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News about Solar

Lightweight solar cell module lowers space launch costs February 9, 2016Lightweight solar cell module lowers space launch costs Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc, claims to have achieved a breakthrough in power-to-weight ratio for the company's lightweight solar module, delivering more than 1700 watts of power per kilogram, operating at AM0, technically known as the space environment.
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Heliatek claims OPV world record efficiency of 13.2 percent February 8, 2016Heliatek claims OPV world record efficiency of 13.2 percent Heliatek has achieved a conversion efficiency of 13.2% for an OPV multi-junction cell to claim a world record for the direct conversion of sunlight into electricity using organic photovoltaic cells.
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Novel mix of materials aims to lower solar cell costs January 28, 2016Novel mix of materials aims to lower solar cell costs An international research team has simplified the steps to create highly efficient silicon solar cells by applying a mix of materials to a standard design.

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Next-generation silicon solar cells: Imec extends collaboration with Total January 28, 2016Next-generation silicon solar cells: Imec extends collaboration with Total Nanoelectronics research centre imec has extended the organization's collaboration with global energy company Total to increase the energy output of PV panels.

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Managing heat: Watching electrons cool in fractions of a second January 21, 2016Managing heat: Watching electrons cool in fractions of a second Researchers at the University of California, Riverside have developed a way of seeing electrons cool off in an extremely short time period. The development could improve the heat management of visual displays, next-generation solar cells and photodetectors. Read more
Mono-silicon crystal growth technique lowers solar sell costs
Solar-cell 'doctor' seeks to cure greenhouse gas emission problems
Mechanochemical advance reduces perovskite manufacturing costs
Solar cells: Charge carrier formation impacts energy effificency
Solar thermal fuel polymer film helps plug EV power drain
Dual-junction solar cell claims world conversion efficiency record
Moth eyes inspire antireflective coatings for microwave radiation
​Light trapping technique boosts solar cell power by 30 percent
Renewables plus Super Grid set to power up Russia
Diagnostic imaging technique aims to boost solar cell efficiencies
Miniscule silicon pillars prove key to doubling solar cell efficiencies
Can nanostructured germanium pave the way to portable photovoltaics?
Light trapping innovation lifts solar cell efficiency to 45 percent
Invisible wires: Solar cell efficiency improvements see the light
German battery maker puts squeeze on Tesla's solar storage plans
Tandem thin film solar cells add perovskite to boost efficiency
Inorganic materials boost perovskite solar cell durability and efficiency
imec broadens R&D collaboration deal with Kaneka
Multi-crystalline silicon solar cell claims 21.25 percent efficiency record
Harvest more energy from photons to improve solar cells and li-fi
Perovskite advance targets long-wavelength sunlight to boost solar cell efficiency
Ultra-thin perovskite nanocrystals enable tunable, energy-efficient LEDs
Boosting solar panel efficiency: Is it simply a matter of angles?
Can eco-friendly graphene oxide lower solar cell costs?
Iron based dyes promise cheaper solar energy applications
Nanohoops: A new approach to energize future devices
Solar bypass semiconductor device protects PV from lighting
Energy-as-a-service: GE combines LED and energy businesses to offer solution
Can vertically-grown organic semiconductors reshape solar cells and LEDs?
Elon Musk targets high-volume solar panel dominance
Invisibility cloak focuses on enhancing solar cell efficiency
Will DIY spray-on solar cells be a reality soon?
Hybrid solar panel roof helps slash energy bills
Keeping robots on the move - smartening up solar harvesting
Transparent coating cools solar cells while boosting efficiency
World efficiency record claimed for both sides-contacted solar cells
Solar cell produced on EpiWafer yield 20 percent efficiency
Can electron superhighway drives organic solar panel innovations?
Graphene innovation halves the cost of semitransparent perovskite solar cells
Light-harvesting nanoparticles power solar water-splitting technology
Solar-charged transparent Li-ion battery promises 'smart windows'
The route to cleaner e-cars - coupling perovskite solar cells
TSMC pulls plug on solar business
Could aluminium be solar cell technology's new silver lining?
Simplified organic solar cells boost efficiency while lowering costs
Google's Project Sunroof makes installing solar easier
Micro rake doubles efficiency of inexpensive solar cells
True building-integrated photovoltaics about to take-off, says n-tech Research
'Aqueous solar flow' battery 20 percent more efficient than lithium-iodine batteries
Butterflies help boost solar panel power by 50 per cent
Can metallic nanoparticles lower the cost of solar cells?
Pervoskite technology investment offers faster energy pay back
Slippery solution improves solar cell efficiency
Phosphorene opens path to ultralight solar cells and LEDs
Paper-thin solar charger fits inside a notebook
Battery overheating stalls solar plane record attempt
Nanoscale light-emitting device extends visbility of objects
Perovskite solar cells - can production costs be lowered?
Photo battery shines light on safer power
Oxford Photovoltaics raises funds, replaces CEO
Power grid pilot highlights Europe's battery storage failings
Solar powered flight smashes long distance records
Room temperature nanoparticles - Is there a silver lining?
Perovskite solar cells achieve energy conversion efficiency milestone
Four-junction solar cell sets world efficiency record for CPV module
Plant-inspired solar cell design promises improved efficiency
Metal-organic framework compounds: The future for flexible solar cells?
Printed designer organic electronics
Quantum dot blinking - a problem solved?
Solar passive technologies promise energy efficient building façades
Swiss CIGS PV start-up Flisom enters pilot production
Saft partners KACO to target swarm energy storage solutions
Newswatch: Can IKEA make renewable energy payoff?
Black silicon treatment achieves record PV energy performance
Chasing the super cell
Plugging pinholes extends perovskite solar cell lifetimes
Polymer solar cell passes 10 percent efficiency threshold
Egg-shaped micro home runs on wind, solar power
Boron-infused graphene helps quadruple performance of microsupercapacitor
Black silicon solar cells push efficiency record to 22.1 percent
Electrode discovery points to simpler solar cell production method
Organic photovoltaic device innovation releases solar fuel potential
EPIA task force to establish best practice guidelines
Inkjet printing advance simplifies production of kesterite solar cells
Are hybrid perovskite field-effect transistors the future for solar cells?
Perovskites: Can focusing on 'dark' flaws boost efficiencies?
Trina claims world efficiency multi-crystalline silicon modules record
Quantum Materials provides eight-fold boost to QD production capacity
European development trio link with Indian solar module producer
The ultimate 'Selfie' solution: A self-powered video camera
Charging discovery opens new class of organic electronic devices
Indoor solar-powered wireless mesh delivers 99.999% data reliability
Shunt-based current sensor supports solar inverter applications
MIT pinpoints promising pathways for solar photovoltaic power
UK becomes only bright spot in Europe's solar market
Saft lands USD10m energy storage order for Qatar oilfield
Can tandem photovoltaics achieve record solar cell efficiencies?
Is UK Government cutting solar subsidies too soon?
Sol Voltaics claims GaAs nanowire world-record for solar energy
Roll-to-roll printing of organic solar cells and LEDs
Graphene-based solar cells and LEDs take step closer
Cheaper ultrathin perovskite solar cells target commerical viability
Electrically conductive film opens prospect of solar fuels
Can quantum symmetry innovation boost solar panel efficiencies?
Solar-powered plane completes first leg of global record attempt
Lower the cost of solar cells - just add water
Polymer blend improves solar cell efficiency by 200 percent
Can future solar fuel cells tap supersonic electrons?
Solar plane passes new test ahead of planned world tour
Dual nanowire structure absorbs light efficiently
Conductive films enable solar cells to use more sunlight
Nanoscale defect detection focuses on lowering solar panel costs
World’s first polychrome organic solar module is revealed
Synthetic polymer blends pave way to lighter solar devices
Shrimp shells provide cheap sustainable solar cell material
Germanium quantum dot advance promises high-efficiency solar cells
Will energy-harvesting 3D printed trees charge your smartphone?
Optimized perovskite films claim record power conversion efficiencies
Hybrid perovskite nanoparticles boost luminescence yield by 80 percent
Can 'baking powder' effect boost solar cell efficiencies?
'Designer' layered oxides promise band gap tunability benefits
Plugging solar cell pinholes key to perovskite performance
Wafer-scale perovskite solar cells on the horizon
Are nanostructures key to organic solar cell efficiencies?
Antireflective nanotextures create self-assembly surface for solar cells
Solar and wind energy solution powers public lights
First round-the-world solar plane flight prepares for take-off
Solar film air dome solution targets energy self-sufficiency
Imec extracts 22% efficiency from crystalline silicon n-PERT solar cells
Hot-carrier solar cells promise efficiency gains and savings
Solar-powered radio chip monitors windows to save energy
Are power management researchers really 21st century alchemists?
Multi-crystalline silicon PV module claims power output world record
SCHMID Group deal supports Russian PV manufacturing facility
MegaCell signs bi-facial solar cell pact with RCT Solutions
Pathway to converting sunlight to electricity is indentified
From 20x faster batteries to spray-on solar cells
Stacking 2-D materials lowers LED/solar cell manufacturing costs
UK collaboration aims to develop graphene-enhanced photovoltaic devices
Australian researchers claim solar energy efficiency world record
Quantum dots are key to spray-on solar cells
German scientists reveal light propagation in solar cells
Compressed sensing improves solar cell defect detection
French-German collaborators claim solar cell efficiency world record
Electrostatic potential technique harvests more of the sun’s energy
New class of layered materials drive PV innovations
How does a Blu-ray disc improve solar cell performance?
Global photovoltaic module installed capacity to treble by 2020
Can Fool's gold reduce the cost of solar cells?
Low cost OPV company secures GBP1m development funding
Graphene/nanotube cathode discovery enables cheaper dye-sensitized solar cells
Swiss production project pushes solar cell performance envelope
Interlaced crystal discovery promised power generation efficiency gains
Semiconducting polymers discovery claims record solar cell efficiency
Heliatek installs largest BIOPV in Germany
Megawatt-scale Li-ion ESS supports world’s largest PV-diesel power plant
Silicon fibres offer cheaper solar power benefits
Ultra-fast 650-V IGBTs support fast switching applications
EC puts true cost of energy in the spotlight
Electrically conductive plastics show promise for batteries, solar cells
'Dark' energy harvesting pushes up solar efficiency limits
Charge transport jamming optimizes perovskite solar cell efficiences
World’s first solar battery promises cost savings
Heliatek prepares organic solar film for market entry
2D photonic crystal boosts solar energy harvesting potential
Organic tin-based semiconducting polymers show solar cell promise
Thin-film PV achieves world-beating 21.7 percent efficiency
Kyocera joins Imec's advanced silicon solar cell program
Can a liquid battery make renewables more competitive?
Polymer solar cell boosts power generation by 15 percent
Breaking the 'electrode barrier' promises lower-cost organic PVs
Solar microinverter to break USD1bn barrier in 2018
BioSolar partners UCSB to develop a low-cost supercapacitor
Are printable solar panels a step closer?
ABB forms energy storage solutions alliance with BYD
Carbon nanotube solar cell advance boosts efficiency performance
Is flower power the shape of solar cells to come?
Can solar cells result from recycling lead-acid batteries?
Replaceable, wear-resistant films extend electrostatic chuck lives
Semiconductor advance makes ultra-thin solar cells a reality
Spray-on solar cells reduce solar power costs
'Hot carrier' study opens solar cell efficiency advances
Consumers fund free energy saving LED lighting initiative
PV concentrator module attains efficiency of 36.7 percent
Nanotechnology merger offers time to market gains
OPVs embedded in glass offer operating life benefits
Finnish project focuses on energy storage for renewables
Can tofu ingredient make solar cells cheaper?
20-percent efficiency P-type solar cell enters mass production
German researchers cut SMPS energy loss by a third
Nanoengineering quadruples carrier multiplication in quantum dots
One step black silicon process boosts solar-cell efficiencies
Nanoparticle production method promises better LEDs and photovoltaics
Graphene research center targets power devices and OLEDs
Can rust really revolutionize solar cell technology?
PLC modems support three standards across spectrum bands
Colloidal quantum dots promise cheaper, lighter solar cells
Samsung Ventures continues to invest in silver nanowire-based solutions
Photochemical reaction improves efficiency of harvesting solar energy
Is European solar panel manufacturing a greener option?
Global PV installations to pass record barrier in Q4
Quantum-dot photovoltaics set new efficiency record
Novel graphene sheet production method promises solar cell advances
Solar micro inverter development kit provides complete hardware and software
Amantys drives forward with global expansion plans
Flexible CIGS solar cells claim efficiency record
Plug and play solar generator offers iPod sound
Hyperbolic metamaterials pave way for high-performance solar cells
Harnessing exciton fission gives solar cell efficiency boost
BMW showcases solar charging station for e-cars
PERC solar cell breaks conversion efficiency barrier
Can molecularly stretchable materials provide low cost energy?
Newswatch: 2D materials make graphene technology transfer a reality
Cheaper film technology lowers solar cell costs
Four-junction, four-terminal solar cell reaches 43.9 percent efficiency
Molybdenite demonstrates performance benefits for LEDs and solar cells
Thin-film solar cell efficiency mystery is solved
Should the solar cell be pensioned off?
High-temperature plasmonics boost solar cell efficiency rates
LED-based solar lamp offers developing countries safer future
European organic PV project aims for material gains
Materials interfaces pave way to solar cell gains
Photoswitching material harnesses solar power for heat storage
Quantum dot solar concentrator opens energy harvesting window
Nanowire tuning improves LED lighting and PV performance
Low-energy light detection breakthrough aims high
Porous silicon generates hydrogen from sunlight
Panasonic cracks solar cell 25 percent conversion efficiency barrier
Nanoparticles provide efficiency gains for thinner solar cells
Degradation discovery helps extend solar cell lifetimes
Orientation of organic solar cell molecules improves efficiency
Material breakthrough speeds production of cheaper solar cells
Thin-film CIS cell claims conversion efficiency world record
X-ray technique pinpoints path to non-toxic solar cells
PV outlook in the Ukraine looks cloudier
Solar cell efficiency - Is it all in the mix?
Light wave filtering technique boosts photovoltaics efficiency potential
Photonics breakthrough advances thin-film solar cell performance
Advanced Liquid Metal Battery system heads for commercialization
Infrared breakthrough makes silicon solar cells more efficient
Biofilm-based living materials promise solar cell advance
Perovskite-based solar cell breakthrough offers 24-hour benefits
III-V solar cells on graphene break efficiency record
40% transparent organic solar cells claim efficiency record
Solar spending gains momentum to reach USD3.8bn in 2014
2-D semiconductor discovery promises solar cell application benefits
Second life EV batteries to power data centers?
Nanotube composites promise solar cell efficiency boost
Metallization innovation lowers solar module costs, boost efficiency
Chemical breakthrough optimizes solar cell efficiency performance
Fullerene-free organic solar cells achieve record conversion efficiency
Tungsten diselenide promises flexible ultrathin semi-transparent solar cells
Cree claims the most powerful SiC Schottky diodes
Are quantum dot solar cells commercially viable?
Graphene nanoflakes deliver threefold solar panel efficiency increase
IBC solar cell achieves efficiency of 24.4 percent
Suntech targets UK PV market to fuel growth
CdTe solar cell grabs conversion efficiency world record
Thin film solar cell costs cut through 'superabsorbing' design
SMA Solar takes over Danfoss solar inverter business
Photovoltaic development deals targets 22.4 percent cell efficiencies
Recycling process trims thin film CIGS manufacturing costs
UK targets research funds at sustainable manufacturing materials
Artificial photosynthesis breakthrough promises low cost hydrogen automobiles
Quantum Materials to expand quantum dot production
Opinion: Powering wearable devices - watch out for safety first
Atom scale simulation offers nanoscale film growth benefits
Low cost solar cell based on graphene and perovskite delivers an efficiency of 15.6 percent
Saft wins multi-million euro solar PV energy storage contract for La Reunion island
Meyer Burger Technology Group delivers a printing process to mass produce solar cells
Advanced energy-harvesting IC broadens benefits of battery-free technology
World market for direct current power systems for commercial buildings to be USD10bn by 2020
The Top 10 Most Popular Power Management News Stories of 2013
80-V battery charging controller actively finds true maximum power point in solar panels
SolarWorld plans to takeover Bosch solar plants in Europe
Wearable textile battery is capable of being recharged by lightweight solar cells
Bio-based solar cell uses photosynthetic proteins to generate electricity
PV materials market to grow nine percent annually through 2018, predicts Lux Research
New test facility focuses on thin-film solar cell research
OLEDS and solar cells to come straight from the printer in future
European research team discover way to make solar cells utilize thermal radiation
Annual worldwide solar PV installations set to double by 2020
Microinverters and DC power optimizers to approach USD2bn in annual revenue by 2020
Quasi-random structure development helps improve efficiency of solar cells
IEA PVPS countries sees total installed PV capacity rise to 90 GW
Vanderbilt University develops novel supercapacitor made out of silicon
Perovskite-based solar cells offers major manufacturing cost savings
650-V SiC Schottky solution improves system performance in high-power industrial applications
Emerging PV markets set to drive increased polysilicon demand in 1Q14
Light pole is powered by sunlight
PV production grows despite a crisis-driven decline in investment
Al2O3 passivation approach supports 20.1 percent efficiency in industrial PERC Si solar cells
Remote microgrids will surpass $8.4bn by 2020, forecasts Navigant Research
Global solar inverter shipments fall for the first time in seven quarters
Global solar PV module installations to show stable growth until 2020
German government subsidy will kick-start solar energy storage market predicts IHS
New 100A, 3-phase burst pulse tester target networks using renewable energy
University of Basel develops cobalt replacements to make solar cells more sustainable
Global solar power inverter market to drop by five percent in 2013, predicts IMS Research
Distributed solar power generation to reach USD112bn in annual revenue by 2018
German scientists focus on bringing color to solar facades
South Korea researchers reveal two in one solution for low cost polymer LEDs and solar cells
Worldwide solar PV market to surpass $134bn by 2020, forecasts Navigant Research
Thin-film CZTSe solar cell from Solliance and imec reaches 9.7% efficiency
Fresh investment is pumped into EU solar technologies research facilities
University of Stuttgart develops innovative inspection method for photovoltaic systems
European PV installations to fall by more than 6-GW in 2013, forecasts IHS
Ultra transparent conducting oxides offer improved solar cell efficiency
Solar Press signs OPV distribution agreement with FOM Technologies
Chinese antidumping duties look likely to drive up solar polysilicon devices pricing
Japan prepares to become world's largest solar revenue market in 2013
Solar industry about to rebound after consolidation, says Lux Research
Solar industry capital spending hits seven-year low in 2013 but upturn is on the cards
EU antidumping duties could block Chinese modules out of the European Market
Solar PV wafer production to grow 19 percent in 2013, forecasts NPD Solarbuzz
Top 20 Solar PV module suppliers capture 70 percent market share in first quarter of 2013 reports NPD Solarbuzz
Restored balance between supply and demand helps European solar module prices rise
OPV solar modules project aims to optimize energy harvesting by autonomous sensors within buildings
Solar PV demand in emerging Asian countries set to grow by 28 percent per year through 2017
First Solar is ranked as largest photovoltaic EPC in 2012
World's largest producer of solar panels, Suntech Power production unit goes bankrupt
Solar Press partners KROENERT to provide low cost, flexible organic solar cell production benefits
15-V, 200-mA synchronous buck-boost DC/DC converter delivers 1.3-uA of quiescent current
Superjunction MOSFETs offer reduced gate charge while increasing energy efficiency in power supplies for LCD TVs
Optocouplers offer high current transfer ratio from 40 to 600 percent at low input currents of 1-mA
ICFO researchers demonstrate graphene is viable alternative material for light-based energy harvesting technologies
CSEM's Photovoltaic Systems Center begins operations
Vienna University of Technology reveals new class of materials that offer solar cell benefits
Fraunhofer Institute opens up new pilot line for organic electronics
Buck-boost DC/DC controller converts input voltages from 2.8V to 80V to fixed output voltage at high efficiency
World's solar photovoltaic capacity passes 100-GW landmark following strong year of growth
Photocouplers with high-speed switching operation and integrated IGBT protection function deliver IGBT gate drive benefits
Computer simulations point the way to more efficient solar cells
5-Watt DC/DC converter delivers cold start up benefits at -55 degrees C
300-V power MOSFETs offer benchmark on-state resistance to boost system efficiency in industrial applications
Heliatek establishes new world record for organic solar technology with12 percent cell efficiency
Research firm HIS expects the number of companies in the solar supply chain to plummet by 70 percent
Stanford researchers develop the world’s first peel-and-stick thin-film solar cells
The Top 10 Most Popular Power Management News Stories of 2012
Top-10 solar market predictions for 2013 by IHS
Kuwait University and imec to collaborate on advanced silicon solar cell technology
Photovoltaic Industry threatens with legal action against retroactive taxes on PV investments
University of Warwick pinpoints alternative to fullerenes in organic solar cells
Energy-harvesting textile integrates micro spherical solar cells
Lund University discovers new method of manufacturing could revolutionise semiconductor production
Synthetic molecule stores solar energy to provide sustainable energy system
New EPIA website places sharper focus on solar PV industry news, social media and member services
Sixth generation 600-V IGBTs claims hard switching efficiency benefits
New European project promotes large-scale integration of Photovoltaics in electricity distribution grids
Snap-in power aluminum capacitors with 500-V rated voltage and ripple current to 2.52-A focus on solar applications
Order cancellations drive PV book-to-bill ratio into negative territory
New smart gate driver optocoupler provides designers with isolated gate driving and fault sensing benefits
Soitec completes delivery of 5 MW in solar-energy systems to Italy
University of Luxembourg researchers focus on preventing solar cell degradation during production
New organic solar cell offers high voltage to recharge a lithium-ion battery directly
Heinrich-Hertz-Institut doubles the efficiency of black silicon solar cells
New 10-A, 1000-V PV solar panel protection rectifier fits in the P600 axial package
IBM images molecular bonds
Innovative magnetic technologies enhance efficiency of micro-inverter and central-inverter solar applications
New family of high speed 600-V discrete IGBTs feature low saturation voltage
Heliatek looks to raise Euros 60m to put flexible solar sheets into production
German researchers discover how superconductivity can be tapped to improve power transmission
Evergreen PV agrees solar inverter partnership deal with Samil Power
Technical innovation to create new revenue opportunities for PV capital equipment supply chain
In-line fuse protects against ground fault damage
DisaSolar signs bio-mimetic solar panels R&D contract with the French Ministry of Defence (DGA)
KIT intensifies printable organic solar cell research to boost efficiencies by more than 10 percent
Better surfaces could improve heat transfer to advance the design of concentrated solar-power systems
MIT textures silicon surface with inverted pyramids patterns to boost solar cells' output
New mathematical approach helps to simulate materials for solar cells and LEDs
Cubic silicon carbide could be twice as good as silicon for solar cells
Loughborough University to take the lead at new SUPERSOLAR hub
Imec and Kaneka achieve breakthrough in heterojunction solar cells
Nanosolar raises USD70 million in new capital to drive thin film solar commercialization
Diode controller provides negative input protection and low current operation
Solar retinal implants may restore sight to the blind
US and Asia Pacific pipelines to stimulate PV revenue growth in 2H'12
New generation of NPT IGBTs offers a reduction of 20 percent in total switching and conduction losses
Zinc dyes point way to renewable photovoltaic devices
Method could pave way for lower cost, more flexible devices
High energy density DC link capacitors offer performance benefits for larger inverter systems
Solar power junction boxes protected to IP65
Molecular catalyzer breakthrough aims to boost the uptake of solar energy
Global PV installations to grow by up to 21 percent in 2012 forecasts IMS Research
European partnership aims to develop next generation of highly efficient silicon thin-film solar modules
Innovative 3-D solar PV designs from MIT claim to double the solar power generated from a given area
New MCU family delivers cost-effective digital control to reduce energy footprint
Global solar PV market reaches 27.4-GW in 2011, up 40% Y/Y
Twin Creeks emerges with new solar cell manufacturing approach
Heliatek opens production facility for the manufacture of organic solar films
Solar panels derived from CERN technology will support the one of Switzerland's largest solar energy systems
University of East Anglia to use ultrafast laser to research energy harvesting on molecular scale
European collaboration aims to fast-track organic and large-area electronics developments
Heliatek signs joint development deal with RECKLI to integrate organic solar panels onto concrete building facades
Soitec to build 50MW solar plant in South Africa
European research project to boost solar cell efficiency
University of Southampton research shows LiFePO4 batteries could lead to cheaper, more efficient solar energy
MCU solar kits aim to jumpstart renewable energy applications
Polyera achieves world-record organic solar cell performance and enables windows to act as solar panels
CIGS solar panels sales expected to grow rapidly
New family of RS-485/RS-422 transmitters and receivers simplifies industrial designs to improve reliability
Organic photovoltaics offer greener benefits to provide solar cell
Phone charging using harvested solar energy: Nokia's conclusions
Atomic layer deposition enables high efficiency silicon nanorod solar cells
T-Solar Group signs up $145m to fund 44 MW worth of photovoltaic power plants in Peru
The Top 10 Most Popular Power Management News Stories of 2011
Metal-assisted chemical etching enables patterned arrays in GaAs
Nanoparticle-based paint-on solar cells achieve 1% efficiency
Thin-film solar startup raises $130 million
Solar PV companies shift focus to profitability gains in 2012
Dow Corning enters long-term silane supply deal with Air Products
Heliatek claims world record for organic solar cells with certified 9.8 percent cell efficiency
Imec's interdigitated back-contact silicon solar cells deliver an efficiency above 23 percent
Vincotech adds new modules for single-phase solar inverters and UPS
Stanford's solar car uses STM32s for subsystems
High-efficiency heterojunction silicon solar cells with copper electroplating
Sludge transformed into electricity using solar power, robots
IBM pilots datacenter running on solar power
German in-roof solar panel system receives MCS Certification in Great Britain
Soitec and Reflexite Energy Solutions enter joint venture to develop competitive CPV solutions
Saft to supply Li-ion battery for Arizona energy storage solutions project
LMU shows self-organization gives rise to more efficient organic solar cells
CNSE expands research in CIGS solar cells
Surface-mount CAT IV high-voltage isolation optocouplers support solar and wind turbine installations
Nanoconfined organic solar cell material enhances conductivity
Soitec launches fifth generation of CPV systems for large-scale solar power plants
Mouser launches new Solar Technology PKC training site for engineers
University of Warwick spin-out business claims new record voltage for organic solar cells
Low-profile rectifier simplifies solar panel designs
LED street lamps are solar powered
Wireless window contacts benefit from energy harvesting sensors
Linked nanoparticles promise cheap solar cell benefits
2012 release of 3U high PV-Simulator-in-a-Box offers high-performance testing of PV inverters
Innovative organic solar cell architecture exhibits new performance gains
EPIA predicts solar photovoltaic electricity will become competitive energy source in Europe by 2020
Etchant/dopant material offers non-contact inkjet selective emitter solution for solar front contacts
IMS Research says Solyndra’s shutdown is no surprise
Ultra-fast 1200-V IGBTs reduces switching and conduction losses
Navigant releases new market analysis of worldwide solar markets
Tiny gold particles to boost organic solar cell efficiency
Report: solar demand gains, revenues flat
Transition to renewable energy looks to stimulate German economy
New DC filter offers PV system inverter noise benefits
Roof built-in photovoltaic tiling system is self-financing
First two-layer quantum dot solar cell could yield higher efficiency photovoltaics
Atonometrics provides a continuous solar simulator to Fraunhofer ISE for light soaking
Global PV module inventories to end Q2'11 at 8.6-GW
European solar incentive cuts trigger global PV market shift
40-V gate driver reduces IGBT switching losses
Solar fuse meets both IEC 60269-6 and UL 2579 PV standards
Circadian Solar prepares for pilot production
QSolar accelerates shipments of PV panels to Europe
Future Energy Solutions demonstrates micro-inverter reference design at InterSolar 2011
UK grant helps large space structure manufacturing take a step closer
Junction box brings module-embedded safety and monitoring functions to PV panels
Donauer Solartechnik creates new e-mobility business
Cleaner Air Solutions to install more than 3-MW of Solaredge PV systems in UK
TI selects G24i as energy harvest partner
ZSW uses roll-to-roll system to deposit CIGS thin-film cells on a 25 micrometre thin polymer film
Chips see 25 percent surge in solar, wind
New  power modules support all major solar converter topologies
Wireless-based, solar-powered sensor module offers continuous monitoring of carbon monoxide levels
Flextronics, MEMC expand solar partnership
Nanocone-based solar cell improves charge transport
New PV junction box supports silicon wafer module
USB interface enables quick inverter updating
SemiSouth introduces the industry's lowest resistance SiC power transistor for efficient power management
Solar micro-inverter maker raises $41 million
University of Luxembourg develops method to improve electrical conductivity in polymeric composites
French firm takes stake in SunPower
Solar-thermal device uses a spray-on polymer photovoltaic
IGBT modules for 3-level inverters offer industry-leading current density performance
Woven polymer electrode offers cost effective alternative for indium tin oxide coatings
Report: Organic photovoltaics face stiff headwinds
Declining incentives across Europe to reset PV cell capacity expansion plans during 2H'11
Solar firm claims commercially-ready efficiency record of 43.5 percent
IMS Research releases PV modules 2010 top ten rankings
Solar3D completes design of a key element of new high efficiency solar cell
LDK Solar expands into Sapphire wafer business
University of Warwick develop golden window electrodes for organic solar cells
Nanosolar releases new printed CIGS efficiency benchmarks
Semikron offers customized power module service
Solarbuzz reports world solar PV Market grew to 18.2-GW in 2010
University of Luxembourg reduces tin loss in preparation of thin film solar cells
Soitec announces major U.S. CPV solar power project
Ultrafast laser 'scribing' technique to cut cost, hike efficiency of solar cells
Power inductors for high frequency applications are 30 percent smaller
Infineon offers medium voltage MOSFETs in CanPAK packaging
Franco-Israeli collaboration aims to develop floating solar power plants
DC filter helps reduce solar inverter noise
Solar panels also encourage plant growth
EPIA declares 2010 was a record year for solar photovoltaics, Europe fuels rapid capacity growth
Android-operated mobile phone recharges via its own photovoltaic cells
Mobile solar energy system targets extreme climate conditions
Quartet of 45-V TMBSTrench MOS Barrier Schottky rectifiers target solar bypass applications
Record backlogs posted in Q4’10 by PV equipment suppliers
Printable solar cell technology manufactured from cheap, non-toxic materials
New multicrystalline wafer offers 17.5 percent solar cell efficiency
High current gate driver aims to minimize switching losses
US integrators make gains as utility-scale PV demand soars
Solar cell self-repairs like natural plant systems
Italian solar installations soar in Q4
Advanced Energy forms solar units
2010 sees solar cell production equipment growth of 34 percent
The Top 10 Most Popular Power Management News Stories of 2010
Global solar photovoltaic demand forecast to reach 20.4-GW in 2011, growth rate drops to 25 percent
CPV module achieves world-class efficiency results
Six partners support Germany's NEULAND project to explore efficient use of electricity from renewable sources
National Semiconductor unveils web interface to improve solar energy harvesting
21.6 percent efficiency 240-W PV Module to go on sale in Europe from early 2011
PV book-to-bill in Q3 dips from previous eight-quarter high
Welsh university to lead new £4.4 million solar energy project
Solar inverter shipments hit record 7-GW in third quarter of 2010
Solar3D submits patent application for 3-dimensional solar cell
TSMC funds fabs, tips EU solar unit
PV module pricing pressures to drive production to Asia
Solar inverter suppliers face supply exceeding demand moving into 2011
600-V, 47-A N-Channel Power MOSFET claims industry's lowest on-resistance figure
Energy-recovery circuit cuts the cost of meeting highest efficiency targets
First Solar loses market share in Q3
Good Energies and NIBC European Infrastructure Fund acquire 40 MWp of German solar PV plants from Q-Cells
Utility-scale PV market surge sees First Solar accelerates capacity expansion
IBM, Solar Frontier team up in PV
Hans-Juergen Cramer becomes chairman of Circadian Solar
SoloPower receives IEC certification for flexible, thin film CIGS modules
Intelligent hotspot prevention innovation reclaims lost solar energy
Hyundai, Saint-Gobain to build solar cell plant
PV demand drives record equipment spending from crystalline silicon cell and thin-film manufacturers
GESOLAR begins sampling smart panels featuring National Semiconductor's SolarMagic chipset
Spire claims record solar cell efficiency
National Semiconductor and Suntech collaborate to develop smart panel solar technology
uModule battery chargers with active current limit deliver 2-A from up to 32-VIN
Researchers focus on how single conductive polymer molecule transport energy
Solarbuzz focuses UK photovoltaic market opportunity as demand grows
Analyst sees second gold rush in solar
Self-repairing solar cell is bio-inspired
AEG Power Solutions claims breakthrough in polysilicon production efficiency
Imec reports large-area silicon solar cells with efficiencies up to 19.4%
Sanyo launches solar cell module comprising 21.1 percent efficiency cells
Suntech tops solar module shipment ranking in Q2, 2010
NXP IC Enables Up to 98 Percent-Efficient Power Extraction in Solar PV Applications
Solar microinverters and DC-DC power optimizers to generate USD 1.5 bn in next five years
Central Hudson and Prism Solar team up to test holographic-enhanced solar technology
Global solar inverter market hits 5-GW in second quarter of 2010
LDK Solar to invest in new solar cell and module facility
Online IGBT selection tool optimizes power management design
'Perilous' market conditions seen in solar
Photovoltaic solar power gaining momentum with utilities
Suntech to stop production of amorphous silicon thin film solar panels
BIPV solar sector prepares for rapid growth
PV installation growth rate to slow in 2011
LG boosts 'green' investment
Sharp plans to expand annual solar cell module production capacity in the UK
Solar module market heads for slump in 2011
World's first see-thru glass window capable of generating electricity is ready for unveiling
150-V low RDS(ON) MOSFET offers high performance in isolated DC-DC applications
Instability to stalk European solar PV market over next five years
PV module market continues growth for fifth consecutive quarter
JA Solar agrees 70-MW PV supply deal with Solar-Fabrik
LDK Solar to deliver 13MW worth of solar modules to ABB
Major Asia Pacific PV markets set to grow 85 percent in 2010
Flexible programmable power supplies extend output voltage ranges
EMC filters target PV applications
QuantaSol restructures management team, targets volume manufacture
Programmable power source reduces energy consumed in the testing of grid-tied inverters
Siemens to deliver 15MW-capable photovoltaic plant to Italy
TSMC enters solar biz, invests in startup
Intersolar and SEMI PV Group to co-organize solar event in China
Huber+Suhner and National Semiconductor unveil smart solar solutions
GESOLAR works with National Semiconductor to offer smart solar panel solutions
QC Solar agrees to integrate National's SolarMagic technology into SmartTrack solutions
2-A battery charger matches solar cell peak power tracking
Global solar PV cell production grew 51 percent in 2009
Chipset aims to make solar panels "smarter"
SunSil's next generation solar PV systems increase yields by up to 30 percent
Gadot to distribute SolarEdge solar power harvesting systems across Europe
Silicon nanosponges pave way for cheaper solar energy
Renewable energy consultancy strengthens PV manufacturing expertise
Abengoa Solar starts up second 50-megawatt parabolic trough plant
T-Solar deploys BrightView’s in-line metrology solution at Spanish thin film solar factory
Junction Box solution focuses on silicon PV solar panel installations
World’s first integrated measurement IC reduces system cost of power inverters
Mapping system for photovoltaic surfaces aims to improve solar panel efficiencies
Circadian Solar enters top university spin out business list
LED lighting drivers simplify low power single cell applications
SolarWorld to hire in U.S. amid ramp
Oerlikon Solar receives key technology certifications for thin film PV
Solar PV expert forecasts steady growth for UK solar cell market
Reis Robotics forges solar encapsulation technology alliance with Dow Corning
PV inverter market sees 30 percent growth during 2009
Norwegian solar-grade silicon looks for bright future
Global PV market gains 20 percent year on year
Dow Corning and imec collaborate on low-cost silicon solar cells
Solar array simulator enhances micro-inverter testing
Nanotube wrinkling may stall transparent solar cell film development
Berkeley Lab reveals new solar energy path via solid-state PV
Electricity-conducting plastics to lower cost of solar panel production
Digi-Key signs global distribution deal with Sanyo Semiconductor
Frank Prein joins Odersun as Chief Operating Officer
Crystalline solar cells get European focus from SEMI
Europe continues to drive global PV market growth
Screen printing technique helps monocrystalline solar cells pass 19 percent efficiency
Q-Cells International became largest PV system integrator in 2009
NXP in talks on solar cell manufacture at Nijmegen
Market report spotlights leading suppliers of photovoltaic manufacturing equipment

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