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Two new microcontroller series offer power consumption reductions and integrated EEPROM

March 02, 2012 | Paul Buckley | 222904214
Two new microcontroller series offer power consumption reductions and integrated EEPROM NXP Semiconductors N.V. has released the LPC1100XL microcontroller series featuring extra-low power. With the industry’s lowest active power consumption at 110 uA/MHz and reduced deep sleep current below 2 µA, the LPC1100XL has set a new benchmark for low-power ARM Cortex-M0 microcontrollers.
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NXP has also unveiled the companys new LPC11E00 series for space-constrained applications requiring dedicated EEPROM. The LPC11E00 extends the range of options available in the NXP Cortex-M0 portfolio, including integrated USB, CAN, Segment LCD and now EEPROM.

The reductions in power consumption in the LPC1100XL are complemented by on-chip power profiles an industry implementation of real-time power management. Optimized for CPU performance, efficiency and lowest active current, the power profiles enable maximum operating frequency through the entire voltage range from 1.8 V to 3.6 V without compromising speed or functionality, making the LPC1100XL suitable for all low-power 8/16-bit applications.

The LPC1100XL incorporates NXPs proprietary embedded flash which extends solutions to 64 KB while incorporating 256 bytes of page erase. The 256-byte page-erase feature significantly improves the efficiency and ease of use of the on-chip flash, allowing for seamless field updates without having to erase a large sector to write the next page.

The new LPC11E00 series features 4 KB of integrated EEPROM for space-constrained applications such as medical and industrial measuring devices. This removes the need for external serial EEPROM, saving up to 15 mm 2 of PCB real estate and reducing electrical interconnect, while providing the added security of the microcontroller. The LPC11E00 with 10K SRAM and 32 KB Flash is a feature-rich solution and maximizes connectivity with 2 SSP, USART with smart card interface and I 2 C Fm+ and 54 GPIO pins.
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