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News about Vishay Intertechnology

TVS protection diodes provide 2 percent breakdown voltage tolerance February 3, 2016TVS protection diodes provide 2 percent breakdown voltage tolerance Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. has introduced a new series of surface-mount transient voltage suppressor (TVS) protection diodes that are the industry's first to feature a 2% breakdown voltage tolerance.
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Wireless charging transmitter coil for Qi wireless charging pads October 10, 2014Wireless charging transmitter coil for Qi wireless charging pads Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. has released a new powdered-iron-based, WPC-compliant (Wireless Power Consortium) wireless charging transmitter coil for Qi wireless charging pads.

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Weekly Power Product Watch February 3, 2014Weekly Power Product Watch In this week's Power Product Watch we spotlight a low-power signal conditioner capable of driving the serial-attached SCSI (SAS-3) protocol and a synchronous SEPIC, inverting, boost and flyback multi-topology DC/DC controller.
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Asymmetric dual TrenchFET MOSFET increases efficiency with 57 percent lower RDS(on) January 17, 2014Asymmetric dual TrenchFET MOSFET increases efficiency with 57 percent lower RDS(on) Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. has introduced a 30 V asymmetric dual TrenchFET power MOSFET in the PowerPAIR 3 mm by 3 mm package utilizing TrenchFET Gen IV technology. Read more 5-W axial fusible wirewound safety resistor offers surge voltage capability up to 6-kV January 16, 2014  5-W axial fusible wirewound safety resistor offers surge voltage capability up to 6-kV Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. introduced a 5 W axial silicone cemented, fusible wirewound safety resistor that claims to be the industry's first designed to ensure safe and silent fusing operation during overload conditions. Read more
Low-profile, high-current inductor delivers rated currents to 100-A in 8787 case size
p-channel MOSFET offers industry-low RDS(on) to boost efficiency in mobile computing devices
Snap-in power aluminum capacitors offer high ripple current to 2.80-A over full lifetime
5-A buck regulator offers switching frequencies up to 4-MHz with efficiency to 95 percent
Stainless steel braking/crowbar resistors deliver industry-high pulse energy capability to 3.46-MJ
Space-saving -20-V p-channel MOSFET offers low on-resistance down to 8.0-mOhms at -4.5-V
ESD protection diodes provides high surge capability of 200-W in SMF package
P-channel power MOSFETs offer industry-low RDS(on) in small footprint PowerPAK packages
Wireless charging receiving coil operates with or without alignment magnet
-12-V, -20-V, and -30-V Gen III p-channel MOSFETs fit ultra-compact PowerPAK SC-70 package
TMBS rectifiers in low-profile SMPD package target commercial applications
50-V Trench MOS barrier Schottky rectifiers deliver low VF for 10-A and 15-A devices inTO-277A
Rectifiers cut power losses, increase efficiency for commercial applications
Hyperfast and Ultrafast recovery rectifiers reduce switching losses
650-V n-channel power MOSFET series adds 23 new high power density devices
1-A single-phase bridge rectifiers feature reverse voltages to 1000-V in MBLS package for smartphone chargers
Duo of slew-rate-controlled p-channel high-side load switches span 1.5-V to 5.5-V operation
150-V N-channel power MOSFET offers on-resistance down to 18-mohms for DC/DC applications
Metallized polypropylene film snubber capacitor offers direct IGBT mounting capabilities
Compact aluminum-housed resistors are rated up to 500-W for heavy-duty applications
Optocouplers offer high current transfer ratio from 40 to 600 percent at low input currents of 1-mA
Axial cemented wirewound resistor delivers safe and silent fusing operation in energy meters and power supplies
Enhanced online thermal simulation tool enables users to define more real-world conditions while improving user-friendliness
Thin film chip resistors claim industry’s lowest ohmic values for devices in a 0406 package
Axial cemented wirewound resistors feature high-voltage surge withstanding capability up to 12-kV
Solid tantalum chip capacitors from 3.3µF at 35V to 220µF at 4V
Solid tantalum chip capacitors with low profiles target space-constrained consumer electronics
19 automotive rectifiers and soft recovery diodes made available in six space saving package options
100-V N-channel power MOSFETs offer industry-low on-resistance in 1.6-mm by 1.6-mm and 2-mm by 2-mm footprint areas
Power metal strip resistor combines 2-W power rating with low resistance values down to 0.001-Ω in 2010 case size
Surface-mount bidirectional transient voltage suppressors offers high surge capability to 3-kW in SMC DO-214AB package
Family of low-profile, high-current inductors feature new device in the 8787 case size
High current density devices offer forward currents to 5-A and VF down to 0.37-V
New power MOSFETs offer industry-low on-resistance down to 43-mohms at 4.5-V in smallest chipscale MICRO FOOT package
20-V p-channel MOSFET in 3.3-mm square package offers industry-low on-resistance of 4.8-mΩ at a 4.5-V gate drive
New power metal strip battery shunt resistor with molded enclosure delivers 36-W power capability
New AEC-Q101-qualified 600-V standard rectifiers feature ESD capability in low-profile SlimSMA package
Snap-in power aluminum capacitors with 500-V rated voltage and ripple current to 2.52-A focus on solar applications
Stainless steel power resistor delivers high power capability to 20-kW
600 V N-channel power MOSFET series adds 17 new devices offering on-resistance down to 39-mohms
Wirebondable 1mm˛ thin film chip resistors up to 100 MOhms
New 170-V Trench MOS Barrier Schottky rectifiers deliver current ratings up to 80-A
New 10-A, 1000-V PV solar panel protection rectifier fits in the P600 axial package
New MOSFETs offer industry-low on-resistance in 2 x 2-mm and 3 x 1.8-mm footprint areas at 4.5-V
Family of high-current inductors in the 2020 case size offers ultra-low 1.2-mm profile
New low-profile, high-current inductors support extended temperature ranges to +155 degrees C
Powdered-iron-based receiver coil designed for 5 V wireless charging
New series of surface-mount transient voltage suppressors fits in SlimSMA package
New series of 3-phase cylindrical capacitors for power electronics
8-V N-Channel TrenchFET Power MOSFET offers on-resistance down to 9.4 mΩ at 4.5-V in the 2-mm by 2-mm footprint area
Next-generation n-channel power MOSFETs offers industry's lowest on-resistance at 4.5-V
400-V, 500-V, and 600-V n-channel power MOSFETs feature high-voltage stripe technology for new levels of power density
IR receivers for remote control only 0.8mm high, feature an angle of sensitivity of 150 degrees
Power thick film resistor offers power rating of 1100-W in compact footprint
Low-profile SMD avalanche rectifier features reverse voltage of 1,300-V and 75-ns reverse recovery time
PowerCAD online simulation tool for POL DC/DC circuits
Surface-mount molded tantalum chip capacitors offer low DC leakage current in five standard case sizes
Fully integrated proximity and ambient light optical sensor features power-saving interrupt function
Power metal strip meter shunt resistor features 3-W power capability in 2906 size package
30-V p-channel chipscale MOSFETs claim industry's lowest on-resistance for 30-V in 1.6-mm by 1.6-mm size
New Power Metal Strip resistor in 2512 case size delivers 3-W power rating plus low resistance values
45-V Trench MOS barrier Schottky rectifiers focus on PV solar cell bypass protection
25-V and 30-V devices simplify designs highly efficient DC/DC converters
4-line bus port protection array provides low typical capacitance of 0.6-pF in ultra-compact LLP2510 package
Ultra-compact AEC-Q101-qualified power MiniLEDs increase light output by a factor of three
Surface-mount CAT IV high-voltage isolation optocouplers support solar and wind turbine installations
N-Channel and P-Channel power MOSFETs are first to feature on-resistance ratings down to 1.2 V in industry's smallest chipscale package
Six new low-voltage dual SPST analog switches offer ultra-small packaging benefits
Powdered-iron-based Rx coil for wireless charging
Bidirectional symmetrical single-line ESD protection diode offers ultra-compact benefits
Low-profile, high-current inductor is packed in 3232 case size
200-V and 600-V rectifiers offer fast recovery times with low forward voltage drops
4-terminal, 1-W power metal strip resistor in 0612 package size offers low resistance benefits
New power metal strip resistors combine high power ratings with low resistance values
8-V MOSFET claims lowest on-resistance for a P-channel device in the 1.6 mm by 1.6 mm footprint area
Space saving high-current inductor offers high-performance benefits
First submersible cermet panel potentiometer features full IP68 sealing against deep sea water
Vishay Intertechnology releases 34 new 600-V rectifiers in six power packages
Space-saving low-voltage analog switches feature low on-resistance down to 0.6-ohms maximum at 2.7- V
Low-profile high-current inductors fit in 3232 case size
45-V Trench MOS barrier Schottky rectifiers in three power package options for PV bypass protection
40-A DrMOS solution enables operating frequencies in excess of 1-MHz and better than 93 percent efficiency
New series of low-profile ultrafast avalanche rectifiers feature 20-mJ EAS avalanche capability
Trio of 2-A slew-rate-controlled load switches fit TDFN4, SC70-6, and TDFN8 packages
15-A and 25-A in-line bridge rectifiers offer low forward voltage drop down to 0.73-V for improved power efficiency
40-V and 60-V N-channel power MOSFETs claim industry-low on-resistance in a PowerPAK SO-8 package
Low power 12-V triple SPDT switch is optimized for 3D shutter glasses
45-V TMBS rectifiers are released in four new packaging formats
100-V n-channel power MOSFETs claim lowest on-resistance at 4.5-V VGS rating in SO-8 and PowerPAK SO-8 packages
Dual 20-V P-channel TrenchFET Gen III Power MOSFET offers industry’s lowest on-resistance down to 54-mohms at 4.5-V
High radiant intensity infrared emitter offers optical power to 55-mW with 10-ns switching times
Power metal strip meter shunt resistor is first to offer direct pcb mounting
Quartet of 45-V TMBSTrench MOS Barrier Schottky rectifiers target solar bypass applications
8-V P-channel power MOSFET offers on-resistance down to 16 mΩ in PowerPAK SC-70 2 mm by 2 mm footprint
Miniature IR receivers offer high sensitivity-to-size ratio and ultra-low supply current of 0.35-mA
Vishay hosts video webinar on 3DTV active glasses infrared receivers
Low-profile, high-current inductors offer high maximum frequency to 1-MHz and low DCR
Surface-mount high-precision metal film resistors in 2012 and 4527 case sizes
Dual SPST analog switch features 1.8-V to 5.5-V single power supply
Metal-core-based, cold white LED power modules offer color temperature range of 5000 K to 7000 K
Screw-terminal power aluminum capacitors offer high capacitance/voltage combinations
Asymmetric dual TrenchFET Power MOSFET offers industry-low on-resistance down to 3.3 mOhms at 10-V
600-V, 47-A N-Channel Power MOSFET claims industry's lowest on-resistance figure
Small medical MOSFETs target implantable applications
0.4-W surface-mount power metal strip resistor fits in 0603 package size
500-V N-channel power MOSFETs offers ultra-low on-resistance and gate charge of 68-nC
0.5-W surface-mount power metal strip resistor is first in 0805 package
Micro NTC thermistors features bodysensing diameter of 1.6 mm
N-Channel chipscale power MOSFET is first with a sub-1-mm2 outline
4-terminal, snap-in power aluminium capacitors deliver 10,000-hours of useful life
N-channel power MOSFETs improved gate charge of 48 nC
Power MOSFET applies low-on-resistance technology optimized for higher-voltage devices
Video shows how co-packaged device reduces space for Power MOSFETs in DC/DC converters
Online MOSFET thermal simulation tool offers increased simulation accuracy
600-V, 8-A PFC rectifiers feature voltage drop as low as 1 V
30-V p-channel TrenchFET Gen III power MOSFET fits in PowerPAK 1212-8 for first time
New p-channel TrenchFET Gen III power MOSFET fits chipscale MICRO FOOT package
Vishay offers low-profile, high-current Inductors in the 1212 case size
12-V power MOSFET lowers on-resistance up to 32 percent in PowerPAK SC-70
500-V n-channel power MOSFET offers improved switching speed
4.0-mm profile Inductor delivers high maximum frequency to 2.0-MHz
Space-saving power phototriacs reduce component count
USB-OTG bus port protection array offers low capacitance and leakage current
Integrated synchronous buck regulator offers space saving solution

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