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News about Texas Instruments

Ultra-low-power 32-bit MCU platform targets industrial and IoT applications March 25, 2015Ultra-low-power 32-bit MCU platform targets industrial and IoT applications Texas Instruments has unveiled a 32-bit alternative to the company's 16-bit MSP430 family of microcontrollers.  The MSP432 ARM-based MCU family's low power architecture has been designed to provide MSP430 and ARM M0 developers migration paths to more feature packed solutions. Read more Wide Vin, four-switch buck-boost DC/DC offers efficiency with reduced EMI March 17, 2015Wide Vin, four-switch buck-boost DC/DC offers efficiency with reduced EMI Texas Instruments’ LM5175 buck-boost claims best performance for any input/output voltage for industrial and automotive applications, managing input voltages from 3.5V to 42V and regulating output voltages from 0.8V to 55V Read more 80-V half-bridge GaN FET module targets GaN power-conversion solutions March 16, 201580-V half-bridge GaN FET module targets GaN power-conversion solutions

Texas Instruments has introduced the industry's first 80-V, 10-A integrated gallium nitride field-effect transistor (FET) power-stage prototype, which consists of a high-frequency driver and two GaN FETs in a half-bridge configuration – all in an easy-to-design quad flat no-leads (QFN) package.

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TI claims first for a primary-regulated, “zero standby power”, higher-power AC/DC PSU March 9, 2015TI claims first for a primary-regulated, “zero standby power”, higher-power AC/DC PSU Using the definition of zero-standby power as in the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 62301 clause 4.5, Texas Instruments has assembled a power supply design with smart load monitor, and wake-up feature that enables rapid step response with smallest output capacitors for 75-W flyback converters Read more 65-V synchronous step-down converter for industrial, smart grid, automotive March 6, 201565-V synchronous step-down converter for industrial, smart grid, automotive Texas Instruments claims a first for its 65-V synchronous step-down converter that provides isolated bias supplies up to 15W – without the need for an opto-coupler. Read more
Battery-less IoT connectivity enabled by low-power & multi-standard wireless MCU
Nano power modules redefine space-constrained power supply designs
25-V and 30-V N-channel power MOSFETs offer lowest Rdson in a QFN package
TI expands smart grid G3-PLC compliant solutions
TI grows Simple Switcher DC/DC range with 36/60V, low Iq parts
High-temperature Bluetooth® Smart wireless microcontroller targets industrial and lighting applications
Power, size reductions in industrial designs enabled by 12/14/16-bit ADC families
700-V switcher halves quiescent power consumption
Ultra-low-power FRAM MCU address wearable design capabilities
Voltage regulators connect directly to car battery
Power-over-Ethernet design simplified by evaluation module and reference design
Multiphase Vcore power management with PMBus interface
Smallest 18-V eFuse power switch offers system protection
In-vehicle infotainment steps up to USB3, adds wireless charging
TI's FRAM MSP 430 microcontroller development kit, from element14
DC/DC switching regulator fuels bus-powered applications
TI Development kit for FRAM MCU from Farnell
7-channel, NMOS low-side driver replaces Darlington transistor arrays
High-current, 30-A, PMBus converters have integrated MOSFETs
PLC modems support three standards across spectrum bands
Export tool speeds power supply designing process
Fast-charge wireless power receivers halve power loss
Multi-cell battery monitors scan 12 to 48-V industrial Li-ion batteries
Solar micro inverter development kit provides complete hardware and software
Imagine a world without cords – The Wireless Power Challenge
Slideshow: Focusing on power trends at APEC 2014
Compact 12-A synchronous buck regulator features PMBus interface
Offline flyback power ICs achieve sub-30-mW standby power for 5- to 100-W adapters
First dual-mode 5-W wireless power receiver enters volume production
Power-efficient micro-mirror array delivers brighter HD image quality
Power Product Watch
1A switching regulators offer up to 95% efficiency, replace TI Power Trends legacy types
Weekly Power Product Watch
System-on-module optimizes power line communications
WPC 1.1-compliant controller halves component count for 5-V or 12-V charging stations
PowerbyProxi signs licensing agreement with Texas Instruments for wireless power solutions
Low-energy iBeacon scavenger hunt offers visitors rewards for exploring event
More about understanding the distortion mechanism of high-K MLCCs
32-bit MCU solution claims new performance standard for high-end industrial applications
The Top 10 Most Popular Power Management Technical Articles of 2013
PFC controller halves power consumption yet delivers PFC greater than 0.95
Rechargeable battery BoosterPack incorporates lithium polymer battery technology
Ultra-low PMICs aim to enable next wave of energy harvesting design
Multicore software development kit is extended to support low-power DSP + ARM devices
Farnell element14 partners Texas Instruments to offer evaluation module for MSP430 MCUs
Texas Instruments releases the industry's most extensive reference design library
Small signal MOSFET transistors offers power savings to extend battery life of mobile devices
Build your own BoosterPack’ portal
TI extends MSP430 MCUs for ultra-low-power battery operation
Industry's smallest 10-A power module delivers greater than 95-percent peak efficiency
High-precision, fully differential programmable gain amplifier
Mouser offers TI designer tool to speed designs
Envelope tracking DC/DC converter for supports all 3G and 4G LTE bands
TI unveils smallest 2.5-kVrms digital isolation devices
IAR Systems updates development tools for TI's ultra-low-power MSP430 core
Data concentrator evaluation module can manage more than 2,000 e-meters
Wide-input, 0.5-A linear regulator withstands temperatures up to 210 degrees C
Next-generation MSP430 USB LaunchPad enables developers to tap into the Internet of Things
WPC 1.1-compliant power controller simplifies development of Qi charging stations
Power circuits with MIPI RFFE maximize battery life in 2G, 3G, 4G LTE smartphones and tablets
Sensorless motor control technology simplifies motor control design, lowers costs
Nano-power system timers slash power consumption up to 80 percent
Single-chip DockPort solution enables DisplayPort, USB and power over a single cable
Multi-mode power management unit extends battery life in MCU-based systems
Li-ion battery fuel gauge IC boosts battery run-time in portable medical and industrial devices
Smallest low quiescent current timer family features flexible time selection
New battery fuel gauge and charger chipsets squeeze more life out of Li-Ion batteries
Space-saving sub-GHz LTCC filter supports TI CC112x transceiver series
Expanded ecosystem of ultra-low power MCUs speeds capacitive touch design development
Ultra-low noise, high PSRR linear voltage regulators reduce jitter, simplify power design
Silica starts roll out of design support strategy focused on power applications
TI extends remote control portfolio with Bluetooth low energy solution
TI claims breakthrough battery monitoring technology for lead-acid batteries
TI unveils new Tiva C Series ARM Cortex-M4 MCUs for connected applications
Texas Instruments aims to develop a better way to the cloud with HP Project Moonshot
Lowest-power modem transceiver complies with AISG v2.0 specification
TI claims industry's first full HD image sensor receiver
Advanced haptic driver simplifies adding tactile feedback to consumer and industrial products
10-A DC/DC converter claims highest current density benefits
Larger memory, more GPIOs for TI's MSP430 MCUs
Single-cell battery charger ICs with I2C and USB OTG output cut charge time in half
Automotive emergency call system reference design
Industry's first reconfigurable DC arc detect reference solution detects electrical arc faults to avert fires
Development kit duo aims to help PFC engineers to simplify digital power designs
Fully programmable 64-kB digital power controller reduces server downtime
TI supports Thingsquare Mist to deliver low power RF connectivity to the Internet of Things
Smart bypass diode claims industry's lowest power dissipation performance
Over-the-air download capabilities for seamless software updates of Bluetooth Smart products
Industry’s first 48-V constant on-time synchronous step-down converter targets automotive and industrial applications
Single-channel, 2.5-A/5-A gate drivers target IGBT and SiC FET designs
Texas Instruments plans to speed wireless power adoption with multi-mode power circuits
Industry's smallest point-of-load DC/DC converters target solutions for harsh environments
VID interface controller provides adjustable start-up current for core-voltage regulators
Low-voltage power management unit claims fastest start-up time for instant-on automotive applications
Power management front-end chip boosts battery run-time in ARM Cortex A15-based designs
Metering SoCs provide developers with best-in-class accuracy, largest integrated memory plus anti-tampering protection
Bluetooth low energy software stack delivers over-the-air downloads and support for multiple stacks on one SoC
Low power bidirectional I2C isolators extend industrial isolation lifetime
TI supports new Alliance for Wireless Power specification in addition to Wireless Power Consortium Qi standard
Texas Instruments works with Nimbix to improve cloud performance by reducing power and accelerating workflows
Microcontrollers feature independent 1.8-V IO supply rail to extend battery life
24-bit, 3-channel ECG analog front end cuts power consumption by 85 percent compared with alternative integrated solutions
3.5-A step-down DC/DC converters integrate 60-V power MOSFET for high-voltage, space-constrained applications
New adapter power controller claims lowest standby power capability
Farnell element14 launches Electronica 2012 wireless power prize
TI’s new ZigBee wireless network processor supports three ZigBee standards
TI's new SensorTag kit helps to jump-start Bluetooth low energy smartphone app development in minutes
New LED driver combines frequency synchronization, PWM dimming and thermal foldback
Texas Instruments begins sampling of MSP430FR59xx low-power microcontrollers based on leading Wolverine technology
28-V, 500-mA step-down converter provides highest efficiency at light loads
Navetas and Texas Instruments partners new smart meters and smart grid systems
Op amps set new performance and power benchmarks for pro audio and prosumer audio systems
All-in-one transceiver supports 10-Gbps Ethernet standards
New Smart Meter SoC from Texas Instruments aims to reduce system costs and improve reliability in e-meter designs
Integrated, green-mode controllers lower operating costs, reduce board space in high-power PoE powered device applications
PFET high-side load switch with level shift and slew-rate control offers flexibility benefits
New dual-core microcontrollers promise higher performance, increased memory and more I/Os in a smaller package
2.5-A isolated gate driver offers 40-percent faster propagation delays for industrial applications
Small 2.5-A power module offers 65-V transient protection
Buck-boost converter cuts power in half for 3G, 4G LTE power amplifiers
TI develops the first wide-input voltage, high-power LED driver with multiple dimming control modes
New functional safety design packages accelerate safety-critical design development and certification
element14 launches a new wireless power microsite
5-V, Qi-compliant wireless power transmitter helps the adoption of USB-connected wireless charging pads
Server power management and protection IC delivers accurate power monitoring for Intel Node Manager capable server platforms
Quartet of microcontroller motor control kits help to spin BLDC motors in minutes
New LDO linear voltage regulator claims industry's lowest noise at low frequency
Industry's first weigh scale and body composition analog front end is unveiled
Adapter power chips speed adoption of universal charging
Industry's smallest 1.8-A brushed DC motor driver supports battery powered applications
Wearable devices are made possible with next-gen Bluetooth low energy application software
News analog front ends offer the industry's lowest-power, highest-precision smart e-metering solution
Ultra-small 600-mA boost power module extends battery life for smartphones and tablets
Multi-cell, multi-chemistry battery gas gauge supports wide range lithium battery chemistries
Class-D audio amplifiers enable high quality audio performance at low power consumption
Industry's first online tool provides full system-level power design, including hot-swap control and isolated DC/DC conversion
Power converter conserves energy in smart meter and sensor designs
LED controller offers constant power regulation
Fully integrated LED drivers in industry-standard IC packages helps developers avoid design complexities
Texas Instruments continues drive for the adoption of copper wire bonding technology
Industry first ultra-low-power code analyzer flags inefficient code and helps to optimize MSP430 microcontroller design efficiency
LED controller with constant power regulation provides smooth, flicker-free dimming
Compact high-speed, single-channel gate drivers focus on high-density switching power designs
Texas Instruments unveils industry’s first real-time JPEG 2000 HD solution on multicore DSP
New stepper, brushed DC motor drivers reduce power consumption by up to 80 percent
1A step-down power converter reduces switching noise by 99 percent
Integrated power controller offers stability benefits for automotive applications
New step-down supply reduces switching noise by 99 percent
ADC driver delivers industry's highest performance-to-power ratio by 8x
Audio Capacitive Touch BoosterPack offers crystal clear audio to microcontroller-based applications
TI's new multicore DSPs pack performance and low power in small form factor
TI claims industry's first dual mode off-line controller for non-dimmable LED lighting
TI introduces 16-bit delta-sigma ADC for the automotive market
New RF DC/DC switching converters for 2G, 3G and 4G power amplifiers help extend battery life in LTE smartphones
TI's new Wolverine microcontroller platform slashes power by 50 percent
TI claims fastest 16-bit DAC at 1.5 GSPS
MCU solar kits aim to jumpstart renewable energy applications
Next-generation digital power controller provides highest flexibility and performance for AC/DC and isolated DC/DC power designs
Advanced signal conditioners deliver industry's highest performance at lowest power
Avago, TI hit signal milestones
Industry's first 100-V synchronous buck regulator with integrated MOSFETs improves reliability in high-voltage applications
Digital AC LED lighting and communications developer’s kit
Ultra-low power MCU with integrated LCD cuts system cost of consumer medical devices
Industry's first single-cell, dual-input Li-Ion battery charger family supports tablets, e-readers and smartphones
TI launches fastest 4-A and 5-A two-output MOSFET drivers for telecom and server power supplies
The 12 DACs/ADCs of Xmas - TI's acquisition of National Semiconductor leads to a year to remember for data converters
Forecast cuts global power semiconductor market growth to 5.0 percent in 2012
TI introduces industry's smallest power management ICs for solid state drives
Texas Instruments unveils industry's most accurate amplifier for high common-mode-voltage applications
PandaBoard ES equips open source mobile developers with TI's OMAP4460 processor
Highest-density 6-A power module features integrated inductor to offer thermal performance benefits
TI unveils new ultra-low-power MSP430 microcontrollers deliver more performance and higher precision
TI scales up KeyStone multicore architecture to support cloud RAN applications and networked server developers
TI introduces sub-1 GHz wireless connectivity for ultra-low-power MSP430 LaunchPad development kit
AEC-Q100 certified ultra-low-power automotive MCUs improve fuel efficiency and battery life
PMIC simplifies power design and system voltage management for TI’s 32-bit microcontrollers
14-bit, 8-channel ADC offers best noise performance and lowest power at 80 MSPS for medical imaging applications
ADC drivers claims new standard in power and performance to increase accuracy and battery life
Lowest power dual 500-MSPS DACs lower the cost of wideband transmit systems
Texas Instruments unveils boost charger IC for nano power energy harvesting
TI unveils industry's first 14-rail PMIC for infotainment and cluster applications
TI continues NatSemi Simple Switcher product line with nano modules and nano regulators
Four new Smart Grid solutions offer faster time to market benefits
TI spotlights two phase-dimmable, offline LED lighting drivers
Flexible new PMBus voltage regulators allow designers to do more with digital power
Sub-1 GHz 6LoWPAN solutions deliver mesh wireless Internet connectivity to metering networks
Stellaris ARM Cortex-M4F microcontrollers deliver analog integration, best-in-class low power and floating-point performance
Industry's first autofocus driver in ultra-thin packaging is ideal for compact camera modules
TI introduces 36-volt op amp for the automotive market
TI claims the industry's smallest High-Speed USB protection device for portable applications
30-A, 15-V synchronous buck converter delivers 90-percent efficiency
New low-power op amps combine power and performance benefits for low-voltage, cost-sensitive applications
TI launches 10 new Bluetooth low energy profiles for rapid design of consumer medical, fitness, alert applications
Lowest-power OMAP-L1x DSP + ARM processor combines cost-sensitive benefits with real-time processing
300 power management reference designs aim to simplify and reduce design times
DC/DC converter with integrated FETs provides 90 percent power efficiency and transient protection
TI achieves certification of ZigBee Alliance's Smart Energy 1.1 profile implementation
High-performance voltage regulator adds 20-percent run-time to ultra-low power wireless applications
IC protects battery packs for e-bikes, power tools
Super capacitor manager optimizes battery performance, lifetime and safety
TI selects G24i as energy harvest partner
IAR software development toolsuite supports TI's new ultra-low-power FRAM microcontrollers
TI unveils industry's highest accuracy lithium-ion battery monitor for electric mobility, power tools and UPS
Texas Instruments EMEA Design House Program welcomes BMZ Batterien-Montage-Zentrum as a partner
TI remains the largest power IC supplier despite fierce competition
Neonode plans collaboration with Texas Instruments to develop next-generation touch screen devices
Specification turns USB3 into chip link
Industry's first ultra-low-power FRAM microcontroller aims to make the world smarter
TI unveils world's lowest power capacitive touch solutions
Open source wireless connectivity solutions for low power applications
Wide-input power solutions with high-voltage protection
Texas Instruments set to dominate power IC market with 17 percent stake
TI agrees to acquire National Semiconductor
Microcontroller portfolio claims industry's first programmable metrology devices for low-cost AFE solutions
Step-down regulators offer highest power density, efficiency in smallest package
TI growing large-area graphene
First 2-channel, simultaneous-sampling ADCs feature two independently controlled internal references
Development kits generate clean positive and negative voltage rails for powering data converters
Ultra-low-power, low-cost MCUs targets consumer electronics, lighting and touch pads
MCUs offer power line communications and real-time control
Qi certified development tools and chipset for wireless power
TI introduces Green Rectifier controller for 5-V power supplies
TI launches colour LED kit
Voice processing modules available free to developers
IEDM confab tackles power large and small
Single-chip PROFIBUS solution reduces power consumption by 30 percent for industrial applications
Motor driver evaluation platform spins brushed DC, stepper motors
Infinite Power Solutions and Texas Instruments combine solid-state energy storage and ambient energy harvesting to power DSP applications
TI increases its low energy efforts
TI combines analog protection with digital monitoring with expanded power protection portfolio
Power IC market will grow by 20 percent in 2010
First true 0.9-V microcontroller enables multiple applications to run from a single-cell battery
Extreme Reality partners with Texas Instruments on OMAP-optimized gesturing engine
Texas Instruments extends its leadership in power ICs market
TI pushes pillar flip-chip for next-gen ICs
TI introduces low power 11-bit ADCs with SNRBoost technology
TI offers low-cost development kit for MSP430 Value Line MCUs
New MCU platform coupled with developer ecosystem targets wireless networking
TI claims lowest power SATA 3-Gbps redriver for mobile applications
3-MHz, 2-A DC/DC converters target portable electronics
Switch-mode standalone battery charge controllers provide faster, cooler charging

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