-DC PSUs get low-profile versions
Future Electronics pens distribution deal with Stadium Power
Primary-side switcher cuts power supply size and cost
Dual low-side driver IC supports automotive SMPS applications
LED power supply offers optional dimming benefits
Spanish researchers reveal wireless energy transfer device
Programmable PSUs tuned to battery-powered devices/low power semiconductor test
1800W, 48V ATCA/PoE front-end power supply fits 1-U slot
Efficient offline power converters for consumer applications
Programmable power supplies deliver up to 650Vdc
Power supply modules for extreme temperatures
Power supply is designed for test and measurement applications
Power supplies address benchtop and manufacturing test applications
10-kW power supplies offer 400-kV or 500k-V output voltages
Export tool speeds power supply designing process
400W convection-cooled power supply
Smallest conduction cooled power supply focuses on LED lighting
Envelope tracking company attracts USD20m for growth plans
Slideshow: Focusing on power trends at APEC 2014
Power supply unit for CompactPCI Serial
XP Power inks global distribution deal with Digi-Key
AC frequency converter bench power supplies
Front terminal batteries target standby power applications
HiTek Power launches range of high performance, medium output voltage power supplies
Yuasa adds high capacity 12-V industrial battery to support UPS applications
UPS service revenues forecast to grow to USD3.1 bn in 2014
600-W AC/DC medical enclosed type power supply offers energy-saving benefits
Automatic discharge IC drives power consumption of X-capacitor discharge down to 1-mW
Power supply IC protects automotive antenna amplifiers
3-phase input, power factor corrected encapsulated AC-DC isolated module delivers up to 300W
High ESD switches offer guaranteed latch-up protection for high-voltage industrial applications
The Top 10 Most Popular Power Management Technical Articles of 2013
60-W high density power supply features small footprint ideal for medical applications
Compact power supply delivers 60-W of power for medical applications
AMETEK acquires power management systems provider Powervar
High-current power module relies on digital controller for precision output voltage control
Uninterruptible power supply guarantees reliable data acquisition
BME capacitor series with 25-V rating offers extended capacitance range for 50-V parts
Drag and Drop GUI simplifies power management in digital controller development projects
Power-supply controller IC slashes system cost and footprint
Linear Technology releases LTspice IV on native Mac OS X
100-W baseplate-cooled Ac-Dc power supply targets ITE and telecommunications applications
Power Integrations releases Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 smartphone charger reference design
Isolated energy measurement chipset reduces design cost, size, and complexity
Envelope tracking DC/DC converter for supports all 3G and 4G LTE bands
40W constant-current LED driver addresses cost-sensitive applications
High voltage power supply modules support mass spectrometry applications
Ruggedized, flexible high power AC/DC PSUs targets challenging high-rel applications
300-W ac-dc power supply offers value for money benefits for industrial applications
1-kW power supply and charger in one unit for 400-V ultracaps
High stability high voltage power supplies focus on mass spectrometry applications
250-W convection cooled power supply eliminates fan maintenance and audible noise
Industry's smallest PFC boost IC fits in a 5-pin SOT-23 package
AC/DC power system offers four combinable 12-Vdc/50-A outputs
AC-DC power supply offers full 1500-W output across input range 90 to 264 Vac
Dual supply configuration 10-kW high voltage power supplies focus on electron beam systems
1 to 10-W AC/DC power supplies accept ultra-wide input voltage range
500-V DC power supply is ideal for supporting EV/HEV and PV applications
High capacity industrial battery offers discharge performance benefits
High voltage power supplies target mass spectrometry applications
Nujira start of volume production ramp of Envelope Tracking modulator for mobile handsets
LED power supply suits hand-held devices
Integrated PFC IC for compact consumer products
Ultra-low noise, high PSRR linear voltage regulators reduce jitter, simplify power design
150-W AC-DC power supply holds medical certification
1000-V DC power supply extends perfomance capabilities to high-voltage applications
400-VAC input 10-kW compact high voltage power supplies offer broad choice of input voltage
AC/DC power supply packs 60-W in ultra-compact package
Ultra-compact GigE industrial camera is powered-over-Ethernet
Upgraded TDK-Lambda selector tool features dedicated Vega AC-DC power supply configurator program
Online design tool provides CCM, non-isolated PFC buck and buck LED driver designs in less than a minute
Redox flow battery reaches stack power up to 25kW with a cell size of 0.5m2
Enhanced power supply design software supports LED lighting applications
Flexible digital power management solution features built-in autocompensation to reduce design times
High voltage power supplies focus on mass spectrometry application benefits
Isolated error amplifiers outperform optocouplers and shunt regulators in power supply applications
Design tool utilizes digital power solutions to bring DC/DC controller features to market quickly
High-current connector system supports up to 100A per bay
10-kW high voltage power supply systems meet demands of ion and electron beam systems
Low on-state resistance power MOSFETs offer more power efficient ORing applications
TDK-Lambda opens Advanced Technology Centre in Bristol, UK
PULS expands UPS solutions to offer the longest possible service life for emergency stand-by batteries
Triple-output 45-W power supplies are released with medical and IT equipment safety approvals
Digital 800-W bulk front-end power supply meets 80 PLUS Gold standard efficiency
30-A fully-encapsulated DC/DC power module delivers 100-W from a 17-mm square PCB footprint
Compact high-efficiency 150-Watt power supply medical-grade benefits
New SMM stacked MLC capacitors feature Super X7R dielectric to enhance performance
New 160-V ultracapacitor module for wind turbine pitch control reduces costs and lowers installation expense
New series of economical high-efficiency LED drivers support large industrial displays in 19 to 27 inch range
TDK-Lambda ups investment in UK power supply manufacturing facility
Powersolve acquires Safety Power Group to add programmable supplies to product portfolio
375W constant current power supply for high power LED lamps
Industrial-grade high-efficiency 150-W power supply offers high density solution
300-Watt DC power supply series offer versatility and safe operation
Four new 2-A high voltage half-bridge MOSFET drivers offer best-in-class performance
Arrows launches a cloud-based design platform for FPGAs
Mouser unveils power supply technology web site to support design development
330-W AC/DC power supply achieves 15-W/in3 power density and up to 90 percent efficiency
High density 330W AC/DC power supply achieves up to 90 percent efficiency
High voltage power supply range is extended to address most demanding applications
CISSOID signs distribution deal with SETRON for Central and Northern Europe
High reliability MIL grade ceramic SMPS capacitors target high frequency switching power supplies
LED power supply covers power range from 16 to 25W
Pr​oportional microsize​ HV power supplies​ offer improved output voltage stability
60-V battery charging controller and power manager features input maximum power point control
Low-cost remote control programmable switching DC power supplies deliver up to 360W
New 200-V Schottky barrier rectifiers support high frequency inverter applications
SiC Schottky barrier diodes claim the industry's lowest
2500-W server power supply achieves 80 PLUS Platinum efficiency
LED power supply covers wide power range
New speed controllable AC fan helps to achieve 30 percent energy savings
FRIWO releases new all-purpose 250-W power supply module
TDK-Lambda Alpha 1000 modular power supplies meet latest medical approvals
Green mode power switch device with integrated protection circuitry helps improve SMPS reliability
Diode controller replaces two Schottky diodes to enable low loss ORing of multiple power sources
Industry's first online tool provides full system-level power design, including hot-swap control and isolated DC/DC conversion
300-W 3U CompactPCI power supplies target ruggedised industrial and marine applications
150-W LED-driver design with 93 percent efficiency, 30 percent reduction in component count
New 30-V power MOSFET slashes conduction losses
Excelsys signs Nu Horizons Electronics to distribute power solutions in North America and Asia Pacific
PULS UK to offer free UK-based technical support for power supply customers
3U form-factor PSU offers increased power benefits
XP Power promises product compliance to 3rd edition medical safety standards with 2 x MOPP
New power supply suits high voltage X-ray applications
New IGBT modules support smaller, more efficient power converters in wind power-generation and PV systems
80-W power supply platform offers configuration flexibility
480-W power supply delivers economy benefits
UNIPOWER unveils custom designed service for integrated DC power system solutions
Encapsulated power supplies outputs from 3.3 to 55V up to 6W
Advanced digital power controller targets high efficiency, isolated power supplies
Redundant AC/DC rack-mount power system features plug-in modules to deliver up to 5-kW
1A step-down power converter reduces switching noise by 99 percent
Integrated power controller offers stability benefits for automotive applications
New step-down supply reduces switching noise by 99 percent
New 500-W power supply models combine 90 percent typical efficiency and ErP compliance with sub-0.5-W standby power
IP66-rated LED AC-DC power supplies from 60 to 100W for power LED lighting
Multi-port wall supply serves multiple USB-driven devices
TDK-Lambda's digital power supplies achieve medical approvals
Quad digital power supply manager features powerful GUI to speed development
120-W medical switcher enables quick configuration to meet exact output specification
XP Power releases power supply app and web interactive product selector
30-V/1.2-A PWM step down DC/DC converter offers optimal circuit efficiency
LED driver reference design focuses on high-efficiency universal-voltage fluorescent tube replacement
Power MOSFETs in LFPAK enable slimmer AC/DC adapter designs
Industry's first PFC and LLC resonant combo converter enables EuP Lot 6 compliance
Next-generation digital power controller provides highest flexibility and performance for AC/DC and isolated DC/DC power designs
Dual 3-A, 2.5-MHz, 42-V boost/inverting DC/DC converter features integrated fault protection
ROHM claims industry's smallest single-package power supply modules
Acal BFi launches 200W AC to DC modules that fit into a 1U chassis
High voltage DC power supply offers low ripple, fast transient response
New 3000-F ultracapacitor claims to offer the lowest weight, lowest ESR and highest power density
Step-down DC/DC converter is ideal for load dump and cold-crank conditions
Rugged 750-W AC/DC power supply enables start-up in switchgear motors
Quintet of redundant power systems target fault tolerant power applications
MOSFET controller boosts PSU efficiency for Energy Star rating
Texas Instruments unveils industry's most accurate amplifier for high common-mode-voltage applications
High efficiency 20-W to 60-W power supplies focus on medical applications
Versatile, highly efficient LED power supply for exterior lighting
Ultra-low-noise LDOs optimizes load performance in communications, medical and industrial systems
PFC control IC reduces noise sensitivity for cost sensitive electronic ballast and SMPS applications
Emerson Network Power reveals unified AC power UPS EMEA portfolio
Web-based design and simulation tool creates flyback designs in minutes
1.2-kW output power supply offers flexibility in laboratory applications
Source/sink step-down regulator offers adjustable current limit benefits
Programmable 10-A and 20-A buck regulators deliver 96 percent efficiency
Next generation power switch series meets 2013 ErP Lot 6 standby power regulations with one chip
600-V automotive-qualified IGBTs are Optimized for electric and hybrid vehicle applications
DC/DC controller generates positive or negative regulated voltages
650-W 6U cPCI offers inventory reduction benefits
Mean Well expands LED power supply line to high end
General purpose programmable power supply from 86W to 150W and 20 to 72V
TDK-Lambda signs with Futura Electronics to extend its reach in the Irish market
Power Integrations releases 25-W LED llghting ballast reference design sized for T8 tubes
Liebert APM UPS achieves Carbon Trust's Enhanced Capital Allowance Accreditation
AC/DC switching power supply with PFC-input delivers 750-W
Wide input range 200-W power supply targets outdoor event and broadcast systems
New ruggedised power supplies meet the extreme industrial demands
Ultravolt unleashes higher power per channel on rack mount high voltage power system
Adaptive algorithm helps UPS solution reduce the power bills of UK businesses by Ł10m over next five years
TDK-Lambda acquires new site to support future expansion plans
Versatile 3U 300-W+ VPX PSU offers high power density benefits
HiTek Power develops custom high-voltage power supply for Chinese scientific research
PWM controller provides a small form factor solution for space-constrained consumer electronics
German carmakers agree on 48V on-board supply, charging plug
40-V gate driver reduces IGBT switching losses
Power stage dual asymmetric MOSFETs focus on need for high power density and ease of design
Unipower acquires Power Solutions
Multifunctional LED lighting connector helps reduce component count
Low power external power supplies features integrated USB connector
High-brightness LED driver focuses on simplifying area-lighting design
Bulk power DC/DC supply targets distributed power systems
AMETEK Solidstate Controls now offers battery time remaining display reading
250-W power supplies combine 93 percent efficiency and ErP compliance with 0.5-W no load input power
Wide VIN range flyback controller offers high reliability benefits
New Hall Effect sensor family offers 4-20-mA output solution
350-mA constant-current driver provides high reliability for indoor lighting
Switches offer guaranteed latch-up prevention, low charge injection and low leakage
Low-power AC/DC-Converter delivers low no-load power consumption
Roband launches 30-kV mains-powered, bench-top high voltage dc power supply
AMETEK expands Digital Process Power product sizes
60-V battery charging controller offers power management benefits
New 600-W MicroTCA power supply targets broad range of telecomms applications
LED control IC offers increased efficiency, simplified design and cost savings
LEM unveils battery monitoring transducer upgrade for UPS designs
iWatt selects Magma's Titan platform to automate analog design of power supply control ICs
1200-W DC-input bulk front-end power supply is digitally programmable
56-V UPS ultracapacitor modules target mission-critical installations
Balluff power supply for wind energy equipment
Highly efficient family of low-power adapters claims world's lowest standby power capability
Conduction cooled 250-W power supplies deliver full useable power at high temperatures
6U 600-W cPCI power supply reduces costs and inventory
Ultracapacitor-based backup power module for uninterruptible power supply systems
500-mA LDOs boost portable and battery-powered equipment performance
CUI releases 6-W AC-DC open frame power supply
High-voltage power MOSFET delivers high efficiency and low power consumption
High current gate driver aims to minimize switching losses
Dual 600-W power supply offers outputs of 80-V and 50-A
The Top 10 Most Popular Power Management Technical Articles of 2010
EPSMA releases updated guidance on PFC legislation in Europe
60-Watt power supply features medical and IT equipment safety approvals
Semtech adds 4-A device to broad platform of POL regulators
STMicroelectronics simplifies Blu-ray design with three-in-one power-supply IC
Electromagnetic design software speeds development of contactless distributed power supply
AC-DC power supply reference board focuses on designs requiring ultra high efficiency
High performance cPCI offers inventory reduction benefits
Campbell Collins releases DC/DC power supply for wind energy turbine applications
U-bracket single output power supplies deliver up to 400W convection-cooled
Ultra-low noise, high current linear regulators feature input voltages as low as 1.7-V
TDK-Lambda joins PMBus Alliance
Li-ion battery provides high energy storage in a compact, lightweight package for telecom applications
100-W encapsulated AC/DC power supply handles extreme environments
Compact 120-W MIL-spec DC-DC converter features 12-V and 15-V output versions
AEG Power Solutions appoints COMPUTERLINKS to support UPS customers
Tektronix unveils new programmable DC Power Supplies
Tool optimizes design of multiple load power supplies for Altera, Xilinx FPGAs
XP Power claims world's smallest 45 W 'green' power supply
Medically approved adapter operates from mains voltage or 12 VDC
840-W dual power supply adds flexible interfaces
XP Power releases third edition of power supply technical guide
Gresham offers short lead times for its CompactPCI power supplies
Excelsys conformally coats Xgen power supplies for COTS/defense applications
TDK-Lambda collaborates with Thermastrate to advance thermal materials for power supply magnetics
Pickering Interfaces extends PXI power supply selection
50 W X-ray generator power supply offers high stability and low ripple
MOSFET controller raises efficiency of AC-DC converters
Low cost 1800-W bulk power supply is 1U high
External medical and IT power supplies support latest energy efficiency standards
Versatile 5-A DC/DC converter generates either a positive or a negative regulated voltage
80-V DC/DC converter targets boost, flyback, SEPIC and inverting power supplies
Configurable power supply offers performance benefits while driving down costs
Chip inductors reduce size and cost of DC-DC power supplies
600-V, 8-A PFC rectifiers feature voltage drop as low as 1 V
TDK-Lambda achieves ISO 9001:2008 group certification across Europe
Compact single output power supplies offer up to 3000-W with active PFC
10 MBd digital optocoupler for high insulation voltage applications
Lattice releases electronic publication of power supply management designer guide
Virtual remote sense controller overcomes the need for remote sense wires
DC/DC controllers generate positive or negative regulated voltage
Isolated DC-DC converter development tools increase power density of modular power supplies
WLED driver with PWM-controllable boost converter maximizes power efficiency
Heavy-duty 1600-W power supply supports 1U applications
75 to 200-W power supplies meet latest Energy Star requirements
X-Ray generator aims to simplify OEM systems integration
Enhanced software guides designers to select power supply capacitors
Battery management circuit enables active cell balancing for high-cell-count Li-Ion batteries
New Power MOS8 FREDFET boosts energy efficiency of large-screen LCD TVs
PMIC integrates three regulators to provide high-efficiency, fixed-frequency operation for LCD HDTV panels

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